Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous !!! Adrienne Galloway, age 52 , Wellness Coach (She Lives Around the Corner from the Fountain of Youth)

I'm actually having trouble keeping up with my Elite "Fifty+, Fit and Fabulous" Club. I actually have a backlog of articles to put out on these amazing 50+ ladies, and I honestly didn't see this coming!!!

Nonetheless, now that the FF&F Club is the most popular series of articles on my blog, I gotta keep cranking them out, you inspirational ladies are making me work!!!

Enter Adrienne Galloway, a nationally recognized motivator, trainer, educator and, on "Cruise Control", at 51 years old in 2015.

Adrienne's passion is to help her clients look good at any age, but doing it the right way, though exercise and nutrition.

She has been in the industry for 25 years and her association with physical fitness has traveled many paths…..

……..including celebrity training, military physical training, touring, groups and 1 on 1 sessions.

Adrienne brings diversity … not just in cultural heritage, but in age and experience……

….constantly traveling across the country to train clients and participate in various fitness and health events.

Over the years, she has been blessed with partnerships and association with nationally recognized Fitness Guru Donna Richardson…….

………and celebrities such as Kurt Thomas (NBA), Syleena Johnson (R&B Singer), and many more.

Her mission and journey is educating and training people regarding health and wellness.

Her passion is to pass on to her clients the mindset of being not only physically fit, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in shape.

Adrienne's philosophy is that, people need to get right with themselves by engaging in a family type support network with other like-minded individuals.

From Adrienne's perspective, this is an important aspect of becoming ‘whole’.

AG is also an Enrichment Partner for “Heart & Soul Magazine”.

She actively creates alternative fitness programs, and corporate wellness incentive plans to meet the needs of both individuals and groups that desire to stay fit.

Adrienne is currently re-branding herself, and is geared up to release her new book:
Adrienne Galloway aka “AG” Said You Can Eat This.

I'm a big fan of Adrienne's Healthy Eating Philosophy…….

It's obvious when looking at her nutrition videos, she is a big fan of eating healthy BUT DELICIOUS food. One video had her recipe for a salad with seared scallops, shrimp, kale and more……NICE!!!!

I must express, as a guy, I'm am really impressed with these over 50 's ladies who are not trying to shy away from the fact that they still want to look good, and are not ready to "hang it up", but still wanna "turn some heads".

A small piece of "vanity" is probably lurking in all of us, but that can be of great benefit if we respond to it holistically…..

….by letting that desire to "look good" be a by-product of what is more important, that being, living a holistic lifestyle, and developing fit bodies, fit minds, and fit spirits.

"Learn to love yourself and your body more. You only get one, so take care of it"  
–Adrienne Galloway

some text from this article from an article I ran across on

More info on Adrienne Galloway at…….

  Adrienne's Website,
Her wellness articles in collaboration with Heart and Soul Magazine
….or Adrienne's Facebook Page

"She Lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth"
— from a song by Michael Franks


~stay healthy~


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Thank you so muuch for sharing this!!! I do believe that our mind and emotions have a lot to do on how our body works and when our mind and body are in armony we can feel it, i wan to share my experience with you, this happened to me a couple of months ago, I noticed some good results the firsts months but afterwards I felt it wasn’t working anymore, so I tried everything , I looked up for the reasons and everything you posted is so true, the only thing I was missing was the time to relax and recover, I thought that wasn’t important enough to actually do it the right way until I was so frustrated that I felt I was about to explote, so I started to make some changes in my life, I tried to relax but it was really hard for me until a friend of mine gave me some meditation exercises, I focused on that and my routine too and I started to notice the change, not only in my body but how I felt, I re design my bathroom into a spa so when I come back from the gym I don’t have any excuse to say that I can not relax after workout or that I can’t meditate and is actually working, is amazing how important is this step in order to see real results!!


Hey molly,

I should cut and paste what you wrote and make it an article LOL!!!

But I’m glad you are making progress, from what I understand, a lot of people don’t see results because of diet as well. A lot of what we eat slowly and steadily adds bodyfat underneath the skin, and stops us from looking out best. Doesn’t mean we have to cut out good food, but be smarter about what we put in our body. It’s like  REVOLUTION we have to go through.

