Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous!!! Barbara Server-Busch, Age 54 (She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth)

The fun thing about having started the elite "Fifty Fit and Fabulous" Club for my blog, is, speaking as a guy for a second if I may, is going through their AMAZING photos, and reading their stories.

These are some amazing ladies (I suppose I'll get around to doing some men at some point I guess).

But my gang of "Fifty, Fit and Fabulous" ladies is still growing, and welcome Barbara Server (I think she is "Barbara Busch" now) , and meet the rest of my Fab-Possie, (see links at bottom of article)

They are no doubt taking over, defying the logic that age means anything……..except what your mind determines that it means.

Going into "Super Sleuth" mode to dig up some info about this Super Fit  Bombshell, I found out she is a wife of over 25 years, a mother of a daughter in her 20's.

Barbara says that…….

"I would love to say that I have been an athlete all my life but in fact I only started working out in a gym about 10 years ago and seriously for 4 years. I got into competitions less than 2 years and have become to love the fitness industry"


Just like many in my "Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous Club" club, Barbara's fitness motivation came partially out of fear.

Barbara says…….. "My motivation came from my families health history, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, thyroid, heart disease and all of those diseases are on both my mother and fathers sides.

…at 48 years old I knew if I didn't change the way I was eating I would inevitably end up with one of these family diseases"

Barbara works with other women, and comments on women breaking barriers to achieve their fitness goals ……

 "A lot of  it is emotional eating and for them to have someone to talk that listens to their needs, wants, dreams and desires motivates them, they want someone to hold them accountable, make them believe in themselves again.

We [women] have a tendency to be the care taker and forget to take care of ourselves"


Hey let's face it, this thing is about health and wellness for sure, but we all want to look as good as we can.

I love the and respect the way Barbara Server has the courage to acknowledge that when she says……..

"I believe we should be as beautiful on the inside as we are on the outside. We have all been given a "body" to shape and sculpt and make the most amazing physique possible. I love that we can transform our bodies to an amazing and beautiful piece of art."

here is an interesting  article about Barbara Busch

"She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth" –(from a song by Michael Franks)


~stay healthy~


The rest of my "Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous" crew below!!!!


Rachel True, Age 51, Actress, Nutritionist   

Babette Davis, Vegan Chef, Vegan Nutritionist, Age 67!!!


Stephanie Person, Age 50, Nutrition Coach                                         Pamela Bonita Jacobs, Age 53!!!


Carla Kemp, Fitness Coach, AGE 52 !!                                                          Mary Dent,  Age 53!!!!


Wendy Ida, Age 62, (That's no typo, I did say  62!!!)                  A.J. Johnson, Actress turned Wellness Coach, Age 53 !!!


Gervel Sampson, age 55 !!!                                                      Tosca Reno, Nutritionist and Wellness Author, Age 55!!!


Theresa "Raw T" Jordan( age 56)                                                             Ellen Ector, Fitness Trainer, Age 63!!


Adrienne Galloway, Age 52, Wellness Coach                                    Solange Frazao, Age 53, Fitness Trainer!!!


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"The Fountain of Youth"


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Great article! I am in my 50th year (currently 49 and 3 months) Intend to hit fifty running!


Maybe I’ll be writing about you !!!!! 🙂

~stay healthy~




Love this article!  As a 57 year old who knows the magic of fitness and a healthy lifestyle I applaud each of these women.  I believe the best is yet to come and age does not define us (which, by the way, is my website currently in the works).  



Hi Liz,

….all I can say is “Well Said, Well Said!!!”

….oh, and also, “Fifty ain’t nothing!!!”

….and also, let’s get that website of yours up!!!

thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

~stay healthy~



At last!  I've found an amazing group of women over 50 that take pride in their health & bodies! I have been looking for something to inspire me to continue working out that isn't 25!  Reading your blog has proven to me there are other women like me that want to stay mobile & healthy & when you feel like you're the only one ….sometimes it's discouraging but now I have a place to go (your blog) to keep me motivated!  Keep up the good work ladies & you all look great!!!  Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!!


