3,000 eggs later….my Cholesterol scores still PERFECT !!!!

F.Y.I., I'm EXCLUSIVELY eating Pasture Raised Eggs , I AVOID COMMERCIAL EGGS.

It's been almost 3 years since my my last cholesterol blood test I posted on this blog, and I calculated 150 weeks at minumum 22 eggs a week, subtracting the infrequent days where I miss my eggs, that's well over 3000 eggs, mostly fried in heart healthy coconut oil.

As my email came from the independend blood test lab in Portland Oregon, Any Lab Test Now, opening the email was akin to a kid opening a Christmas present, excited to see the what I got.

3000+ eggs later, cholesterol levels are still AMAZING!!!!

HDL "Good" Cholesterol

This is called good cholesterol because it helps remove bad cholesterol, preventing it from building up inside the arteries. (However, think HDL and LDL are neither "good" or "bad", they are both part of the natural body function with different jobs, like inhaling and exhaling)

60 and above                         Optimal

 Below 40 (men)        Too Low (higher risk)

Below 50 (women)   Too Low (higher risk)


My HDL Scores

3 years ago: 80      2014 Score: 79

ho hum 🙂 , same deal, I find it amazing that it seems to be a struggle for some to get this number above 60, while I hover around 80 with ease !!!!

LDL [“so called”] Bad Cholesterol

Most of the cholesterol in the blood is carried by proteins called low density lipoproteins or LDL. This is known as the bad cholesterol because it moves into the arteries. It can build up too much in the arteries, so they call it "Bad Cholesterol".

Note: Much research from progressive scientists and doctors suggests so called "bad cholesterol" is actually a "good healer" rushing into arteries to clean up other problems. The theory is the "Bad Cholesterol" is not the problem, but the problem is the other unknown issues that LDL is trying to heal (one of wich they identified is sand in table salt getting into and damaging the arteries).

Below  100                             Optimal

100 – 129         Good (near optimal)  

130 – 159                  Borderline High

160 – 189             High (danger zone)

Above 190     Very High (very critical)


My LDL Scores

3 years ago : 79       2014 Score: 84

a few points higher, but eeeh, whatever, overal cholesterol # is down, 84 still very optimal, an AMAZINGLY low number

Triglycerides (the measure of fat buildup in the arteries and body)

The body converts excess calories, sugar, and alcohol into triglycerides, a type of fat that is carried in the blood and stored in fat cells throughout the body. As Triglycerides build up, this numbers goes up.

I do think this number is a very important gauge of overall coronary health…..

     30-150                    (Optimal, very little buildup in arteries)

150-199                                      (Mildly High, warning flag)

                   200-499                (High, above 200 implies artery buildup beginning)

       500 and above             (Very High-Danger, vulnerable to arteries clogging)


Triglycerides scores

My score 3 years ago: 31         2014 score : 39

Still an AMAZING score to me, considering the 3000 eggs, the score is way, way, way at the low end of what is considered "Optimal" (very few people can get below 100). No artery build up in these arteries!! (I think I'll celebrate with an 5 egg omlette…..with grass fed cheese 🙂 ) 

Total Cholesterol

Your total blood cholesterol is a measure of LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and other lipid components.

Doctors recommend total cholesterol levels below 200
(200 for the "American Diet", other low risk cultures can have optimal standards of 150 or lower)

 My score 3 years ago: 175          My 2014 score: 171

I'm still not sure how that number is calculated, and although great, I never pay to much attention to it, not sure how it dropped 4 points with LDL and Tryglycerides both inching up, but I know they keep changing the formula, if the number has any real meaning, it is still well below optimal

Coconut Oil, a gift from the "Scrambled Egg Gods" …..

I have to throw a "shout out" to my partner in scrambled egg, good cholesterol score crime, the truly amazing superfood, coconut oil. Helps lose weight, great for soft skin, helps lower cholesterol, it is the secret to healthy pasture raised egg eating. It fries and tastes so "clean".

Read my full article on the health benefits of coconut oil (and how big business tried to keep this healthy oil from the masses).

I'm convinced beyond anything that eggs got a bad wrap not because of the eggs, but the
toxic oils like Canola oil that we are cooking them in.

Scramble your eggs in coconut oil !!!

"Let thy food be thy medicine" –Hippocrates, circa 480 B.C.

I am honored to be a "human sacrifice" to prove this point on health and wellness, 3000 eggs later…………..

I've proven for myself, that the fat and cholesterol in quality foods, such as pasture raised eggs and coconut oil,  does not adversely affect the cholesterol levels in my body, on the contrary, eggs seem to help!!!

Well I'm outta here, gotta go make a 4 pasture raised egg omlette to celebrate !!!

I know you guys take my word that I'm not making these numbers up, but if you wanna take a peek at
my lab results go here

~stay healthy~


check out all my articles in "Eat Smart", the science of food (click here or on the photo below)

2 Responses


How do you get past the smell of the oil frying?  It totally ruins my appetite.  


Hey JE,

With coconut oil I don’t really smell nything, so I never have that problem.


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