Fifty+, Fit and Fabulous !!! Stephanie Person, Nutrition Coach, Age 50 (…She lives around the corner from the “Fountain of Youth”)

Going into my typical "Super Sleuth" mode on Ms. Stephanie Person, I don't have and exact date of her 50th birthday….

….. but from what I can deduce from her Instagram photo and comment, she turns 50 around May 2017.

But let's not split hairs, this "Bundle of Energy" is gonna be a stick of Dynamite for decades to come!!!

So, whether I'm a few weeks early or not, whatever…. Stephanie Person, is like the College Phenom Superstar ball player, ready for the pros, and I'm drafting her, first round-first pick…..

… be the starting Point Guard on my Fifty+, Fit and Fabulous "Hoop Squad" !!!

Stephanie was a professional skateboarder who lived in Europe for 16 years before coming back to California, and while Skateboarding in Sweden, she blew out her knee.

She said during that era with the blown out knee, since she could not be active at all, she dived into nutrition research and nutrition science……

Stephanie educated herself about the ketogenic diet after her Mother was diagnosed with a terminal glioblastoma brain tumor, which they gave her mom 6 months to live…..

…..prompting Stephanie to take an aggressive approach to slow mom's cancer growth.

After dramatically lowering her Mother’s carbohydrate intake and raising her dietary fats, the cancer growth stopped, and now her mom is in her 9th year of being cancer free!

After her Mother’s cancer remission from a low carb high fat diet Stephanie, applied the same nutritional ketosis principles on herself, with incredible health improvements.

Her mom's health issue, combined with her own knee rehab eventually got her into the gym (something she though she would never do in years prior)

…and she found people coming to her for advice in the gym on how she got so "tight", and that's how this phase of her wellness journey came about.

What is The Ketogenic (Keto) Eating Program?

I personally don't know a lot about it (I'm not the biggest fan of diets and eating programs, see my notes below), but the Ketogenic Diet is a high fat/low carb eating regiment that when applied correctly, drives the body into a state of "Ketosis"…….

…which basically trains your brain to burn fat as opposed to carbs (……it gets really scientific and detailed, and though I'm deep up into nutrition/health science, it's actually all too much for me)

(below) Stephanie Person at left with one of her "Keto Compadres" (I think Stephanie is 49 in this photo)

I'm not suggesting diving into Keto to look this good at 50…..

Why? My opinion is some women may have the discipline for Keto, many others might find the abrupt changes in diet and lifestyle frustrating and difficult, but it depends on the person.

Often, that second group of people might find the wellness journey to be not pleasant, frustrating, often it makes them more miserable. But keep reading, there are many options to get to "Fab at Fifty"….

Keto or no Keto, a lot to be learned from Stephanie's Journey…..

…especially for women over or approaching 50, who are not ready to hang it up, who still wanna look and feel sexy, who may be a little afraid of their looks falling apart, in that Stephanie said it was all "Trial and Error" .

She freely admits that she had to "experiment" and "find her way", monitor her body changes, tweak her diet and exercise, take her time, and find what worked for her. There is no "One formula fits all".

Remember, all my Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous girls have different eating programs…..

….so I don't won't any woman reading this to feel pressure that if she cant handle the challenging Keto program, there is no hope. I don't think there is one "method" or "way" to looking good at 50.

But two things are inescapable, you HAVE to eat healthy, and you HAVE to exercise. But I think you have to find the fun and joy of the journey, and don't worry, the right "way" for you, will find you……

A tale of "Two Taught Tummies",  Stephanie Person vs. "Raw T" Jordan….

…both of my FF&F girls look amazing, but Theresa "Raw T" Jordan [photo here] as pertains to her diet, is almost the opposite of Stephanie Person. Theresa Jordan is vegetarian, ALL raw food….

Stephanie's Keto program has many raw and cooked veggies, but includes quality meats, chicken, eggs, animal fat, and I've even seen "uncured bacon" [bacon with no sugar] on her Instagram Page.

The point should be obvious, several paths to the same goal….to become "Fab at Fifty"…..

When asked what is her favorite Keto meal, Stephanie said…

"My favorite ketogenic meal is just eating real unprocessed organic food with some of my favorite fats such as duck fat, coconut oil, beef tallow and a lot of butter smothered all over every meal"

…once again, I'm assuming she knows what she is doing. It's obvious to me she is an extensive researcher on things pertaining to her own wellness journey, even if it seems "unorthodox" to others.

