Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous!!! Mary Dent, age 53!!! (She Lives Around The Corner From The Fountain of Youth)

It's time again…….to bring another Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous player onto my growing squad of amazing 50 and over ladies.

Her "teammates" on the Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous squad (linked at the bottom of the article), are all inspiring women (to all of us), proof that the ages old saying is real, in that "Age ain't nothing but a number"!!!!

So, presenting Mary Dent, age 53, my newest FF&F girl, who is challenging the current though process of age, health and fitness….and doing it well, it seems 🙂

Going into "super sleuth" mode, I found a good interview article on Mary, and I wanted to post a few of her comments from it here……….

…….Mary was always active, but mainly did cardio on the Stairmaster and treadmill and took some fitness classes. Occasionally she incorporated a little weight training into her routine. Then at age 45, with some encouragement from her husband, Michael, Mary started training for her first NPC Figure show.

Mary is a mother of three, a personal trainer, and volunteers with Drug Free Collier and at her children’s school.

Mary says……“My journey in fitness has made me a better person. I feel stronger emotionally, physically and stay motivated in all areas of my life,” said Mary. “I hope my winning my pro card encourages other women to reach for their goal and know that nothing is impossible at any age."

"I am so overjoyed and so thrilled that I never gave up on my dream [of a pro card]. I got a little discouraged at times, but I always felt it was something I truly wanted."

Mary: "After competing several years in Figure, I was a little hesitant to switch to Bikini but always wanted to try. I felt that it was for younger women"

"When I found out that Southern States had a 50-plus class, I was so excited that I decided to go for it. I was so focused and loved the changes that I saw in my physique. I think taking a little break helped me to be ready to reach my goal of bringing in my best physique possible."

About her biggest physique challenge…….. Mary says: "Bringing in a tight midsection. I really have to make sure that I train that area a little extra. My coach is really good at tweaking my troubled areas with changes in my overall plan."

"I may also have to make adjustments in my cardio if needed due to any problems with my joints. I have been really lucky so far that I have been able to continue most of my exercises and cardio with very little adjustments."

Mary: "I am in menopause, which also causes many women to deposit fat in lower abs and thighs and can also affect your metabolism, making it more challenging. Discipline is key! You have to stay away from soda, sweets and fried foods. I try to do this year round"

"If I have any of these things, it is in small amounts and only occasional, but never while getting ready for a competition. Alcohol also has sugar and is processed in your liver so it should also be consumed in small quantities."

Mary's advice to women over 50 that want a body like hers…….  "Have a goal. It’s never too late to start working out. Get a medical clearance, especially if weight is an issue."

"Next, they should hire a personal trainer or just have someone show them how to use the exercise equipment properly to prevent injury and to gain the most benefit. If someone wants to compete at this age, they should seek a coach in this sport who is able to give them guidance and encouragement."

Mary….."many women get discouraged after starting an exercise program because they do not see an immediate change or the scale doesn’t change, but it takes time to start seeing these changes."

"I always tell my clients that they have to be patient. It’s important to forgo the scale, paying more attention to the fit of clothing and how you feel."

Mary….."surround yourself with positive people who encourage your success. This may mean packing your meals and snacks and a little less social time. Find a workout buddy to maintain consistency and encouragement"

"At 50 we are dealing with a lot of changes, from hormonal to slowing of metabolism, dryness of skin, hot flashes, mood swings, changes in libido, hair and so many more. Just know that you are not alone and that these things vary in different degrees among us. Be encouraged and be the best for you!"

Mary….."I always listen to my body; if an exercise is causing any pain or discomfort, I modify the exercise or replace it with a similar exercise that is working the same muscle group."

"I also drink six to eight glasses of water and use beneficial products on my skin daily. I try to make sure that I get plenty of sleep and also try to minimize my stress as much as possible."

When asked how have your hormone changes affected her?

Mary: "I definitely went through a period where my weight shifted and I was dealing with hot flashes as well as emotional swings. I tried several different types of hormone replacement and eventually started feeling better. I did, however, put a little weight on, especially in my lower abs and upper thighs."

Mary: "I decided to go off all my hormones before my last show, but I would advise any woman in menopause to consult her gynecologist for recommendations. Every woman is unique and experiences hormonal changes differently. Treatment has to be individualized and may take a few trials to get it just right"

Bloggers note: this is where superfoods such as Maca, which has been shown to help women with Menopausal symptoms comes in handy. Read more about the Superfood Maca,  and how it addresses Menopause here

Mary….."Menopause affects so many areas— emotional and physical, and this is not to be ignored. Know that you are not alone and seek out support from other women and the medical community."

"I plan to age gracefully and hold onto my youth vehemently!"

Bloggers note: Once again, women should at least research the Whole Food Maca, to address Menopause

Mary…….. "I have encouraged my husband to stay healthy and fit by cooking for both of us. It’s easier if he eats what I cook with a little addition here and there for his food."

"We also enjoy doing cardio together, especially on weekends. We also limit the amount we eat out so that we can stay focused. My children have adjusted to my food cooler coming along and me eating in the car."

Mary….."They [her kids] still are allowed to eat out on occasion. I try not to make food an issue, but guide them to eat healthy. I also stress the importance of staying active but make it fun"

"We may go out and shoot baskets or just toss a ball to one another. My son loves bowling, so we try to do this at least once a week. I want to be a good role model for them and to show them that there needs to be balance in all areas of our lives."

"She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth" –(from a song by Michael Franks)

~stay healthy~


The rest of my "Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous" crew below!!!!


Rachel True, Age 51, Actress, Nutritionist   

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Adrienne Galloway, Age 52, Wellness Coach                                      Stephanie Person, Age 50, Nutrition Coach


Carla Kemp, Fitness Coach, AGE 53 !!!                                                          Pamela Bonita Jacobs, Age 53!!!! 


Wendy Ida, Age 62, (That's no typo, I did say  62!!!)                 A.J. Johnson, Actress turned Wellness Coach, Age 53 !!!


Gervel Sampson, Age 55!!!                                                          Tosca Reno, Nutritionist and Author, Age 55


Theresa "Raw T" Jordan( age 56)                                              Ellen Ector, Fitness Trainer, Age 63!!


Solange Frazao, Age 53, Fitness Trainer!!!                                      Barbara Server, Age 54!!!



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Hi Tosca,

     Your story and other women's have inspired me.  How does a woman become part of your fit and fabulous club?  I too am 55 and taking baby steps to eat clean and get fit.  Thank you.




Hi, this is not Tosca, my name is Doug, the Blogwriter, I merely wrote the article on here to spread the word about over 50 wellness. The Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous club is something I created for my website from fit women I ran across over the web, that might help inspire other women. If you wanna write Tosca, then go to her webpage at this link —->


Well, I have to say that I'm so lucky to have a girlfriend like this at home, and what you won't say is that they're over 50 years old. 

It sounds incredible, but I'm 24 (I have also muscles), my girlfriend 57 (and two children aged 34 and 29) and NOBODY think that she could be my mom!! 

Thanks for reading!


Great .!! Please send your 1- diet
2- Training program
3-For how long you did it
Thank you


Hi Makeldin,

I’m not Mary Dent, I’m just writing an article about her. I’m not sure if she has a website, I haven’t found it, so I’m not sure how you would contact her. I would suggest searching for her facebook page.

Good Luck

Doug at GAIA Health Blog



Like what I see would like to train with you Carla for two weeks just to get on right track


Hi Lee Beeks,

Sorry, I have no affiliation with Carla or Mary Dent. I’m just a third party blog author who wrote on these ladies. You’ll have to contact her on her social media for help with training..

Doug at GAIA Health Blog

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