Men’s Health: Black Sesame Seeds Fight Prostate Cancer

….and is a great superfood for overall Prostate Health

One of the many reasons I feel compelled to preach as loud as I can about prostate health and prostate cancer, is that I don't think prostate ailments have to afflict us anywhere near the level that they do, especially in the USA, and especially with African American Males.

The other point that seems obvious to me, is that prostate health can be directly influenced by the foods that we eat, many of those foods are readily available in the USA.

Black Sesame Seeds should be one of men's main "accessories" for looking and feeling good……

Gamma Tocopherol in Sesame Seeds, the Prostate's "Heavy Healer"

Gamma Tocopherol and Alpha Tocopherol are two forms of Vitamin  E that play major roles in prostate health. Most studies have focused on Alpha Tocopherol, and most synthetic Vitamin E supplements are Alpla Tocopherol based (more on that in a second).

However, recent studies show that Gamma Tocopherol is the "Big Daddy" as relates to prostate cancer prevention and overall prostate health.

More Gamma Tocopherol equals reduced  Prostate Cancer Risk

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health released the results of a huge study which showed that men with the highest gamma tocopherol blood levels had a fivefold reduction in prostate cancer risk. This same study showed that selenium and alpha tocopherol also reduced prostate cancer risk but only when gamma tocopherol levels were high.

Furthermore, another study revealed that sesamin, another nutrient abundant in Sesame Seeds prevents the breakdown of gamma tocopherol in the body, resulting in higher bioavailability of this critical nutrient.

Always Bet on Black……..Sesame Seeds

You can readily find white sesame seeds at Whole Foods and such, and Black sesame seeds can be easily had over the internet, such as via Amazon

Natural forms of vitamin E such as those found in sesame seeds are thought to have anti-aging properties, and sesame consumption is known to raise plasma levels of tocopherols (vitamin E) in humans. However, black sesame seeds have triple the phenol antioxidant content of white sesame seeds.

Overseas Sesame Seed research is extensive

Japanese researchers even compared sesame seed lignans with flax seed lignans and found that sesame seeds elicited higher gamma tocopherol levels and lower TBARS scores (a measure of oxidative stress).
(Yamashita K, Ikeda S, Obayashi M. Comparative effects of flaxseed and sesame seed on vitamin E and cholesterol levels in rats. Lipids. 2003 Dec;38(12):1249-55).

American research is starting to "trickle in" , as a 2001 Study by Quin Jang at Purdue said……

"We have recently showed that gamma-tocopherol, but not alpha-tocopherol, inhibits growth and induces cell death in prostate [and lung cancer] cells"

Diet is the most potent Prostate Health weapon

According to Life Extension, cancer cells lurk in the prostate glands of most aging men, yet only one in six men are ever diagnosed with prostate cancer. If one looks at what is required for a single cancer cell to develop into a detectable tumor, it becomes obvious that natural barriers exist to protect people against full-blown cancer.

Unfortunately, the dietary choices of most men living in the modern Western world circumvent the body's natural protective barriers.

Read my article about my [possible] prostate ailment and subsequent natural healing (with many natural foods including black seasame seeds) here.

Food more powerful than anti-cancer drugs

The Life Extension Article goes on to say that, an understanding of the biological roles of diet and specific nutrients can enable aging men to achieve a considerable amount of control over whether isolated cancer cells in their prostate gland will ever show up as a clinically diagnosed disease.

The impact of the food we ingest on cell growth and death is so pronounced that it can be identical to the effects displayed by anti-cancer drugs.

Beware of Synthetic Vitamin E supplements

Unfortunately, alpha-tocopherol is the only form of vitamin E found in vitamin supplements and medications. Excess alpha-tocopherol taken in supplements reduces natural levels of gamma-tocopherol, which theoretically can INCREASE prostate cancer risk.

In contrast, consuming natural food based gamma-tocopherol increases levels of both alpha and gamma-tocopherol, keeping the prostate in balance as nature meant it .

Food Based Vitamin E and gamma-tocopherol is best

In an article from PSA Rising, December 18, 2004,  source: Purdue University, WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind., it states…

The form of vitamin E found in many plant seeds — but not in most manufactured nutritional supplements — might halt the growth of prostate and lung cancer cells, according to the Purdue University study.

Other Seeds and nuts high in prostate cancer fighting gamma-tocopherol

black walnuts
English walnuts
pumpkin seeds

flaxseeds (although there is a "possibility" flax may raise estrogen levels in men, my research was inconclusive, but just in case, I stay away from excessive flax seeds)


Part One is knowing the foods to eat,

Part Two is always the hardest part….how to get them consistently into our daily diet….

As Always, Super Smoothies to the rescue!!!

Life and health becomes so much easier if you get daily smoothies into your routine.

Someone asked me about dosage, and the suggestions are 9-30 grams a day. I calculated a tablespoon to be @ 10 grams, and I do 2 tsp a day, since I normally do 2 smoothies a day, so I'm getting @20 grams/day.

Black Sesame seeds can be added to a delicious smoothie, and before you know it you will be consuming this potent prostate health healer, in conjunction with many other prostate health superfoods, and not thinking twice about it.

…a good read on the many health and healing properties of Black Sesame Seeds can be found here (might be worth 5 minutes of your life).


~stay healthy~



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~stay healthy~


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As soon as I turned sixty, like clockwork, I developed the urge to urinate often and painfully.  I have always tried to solve my medical issues with natural remedies rather than costly medical advice and prescription medicines that almost always have deleterious side effects.  I researched the internet for natural remedies.  After some trial and error, I found something that really works and my prostate problems have  completely ceased.  Check it out *****LINK DELETED BY BLOG ADMINISTRATOR*******


Bob Hill, I deleted the link attatched to your message, because it told me basically nothing, and would tell my readers nothing about how to resolve [some] prostate issues. After looking through several pages it basically says there is some “magic formula” that leads to prostate health, of course all we have to do is pay someone for it. That is not what I do here at Gaia Health Blog, I’m not trying to sell anything or promote anything, I think the answers for issues like this are free and available by Mother Nature. we just have to look into it. There are too many men suffering from prostate issues for any of us to have a “carrot and stick” approach to this issue, in that, we would dare entice someone with a miracle solution, and 6 pages later in the advertisement, ask them for a payment of $19.99. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with selling a product or running a business, or making money, but the theme of Gaia Health Blog is to present natural solutions that are readily available, and the fact that I’m not asking anyone for money should testify that I’m only concerned about real solutions.

Maybe I’m coming off a little “brash” but my prostate issue that I spoke of in the article has forever changed me on this stuff. I resolved my issue and wanna spread the word for FREE. If you really have a solution to prostate ailments, then just tell men what it is, don’t ask us for money……I’m sure I’m speaking for all men over 50 here……………..

For any interested readers, my full article on how I healed myself from what I self-diagnosed as an inflamed prostate, that article can be found here


All the conversions I’m seeing online equate 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds to be @9 grams. Not teaspoons as you suggest. Please advise.


Hey Mike…you are dead right!!! I looked spoon I keep in my bag and it says “TBS” which is a tablespoon, I changed the article to say TABLESPOONS. I calculated the number of grams in a bag by the number of spoonfulls in the bag that how I got to @10 grams per spoonfull. Thanks!!!!


Hello Doug.

Whats your preferred seller for the black sesame seeds?



I get mine from “Blue Mountain Organic” because this is the only place I can find them sprouted, from what I understand, like with the pumpkin seeds, or any seeds, sprouted seeds allow for more of the nutrients to be available and assilimated into the body.

Doug Wallace



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