(My Note: As a good example, for me [Doug, the blog writer] , I eat about 30 eggs a week as part of my thing, mostly scrambled in Coconut Oil, one of Stephanie's fav' healthy fats.  But we all know there is this fear put in our heads as pertains to eggs [and fat], and high cholesterol. 

But, I get regular blood cholesterol tests at an independent Blood Testing Lab, to make sure I have no Cholesterol issues from all the eggs, strange enough, my Cholesterol scores PERFECT!!!
So perfect, the Doctors are always shocked from my test results, they said I have the best HDL Cholesterol [“Good Cholesterol”] scores that ever walked into their office!!!)

I know women will write me about my opinion on Stephanie's diet…

…and I have to keep reminding them there are many paths to get to "Fab at 50". I'm more of a "lets work with what you like" nutritionist, as in, if you like French Fries, fine. Lets not force you to stop, but let's create an Organic Potato, Coconut Oil, and Himalayan Salt French Fries Recipe.

I'd tell my clients (hypothetically speaking, in that I'm not licensed or certified in anything) Let's keep educating ourselves on superfoods and keep the ones  your body loves and craves. Let's develop a tasty daily power smoothie, and you can add to it new powerful superfoods as you learn more. You'll find your body naturally not wanting so much sugar and other toxic foods, as the body naturally re-balances itself. Eating should still be enjoyable, or what's the point?

Like I keep saying…..many paths, but all my girls prove the goal of "Fab at Fifty" can be had!!!

(below) Stephanie Person, my new "Poster Child" for my catch phrase, "She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth"!!! Stephanie was a professional skateboarder, and is showing us all she has still has some moves  (Note to Self: "That's SEXY!!!")

(Below) I'm not sure if that is a light behind Stephanie in this photo, or just her natural glow 🙂

 Stephanie is my own "Fit at Fifty" inspiration……

….even if the Keto Diet is not right for you. She's even an inspiration to me, as a guy, because she represents hope that a youthful, "over 50" guy like me can  still get a 50+ wife who is passionate about youthful vitality, health, wellness & nutrition (and throw "child at heart" onto my "wish list" 🙂 )

I can now envision me and a "Fit Fitty" like Steph having our travel/cooking show, traveling to distant places, teaching our audience about healthy herbs/spices, filming our healthy cooking show in our outdoor kitchen, and at the end of the show, strapping on our guitars and "rocking out" to a song….

…..but I digresses, sorry, just a case of "runaway mind" 🙂

More about Stephanie and her Keto Nutrition Program Stephanie's Website
also, here is Stephanie's Instagram Page
and, here is Stephanie's Facebook Page

"She Lives around the corner from The Fountain of Youth"
(….from a song by Michael Franks)

(Below) I'll let Stephanie have the final word………

~stay healthy~


The rest of my "Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous" crew below!!!!



Rachel True, Age 51, Actress, Nutritionist   

Babette Davis, Vegan Chef, Vegan Nutritionist, Age 67!!!


Adrienne Galloway, Age 52, Wellness Coach                                      Pamela Bonita Jacobs, Age 53!!!


Carla Kemp, Fitness Coach, AGE 52 !!                                                          Mary Dent,  Age 53!!!!


Wendy Ida, Age 62, (That's no typo, I did say  62!!!)                  A.J. Johnson, Actress turned Wellness Coach, Age 53 !!!


Gervel Sampson, age 55 !!!                                                      Tosca Reno, Nutritionist and Wellness Author, Age 55!!!


Theresa "Raw T" Jordan( age 56)                                                             Ellen Ector, Fitness Trainer, Age 63!!


Barbara Server ( age 54)                                                             Solange Frazao, Fitness Trainer, Age 53!!


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I love the information but mainly the pictures of the 50+ ladies. I am 52 and I love nutrition and fitness, how can I be as buff as these ladies and make a living teaching others how to look and feel great?




Hi Sandra,

I think all the ladies in my fifty, Fit and Fabulous articles found their niche, be it nutrition, exercise, etc, and got a social media following and ended up with paying customers. I also know that Stephanie Person, was given a book deal and now has Keto Book out there as is writing another. Some of the other ladies have nutrition/exercise DVD’s, others have on line training and wellness coaching.

I think there are sever avenues to get into making a living at it.

Doug at GAIA Health Blog

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