Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous!!! – A.J. Johnson, Age 54 (She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth)

A.J. Johnson is 54 as of January 2, 2017.

Thus, I officially grant her membership into my Elite Club, (see all the ladies in the  links at the bottom)….

We must have been twins separated at birth, A.J. Johnson was the lady who actually inspired me to start my website. We both have that endless natural energy to spread the word on health and wellness. Put another way, WE BOTH CAN'T SHUT UP 🙂

She is an amazing lady, a "straight A" student bound for Ivy league medical school turned actress turned Celebrity Wellness Coach….

……now with an international clientele, working with everyone from Julia Roberts, to athletes such as former New England Patriots Chad Ochocico.

Just like with me, A.J. said that her movement to a healthy lifestyle was basically out of "fear of cancer".

Probably more common that most people admit, but both her and I felt that something can be done about it. A.J. got into her life change, after being an actress in such movies as "House Party", "Baby Boy" and "The Inkwell", and also after both her parents died of cancer.

She has definitely found her calling……

…….. inspiring thousands of people, having an enviable list of Hollywood clientele, offering wellness retreats, and much more.

Just like with my own personal experience, A.J. Johnson found out, after you hit your forties, you might find out that life is decent, three meals a day with roof over your head, perhaps a spouse or relationship……

….. all good things for sure,  but you still might not be truly "happy and fulfilled" with your life (and may not even know why).

AJ always stresses that when you get to that point, fitness is going to still be important, but you have to develop your spiritual health as well. You know, go inside your self and find that true you, those things that make you truly happy.

(….AJ claims she is not really a true personal trainer, 90% of the work she does with her clients is "Mental work").

Take a peek at the quick videos of A.J.  talking about wellness. Amazing energy, amazing physique, amazing vibrance.

If that's enough proof and motivation that although the age numbers may keep going up, you don't necessarily have to get older, then I don't know what is.



Trust me when I say, when you get your body and mind right, these are truly the best years to appreciate all life has to offer, old enough to know what life is truly about, but young and healthy enough to enjoy it!!

……..Life Well Played 🙂

"She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth" –(From a song by Michael Franks)

A.J. 's Website can be found here


The rest of my "Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous" crew below!!!!


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Adrienne Galloway, Age 52, Wellness Coach                                      Solange Frazao, Age 53, Fitness Trainer!!!


Carla Kemp, Fitness Coach, AGE 53!!!                                                          Mary Dent,  Age 53!!!!


Gervel Sampson, Age 55!!!                                                         Tosca Reno, Nutritionist and Wellness Author, Age 55!!!


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Wendy Ida,Age 62 (That's no Type, I said 62!!!)                           Barbara Server, Age 54!!!



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8 Responses


I am a 53 year old male, very active. I workout regularly and try to stay on an healthy diet.  But I feel that I am still missing the mark.  I would like words advice to help me along my journey to a quality of a healthy senior life. 


what do you mean by you are missing the mark?


I feel that I'm missing my mark.  I'm not getting the results I'm looking for.  I don't want large mucsle mass, I want long lean muscle.  Then because of a knee injury I find that when the training gets good the knee goes out of I pull a muscle.  So I feel like when I take 2 steps forward towards my goal I get knocked three steps back.  My training consist of traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi, hot yoga and salsa dancing.  And in between some resistance training along with TRX Suspension Training.


To be honest with you, I’m not sure how much sound advice to give you, and I hate to say something just to be saying something. One think I do know however is that if you want to slim down as opposed to bulk up, you have to think in terms of a marathon runner as opposed to a sprinter, in that the two hour draw out routine of a marathon runner cause that body type to become long and lean as opposed to the sprinters, whose 10 second race, with explosive movements, causes the body to bulk up like a football player.


Those ladies LOOKS good, I am forty three, and would LOVE to get back to being tone BUT I CAN NOT afford the gym, HOW do i go about looking for strength training workout that i can do at home AND get RESULTs to be TONED. PLEASE help


One of the other “Fifty Fit An Fabulous” Ladies I wrote about, Carla Kemp has awesome advice for women as pertains to question like this, shoot her amessage on her Facebook page, and tell here “Doug Wallace” from Gaia Health Blog referred you to her.


It’s 90% diet. Cut out all refined sugar, flour, and dairy. Limit calorie intake to ~10 calories per pound of desired weight.


I’m 54 and i wish that i could look as amazing as all of you.Keep up the good work.I have tried ,but i just dont have that support, to keep me going.

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