Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous!!!! Theresa Jordan (56) and Gervel Sampson(55), (…they live around the corner from the Fountain of Youth)

(above)   Gervel "Gigi" Sampson (age 55!!……breakin' that "Speed Limit" !!!)

(below ***NEW PHOTO***)   Theresa "Raw T" Jordan
(This photo from her Facebook page is dated May, 2016, so I think this makes her 58 in this pic!!!)

I am always inspired by those who are thumming their nose at "Father Time", with the help of our favorite ally, "Mother Nature". I observe again and again in my own life and observing others like these ladies, how Mother Nature kicks Father Time's butt every time!!!!

They are a couple of players on my "dream team", the "Fifty, Fit and Fabulous" Club, (see links below)

Anyhoo, the lady on the left is Theresa "Raw T" Jordan (Age 56) and the lady on the right is Gervel Sampson (age 55).


Theresa "Raw T" Jordan


Theresa "Raw T" Jordan

A little Q&A with Theresa "Raw T" Jordan I ran across in an article from Ripped Goddess

Why did you initially start your fitness journey?
I have always been active, but got serious with my fitness journey in my early 20s while living in Hawaii. It’s very easy to have a daily fitness lifestyle in that environment. I started running in 5 and 10k races there and got hooked on how strong and fit I became.

(below ***NEW PHOTO***)   Theresa "Raw T" Jordan (…with her nephews)
(This photo from her Facebook page is dated Dec, 2016, so that should make her 58 or 59 in this pic!!!)

How long did your transformation take?
I don’t know that I had a drastic transformation. I’ve always been physically active and my figure pretty much has been the same all my adult life (although my weight may fluctuate within 10 pounds) except during my two pregnancies. I just became more of an “Endurance Athlete” once I started doing more cardio (running in races and biking in Hawaii).
What was your motivation to start and what is your motivation to continue?
My motivation to start working out was moving to Hawaii in my early 20s and living in an environment where exercise was a way of life for many on the island. My motivation to continue is the way working out makes me feel, and look.

So many people want to know your workout routine. Ready to share?
I don’t have a set routine but I pretty much do the following: practice hot yoga 5 days a week take spin classes at least 2 days a week walk/run a 4-mile hill several times a week My training goes beyond an exercise class. It’s a part of my everyday life like brushing my teeth. Even right now at the computer, I am sitting up straight, pulling in my abdominals to keep my spine strong.
How do you manage obstacles, challenges or scheduling conflicts to your training (such as family, work , etc.)?
I don’t have a problem with scheduling my workouts. My children are adults and no longer at home. For the most part, I make my own workout schedule daily with rarely any interference. I can workout anywhere! I am famous for getting off an airplane and going straight to a Bikram yoga studio to instantly get rid of jet lag. I can walk anywhere and most hotels have a treadmill or workout room. I also go straight to the wall with a good book in the hotel room, and prop my legs up for circulation after flying.If I’m on the road with my husband’s band, I dance for hours on the side of the stage and drink lots of water. Sometimes my husband will exercise with me if he’s not touring. He was once the “Best Spinner” in our spin class, and recently started taking daily nature hikes with me.

This small note: may only be relevant to people who are familiar with "Old School Soul and R&B" music, but Theresa's Husband, Lonnie Jordan is a member of the R&B Band, "WAR". He is still playing and touring with the band (That's Lonnie out front with the black beret on keyboards in the previous link).


Gervel "Gigi" Sampson

I found many of the posts on Gervel "Gigi" Sampson's "Gigi's Meanderings" blog to be very interesting.

I did want to post this quote from one of her articles, where she is pretty candid about this whole "aging" thing. She Says…..

(below ***NEW PHOTO***)   Gervel Sampson
(I think she is 57 in this pick, that's gotta be my favorite photo on this post!!!)

"Yes, age is just a number, but there is no denying this aging thing, it can be brutal and unfair in our youth obsessed society. I don’t wish for a younger “me”, I just don’t want the aches and pains of the older “me”.

"I want to be the best that I can be, but that is becoming increasingly more difficult. Everything takes more time, gone are the days of quickly pulling myself together and looking like a million bucks. It is a process now with numerous steps and formulas"

"Starting my family later in life also has its disadvantages, many of my friends have grandchildren already, I think about by the time I have a grandchild I’m really going to be old. But I can’t worry about that right now…just gotta keep doing me and embrace each day to the fullest"

Gervel "Gigi" Sampson

…..My  author's note is, I'm not a raw foodie, and probably never will be, I'm more of a "hybrid" of raw, quality animal protein, and a few quality cooked foods. So I am in no way promoting becoming a raw foodie.

(Why? As one example, many people are Vitamin D deficient, especially people of color, who can't get Vitamin D from the sun, many studies correlate this deficiency to cancer and a host of other ailments plaguing African Americans, and most sources that can raise Vitamin D levels are animal proteins, such as Healthy Vitamin D from Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon).

(above and below) Theresa "Raw T" Jordan

(above and below) Gervel "Gigi" Sampson

(below ***NEW PHOTO***) Theresa Jordan
based on her Facebook page, this photo is in April 2016, so I think that makes her 58 years old in this shot, NICE!!!

What I [Doug, the Blogwriter] am promoting is to get started to take back control of their own health and wellness, my advice……..

don't try to give yourself a name such as "Vegan" or "Raw Foodie", or "Paleo"

……. or whatever, simply  to have label for other people to identify with, and trust me, the universe will guide you to your own unique blueprint to how you should eat.


Gervel "Gigi" Sampson (left) and Theresa "Raw T" Jordan (right)

"She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth" –(from a song by Michael Franks)

~stay healthy~


More info on the ladies can be found at…….

A quick Article about Theresa Jordan
Theresa Jordan's Facebook Page
Gervel's Facebook Page 
Gervel's Website, Gigi's Meanderings  


The rest of my "Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous" crew below!!!!


Rachel True, Age 51, Actress, Nutritionist   

Babette Davis, Vegan Chef, Vegan Nutritionist, Age 67!!!


Stephanie Person, Age 50, Nutrition Coach                               Pamela Bonita Jacobs, Age 53!!!!


Carla Kemp, Fitness Coach, AGE 53 !!!                                                          Mary Dent,  Age 53!!!!


Barbara Server, Age 54!!!                                                                            Wendy Ida, Age 62 (That's no Typo, I said 62!!)


A.J. Johnson,  Actress Turned Wellness Coach, Age 53!!           Tosca Reno, Nutritionist and Wellness Author , Age 55


Ellen Ector, Fitness Trainer, Age 63!!                                                     Adrienne Galloway, Wellness Coach, Age 52!! 


Solange Frazao, age 53, Personal Trainer 


check out all my articles in my Blog Section
"The Fountain of Youth"

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I am awe inspired.  Approaching 60 and trying to regain control of a better me, through consistent exercise and better nutrition!


Hi Pamela,

…and I’m sitting here waiting to write about you 🙂

~stay healthy~

Doug at Gaia Health Blog


Nice,very inspiring

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