Men’s Health: Nutrients for Male Vitality and Well Being (Part 7)

I guess my whole "catch phrase" theme of this website being the "Hip and Trendy" cyber-spot to go to for health and wellness might be a fraud. In reality, I might actually be out of touch…

…because I didn't know my boy, Malik Yoba, was on that show "Empire"…I haven't watched 5 seconds of that show {chuckling and "SMH" while typing, but I won't say why 🙂 }.

Malik Yoba was my boy from back in the "New York Undercover" series days in the mid 90's, when he made it cool to be a Cop, fighting crime in his Timberlands boots and black leather jacket.

And Malik just turned a "Fifty-Burger" in 2017, so my boy, the young, hip, Cop, is now a true "Old School Playa'". I been wanting to do photo shoot of him, us "Old School Playa's" have to stick together…

The "Perfection of the Erection…."

….is what I call my science (and obsession) of keeping Male "Youthful Vitality", naturally, holistically, food based, and organically, without those stupid, unhealthy, and unneccessary Blue Pills.

My "egghead" nutrition science is paying off, because, although I'm older than Malik (that's all I'll say), I'm still getting my erections, and I know for sure, it's all because of the right nutrition.

I know I'm onto something….

…though I can't say I'm the most sexually active dude in the world (I call myself "The Camel", a drink from the "Romance Oasis" once in a while, and I'm back walking in the desert for a year or two 🙁 ).

But, I know my "equipment" will be working indefinitely……..just in case it's needed full time 🙂

Nutrients [and foods] for Male Vitality and Well Being (Part 7) …

1) Nigella sativa  (Black Seed Oil)
2) Physalis peruviana (Incan Golden Berries)
3) Aspalathus linearis (Rooibos South African Red Tea)

1) Nigella sativa (…Black Seeds and Black Seed Oil)

Black Seed Oil contains Thymoquinone…..

A super nutrient in the superfood historically touted to "cure anything but death", which includes addressing issues with Male Vitality……

…….in terms of fighting erectile dysfunction, increasing sperm counts, increasing energy and stamina, and is  one of my top rated superfoods. The awesome Black Seed Oil is well worth looking into.

More extensive research overseas than in the USA……

Because in the USA, "Money Driven Medicine" wants to make money off the "blue pills" and other man-made medicines.  But, a study at Shahid Beheshts University in Iran, of 34 infertile men with low sperm counts were given Black Seed Oil for two months…..

…. and it was determined Black Seed Oil improves the abnormal semen quality in infertile men, compared to a placebo group,  without any adverse effects.

2) Physalis peruviana (….a.k.a., Incan Golden Berries)

The "Withanolides" nutrient in Incan Golden Berries, and Prostate Health

Primarily found in "nightshades" group of plants that include Incan golden Berries (ashwaganga and Goji are other "nightshades"), Withanolides are a type of plant steroid which you won’t find in many common foods. Or at least in sizeable amounts.

I've been hearing a lot about the Withanolides in Incan Golden Berries as powerful healers of cancer and so forth, but also hearing about Withanolides contributing to Prostate Health.

Do Incan Golden Berries actually CURE Prostate Cancer?

I have been running across articles that make the blatant claim that Incan Golden Berries literally cure Prostate Cancer, and is [supposedly] the ONLY plant that is known or said to do so. [source]

It's a double edged sword writing that sentence, because I don't wanna spread unconfirmed information, nor do I want to give false hope to men with Prostate Cancer, but at the same time, I hate that The Pharmaceutical Industry and "Money Driven Medicine" is withholding and cyber-censoring info about natural cures from the public, so they can keep cashing in on Western Diseases.

The nutrients in this superfood make the subject matter at least worth my investigation.

For Sure, Incan Golden Berries for Preventative Prostate Health!!!

At the least, there is more than enough evidence that the Withanolides nutrient in Incan Golden Berries is a powerhouse for preventative and general Prostate Health…..

….so much so, that I personally started consuming Incan Golden Berries right after my research. If nothing else, it's  just a damn tasty, sour/sweet dried fruit!!!

3) Aspalathus linearis (Rooibos South African Red Tea)

Rooibos and Male Libido….

Many consider Rooibos Tea both an aphrodisiac as well as a relaxant for its ability to calm the mind and the body. Rooibos is very common the base component of many herbal tea recipes with sexual stimulation in mind, and is often paired with ginseng and honey. [source]

Personally, I simply love this tea!!! It's easy to get in everyday, I brew, but in fridge and use daily as base liquid (along with coconut water) for my daily smoothies. It is readily available in the USA via Amazon

Rooibos in Sperm Count Research……

Adele du Toit, spokesperson for the SA Rooibos Council, cites a study conducted by the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), which compared the effects of Rooibos Tea, vs. Chinese green tea and green tea supplements on rat sperm….

…..which found that sperm count and motility were significantly higher for rats on Rooibos with its high antioxidant content, than with any of the other groups.

#newyorkundercover    #malikyoba    #throwbackmalikyoba   #coolcops

[below] Ran across this clip of the "New York Undercover" intro, and had to throw it in. I used to run home from the health club after work to make sure I caught that intro and the show!!! I still try to move and walk as cool as Malik, but still can't do it!!  ENJOY!!!  🙂

~stay healthy~

Sources, and other interesting reads……

Black Seed Oil Improves Sex Drive, Fertility, Boosts Sperm Quantity and Quality
Antioxidant Rich Rooibos Tea could increase your Libido
The Best Aphrodisiac Tea: Rooibos
Male Fertility at an all time low, but Rooibos Tea could help, study says
Antioxidants are now being shown to have value in addressing erectile dysfunction
The New Superfoods on the Block (Part 12): Incan Golden Berries



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