Hey Gina,

Thanks for the comments. They are my ony payment for my “not-for-profit” blog.

But, I can tell you as a guy, a stylish, sophisticated, toned, fit woman is gonna catch my at any age, be it 30, or 40, or 50 or 60!!!

~stay healthy~



How they did it?


You have any instructions for these fit and fab body?




Hi Ara,

Barbara had a website called “Rock Your Age” but the website is no longer up.

I might suggest you try my Tosca Reno article, because she has a website with exercise and die tips…..

~good luck~


omg what an inspiration ….. i worked out for years …. but in the last year i became ill …. i have gained over a stone and am no longer lean and taught …… in 50 in 6 weeks time ,,,,,, you ladies prove that i need not give up …. i can get it al back THANKYOU !!!


Hi Lizzie,

Good luck in getting back into shape. BTW what is “gained over a stone”? Must be some British term for a certain number of pounds?

I’m sure with your personal drive and motivation, I’ll be writing about you at some point in the future 🙂

Good luck on your health and wellness journey!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment…..

~stay healthy~

Doug at GAIA Health Blog


Wow! Amazing! Inspiring!


Your Commen
I would like to get like you how can I begin


Take a look at this list of things to remove from you diet, it might be a good starting point.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I may or may not be able to answer, but will try

Doug at Gais Health Blog


Barbara I just found your blog on Pinterest and it has really excited me.
I’m 57 and have gain a lot of wt in the last yr and I’ve been looking for inspiration that is for women my age.
I feel so inspired by reading of others that have achieved what I want to.
Thank you, I’ll be watching and reading ur blog.


Hi Constance,

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I’m glad “My Girls”, as I called them, are inspiring and motivating a lot of women, and they are changing the mindsets of how we see aging myths. They are truly Beautiful women. Got to my comments in my Carla Kemp article, I caught myself actually trying to hit on her!!! Shame on me, but no regrets 🙂 That’s how lovely and beautiful I think she is, so don’t think an over 50 woman can’t throw some “radiance” out there just like a younger woman.

So far as you, I don’t know if these other posts I put out a while back may help you but maybe you can peek at them and see if you get anything out of them. There are different opinions, but I think diet is more important than exercise in losing weight, though you still have to exercise,  it’s just that I don’t think it matters so much how you exercise, but it matters a lot what you eat.

My Top 10 things to remove from your diet for weight loss and better health

My Top 10 Eating Habits to Lose Bodyfat, Cellulite and Weight

My Top 10 Fats that don’t Make You Fat

My Top 10 Weight Loss Myths

…..maybe you can get a few nuggets of wisdom out of these tips

Remember, I’m not licensed or certified in anything, but I don’t do this for money, and there are a hundred different approaches to health tips. Mine is to not overwhelm yourself, don’t do things that cause abrupt and uncomfortable life changes that make you more miserable, like forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like, but work with what you like so far as eating habits (just stating swapping in quality foods for the junk), and so somehow convince people that we control our own bodies more than we think as we move into 50-60

Remember, you can live for 40-50 more years, there’s plenty of time to right the ship!!!

I don’t know everything, but write back if you have any questions, I will at least give you an unbiased answer with no profit motive. I’m used to answering questions for family and friends, and when someone has a question, I just pretend it’s family or a friend, and try to help out, since I’m one of those people who has always love to research things…..


Doug at Gaia Health Blog


Thank you for this article! I’ll be 50 in less than 2 months and just yesterday I hired a trainer to get me into my first show at the end of April. I’m wet behind the ears and have a LOT to learn but it’s time to show myself my best bod and inspire others! I appreciate the inspiration. Keep it coming!