I would say don’t get frustrated, I know that sounds like a cliche, I just think the universe will direct you to the information you need to make a better “you”

Keep us posted, I’m sure my lady readers wanna hear of your successes,

~stay healthy~

Doug at Gaia Health Blog


Adrienne you look amazing! I am motivated, encouraged and determine to live a much healthier life. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us.




Hey Elaine,

I’m not for profit, and I’ll get a comment like this every couple  of months, and this type of comment is my only payment for spreading the word on health and wellness….

…I must admit, even after 6 years of having the site up, it’s always thrill and ego booster to get one of these accolades 🙂

Thanks for reading and commenting

Doug at GAIA Health Blog



I want to get back to my size 6. I have gained crazy weight in the last 3-yrs. 141# – 159#. I eat one egg for breakfast, 1 cup of coffee during my morning commute. A bowl of soup everyday for lunch. 210 calories, and a basic dinner. Don’t do a lot of bread, not my thing. I will be 52 y.y (years young) in 6 months, and I can stand my juicy phat @$$. Help!


Hi Deborah Cannady,

There are so many factors, its hard to see what’s going on unless I were basically married to you and living with you to see everything you’re eating and doing. Any Intense consistent exercise is gonna help lose weight, though I think it’s 70% what we eat. The problem is so many little things in are diet contribute to weight gain because they are not naturally designed foods and they can’t be processed and store themselves as fat. I think eggs are great for you I eat 4 a day fried in Coconut oil.

One of the biggest examples is Canola oil, and other Vegetable Oils like Crisco and Wesson. The body is not meant to consume them, can’t get rid of them when eaten, so the body has no choice to store them as fat. As for that coffee you drink, the sweetener could be just as bad. I now use warm Taste Nirvana Coconut Water as a sweetener for my Coffee. I fry my eggs in Coconut Oil, which is shown to help reduce fat. Even if you think you are eating healthy things such as “Balance Bars”, those kinds of foods have very poor ingredients, that unfortunately contribute to weight gain unknowingly. So you could think there could be one issue with weight gain, there could be 34 issues in your diet. They all may seem like little things, but in the coffee sweetener example, or in say a muffin you eat every day, if there’s a bad ingredient, there is a slow daily addition to body fat that accumulate little by little every day. It’s like a “net gain” of body fat vs. things that lose body fat

Those are only a few examples, the potential culprits are endless. Part of the problem is these foods that cause fat lurk in everything. Even Whole Foods Market has Canola Oil in many foods at it’s hot food bar…..sigh 🙁 . What it means is you have to start preparing your meals with real food, quality ingredients. That takes work and effort and willingness to research things to understand what those quality ingredients are. A lot of people simply don’t have the time…..

Take a look at this article a while back I wrote on things to remove from your diet for weight loss. This is not an instant solution, but it give insights to some of the things lurking in our food that add to weight gain.

…and here is another one of my post that might at least get your brain started so far losing weight, but like I said, there is so much to cover, these are not “magic bullets”

One of the things I tell people is you have to start taking in a daily smoothie, to get superfoods in daily that will contribute to not just weight loss, but overall health, and most importantly balances in the body. Here is my smoothie, though your ingredients will evolve to your needs and your own bio-chemistry

Maybe I’m not being much help, but I’m not for profit, and I don’t even believe in trying to sell someone some magic bullet that will shed 40 pounds in a month. Though perhaps it can be done, once someone learns the reasons why the body is gaining so much weight.

I’m not licensed or certified in anything, but a pretty good self-taught nutritionist, so says me, and I’m always giving advice to family and friends, so feel free to ask me whatever. At least you’ll know there is not profit motive in anything I say.

Finally, if you look at sections of my website such as the “Eat Smart” section, you’ll see there is so much going on with superfoods, and so much other good FREE food information there, just start checking some of those articles out, maybe you’ll be led to some good information.

Also, go to the comments at the bottom of my article on “Fifty+ Fit and Fabulous, Barbara Server” and read some of my comments [my name is Doug Wallace]. I give some more detailed comments that I won’t repeat here to women asking me the same question. Pay attention to the ones on Black Seed Oil fat loss formula as an Example..

Good Luck!!! Keep me posted…

Doug at GAIA Health Blog


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