Hi Elizabeth Lakamp,

I think the human body responds quickly no matter what out age, so I think you will see great improvement. And though opinions may vary, I think getting back in shape is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. With the exercise, I just think you have to get back in there and do anything with some degree of intensity. With nutrition, you can take much control over body fat and so forth. If there is one thing I can advise to get started with nutrition, is to only cook with coconut oil  and other than coconut oil, and the only other oil you should consume is eat olive oil. It is imperative you get Canola Oil out of your diet as well as those other hydrogenated oils like Crisco and Wesson. Unfortunately you will find them lurking in most everything, and there is the challenge. Make sure you see my link in my previous response to a commenter from a couple of days ago, to get more dieting tips. But nonetheless, you could live 40-50 more years, and there is plenty of time to “right the ship”

Thanks for taking the time for reading and commenting.

Good Luck!!!

Doug at Gaia Health Blog


Thanks Doug! Luckily my trainer is including diet and evaluation/tweaking right up until show time!:o) Yep, I do cook with olive oil spray most of the time. I think I will read the can now. I will take a look at your previous response as suggested. Thanks a bunch! By the way, my trainer has been in Oxygen, as well as Natural Muscle Mag just this past year. With 15 shows behind her she is 54 and rockin’ it! Check out Kim Lipe. She’s a self trained farmers wife living in the middle of nowhere (truly a population of like 600) where she trains up to 60 ladies a week, with many of them coming to her basement gym! Make it a rock hard day!


Hi Elizabeth,

Kim Lipe!!! Just checked her out and she’s definitely in!!! Seems like a great story as well. The funny problem with Fab at 50’s is I have about six of them stacked up in my queue, and it seems I only can get out one of these articles every 5 months or so due to all the other wellness subjects I try to cover, and so little time to write them all.

For some reason, all of these Fab Fifty women have the most amazing stories, like the last one I posted, Stephanie Person, who reversed her mother’s brain tumor through the Keto diet, apparently that diet prevented her mom’s cancer cells from feeding off sugar.

I didn’t even plan to do all those Fab 50 articles, because I thought I’d have a more Men’s oriented site, but the women loved them, seemingly much more than articles on 20-30 year old “Hoochies”, and the Fab 50’s exploded to my most popular articles, so I’m glad to just be able to facilitate the inspiration these ladies are sending out. I’m just reporting the news 🙂 I’m over 50 and was playing basketball yesterday feeling great, so I think we know that over 50 doesn’t mean the game is over….maybe just beginning. Not tying to make a “cliche” phrase there, that’s truly how I see reality.

Keep Rockin’ !!!

Doug at Gaia Health Blog


Wow Doug what a truly inspirational person you are. Thank you! I’m 53 and was always very in to fitness and in my younger years had that rockin body that other women hated me for. My body was actually formed from being in a abusive situations, having very very low self-esteem, and PTSD. After 4 neck fusions I’ve had to baby myself much more then I’ve ever wanted too. After seeing your blog ( which I will be following) and seeing Barbara and the great shape she’s in it helped push that spark button that I needed pushed. Thanks Again and God Bless you and each and every one of these women.

Thanks for the spark!!!!



Hi Bonnie,

I’m not doing anything but reporting the news!!!! But I get the point, and I’ll take the compliment.

Sorry to hear about you physical difficulties. I just think we have to keep in mind that we have all the health, nutrition, and fitness science at out fingertips to extend this game of life much longer than we used to think.

I look at 50 at not the “end game” but like coming out the locker room at halftime of the game, to win the game in teh second half.

I’m glat the postings of the 5-+ women have inspired so many….I really didn’t see that coming!!!!

Thanks for reading and commenting

Doug at GAIA Health Blog



Wow amazing I just turned 51 and I have been working out
Consistently for about 4 years. At my heaviest I weighed
167 pounds and was 30+% body fat. I worked hard
Got down to 127 and 17% body fat. Have maintained for
3 years. I struggle with food and would love to get
Better muscle definition. I am currently 135 still work hard
At least 5 days a week just don’t have food down to get the results
I would like. I am a very picky eater so some of the foods are
A struggle for me.


Hey Michelle,

I do concur that food is arguably 70 percent of the battle with getting the physique you want. That’s why I devote so much of the website to recipes of great food that you can enjoy and not fight through it. Food should not be a struggle, you should eat what you enjoy, but it should be high quality version of real foods, with out so much man-made, newfangled garbage they add to food. But, at the same time, it could, I suppose, be a struggle getting into which foods work best for you. The only struggle should really be how expensive quality foods are.

I do think people have to find those three or four foods like Canola Oil, that you need to remove from their diet, because some foods like my “Arch Enemy” Canola Oil, do nothing but accumulate body fat, because they are not natural foods, and the body cannot process them, so all the body can do is store them away as bodyfat.

In essence, you have to become a “foodie” as they call it, but of course some, people don’t have the time and resources. Not to use a cliche, but everything is a process.

Make sure you read my article on Black Seed Oil. A lot of people say they are getting results in Black Seed Oil helping drop unwanted Bodyfat

My Black Seed Oil link is here —->

~stay healthy~

Doug at GAIA Health Blog


Your blog is inspiring; however, I have really hit a plateau at 54! Do you have a plan for meals and exercise that work together? I have been an avid exercise fanatic my whole life but now things are beginning to sag, droop, and expand! Help!


Hi Kelly,

Here’s my opinion, as I would answer to a family member who asked me the same question.

I think we must exercise, but eating is the key. And so far as eating, I think a lot of food we consume results in accumulating bodyfat. For example, these newfangled oils we consume in everything, like Canola Oil and Cottonseed oil. What happens is the body can’t process that crap, and the body starts storing it away as bodyfat. A lot of that bodyfat is under the skin, which makes our skin start to sag and look bad. That bodyfat just accumulates gradually and gradually over time, and our exercise is not going to be enough to burn it all off, so in the end, you will have a progressive net gain of bodyfat even if you exercise.

I have a top 10 list of things to remove from your diet link is here

I think I hear most about Black Seed Oil not just for overall health, but to shed some of that accumulated bodyfat. My Black Seed oil link is here

There’s a lot more to nutrition than these two points but I think this point is where the game is played. I don’t think that means you have to start eating rice cakes and carrot sticks, but it has to be quality foods, you might have to start making your own quality BBQ Sauce, Homemade Salad Dressing, and Homemade Mayo and so forth, but we have too many poor quality ingredients lurking in our food which the human body is not designed to process.

It should be obvious that a big chunk of my website is devoted to enjoying good food, it it ain’t good, then what’s the point?

But I do think it takes a personal “revolution”, where you really have to become your own nutrition scientist, and of course know all of us don’t have the time, or that may not truly be you at the core.

The revolution It ain’t easy though, because even at Whole Foods Stores, all the food at Food Bar and Soup Stations has replace the Olive Oil with Canola Oil 🙁

Hope that helps, write back if you have any other questions. I’m not licensed or certified in anything as pertains to nutrition science, but I’ve learned one or two things from research and experience, and I think I can at least present a sound point of logic.

Doug at GAIA Health Blog



Hi Michelle! The above link isn’t my site but I can attest to what Kim (now 55) did for herself and is now doing for hundreds of ladies. She developed a 10 week program, helping women to look and feel better.
Personally, I turned 50 this year and wanted to see how good I could look, so I entered my very first body building competition. She coached me for 14 weeks Jan.- April (from a distance) and I won in all four categories I entered!
You can also check out her FB page here;
Hope this helps. If you contact her please tell her I sent ya!
Make it a blessed day!


Thank you Doug for your response. I have always been able to eat what I want when I want, and it has been a rude awakening for about the last 4 years as to what I can’t eat as frequently as I used to be able to. I will fight this aging process to the end…just some good tips on meal planning?!? I eat 6 small meals per day but like to snack at night!!! Again, thank you!


Hi again Kelly,

I probably can’t give specific meal planning suggestions, but once again, I’m just pretending you were a cousin asking me these questions (once again, I’m not licensed or certified in anything, just a “self taught nutritionist”)

1. Make sure you’re not eating any oils except coconut oil and olive oil

2. Don’t take in any sweeteners except coconut palm sugar (remember, sugar are in EVERYTHING like BBQ sauce and go under names life Fructose)

3 Drink the Black Seed Oil, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Manuka honey and water, Tonic Every morning.

4. Create a couple of healthy “guilty pleasures” like French French Fries fried in coconut Oil and Himalayan salt (awesome taste)

5. Make a little trail mix of Cashews, hunza golden raisins, Golden Berries (inca Berries ) Pumpkin Seeds and whatever other nuts and seeds you like. I like to soak and dehydrate/dry my cashews. This it my “go to” snack when I get hungry at night or any other time during the day. Works in teh day time with a banana between meals so I don’t have to eat any junk

6. Eliminate all soda, including diet soda, but if you follow number 2 above and remove all sweeteners, you won’t be drining any soda.

7. If you need a sweet drink, try taste Nirvana Coconut water.

8. As I keep preaching get as much Virgin coconut oil into your diet as possible, because even though it is high in fat, it is a healthy good fat, and I’m sure coconut oil helps shed pounds, and most importantly it allows you yo eat think you may like, such as the French Fries I mentioned earlier, and Omlettes, and so forth.

9 Incorpate a healthy smoothie as possibly your first meal of the day, to get nutrients into your body, and your body may not be asking to wolf down so much food during the day.

10. But if you work out hard, and your body is asking for food, I say eat ss your body dictates, don’t try to force yoursef to eat less. I don’t think how much you eat determines weight loss, I think it is food quality..

11. Stay from Health bars like “Balance Bars”. Very poor ingredient profile.

12. Look into Superfood Maca for your smoothies. That’s because it helps regulate women’s body chemistry as they get older and might give you more youthful metabolism. Maca may be for you or may not, but well worth looking into at least (I’ve got an article out there on Maca).

11. There’s so many other points to make, that’s why I created the website. But like I said I think we put on unwanted pounds because of “garbage food” that is lurking in everything, and we have to get back to controlling the ingredients that go into out food. You’re gonna cheat here and there, because I do, but I got my own routine down to the a science.

…..I’m not perhaps one that can give specific mean plans, because I’m not in the camp of forcing a person to eat this or that and forcing them to limit their portions. It’s like teaching them to dance by putting numbered feed on the floor. What I have learned is the the more nutrition is in the food, the less food you want because the food send signals to the brain when  the body is nourished, but you should be able to eat as much as you want. I’m not convinced the volume of food is what cause us to gain weight and sag, if so, I’d weigh 400 pounds because I do get hungry all the time.

….I’m more from the “eat what you enjoy” camp, but get the highest quality versions of your food, the issue there is it can be very expensive. If you want a burger, that’s fine, but you gotta get the best Grass Fed Ground Beef, Turkey, or Chicken you can find, then get a quality bread (if you can find them, the only acceptable oils in my occasional bread is Palm Oil)

…so it might be hard for me to set you up with a specific meal plan, when family and friends ask me about that, I just ask them to send me a list of the what they are eating daily or at least most of the time, and I can give them my comments on how to tweak it.

…there is so much stuff to talk about we won’t get it all in one comment but feel free to write back with your thoughts.

Sorry if my approach is not as specific as you might want it to be specific, but I’ve always approached nutrition and exercise like that because everyone is different, and I’m not for profit, so I’m not one to say “pay me, and I will set up your meal plan”. I can’t say I believe in that approach. I’m more of a “let’s work with what you like, what is most practical for you, what you can afford, and what we can add and take away from your diet where you are still enjoying food and not so frustrated, or waking up at 1am starving and hungry”


Doug at GAIA Health Blog



Hi Doug. Im glad I found this very inspirational blog. I am 57yo and about 15lbs over weight. My husband signed me up for a gym membership and a trainer to lift weights last year. I thought what a waste of time and money. I just am not that person who likes to look at myself in a mirror and pretend Im Arnold. Well, to my surprise I found out those mirrors are not there to admire yourself they are there to assist in form so you dont hurt yourself and you get the most out of your work out.

My progress is very very slow because of my age and lack of willingness to supplement with hormones. I work out 4-5 times a week and log in my food on myfitnesspal.

So far I have accomplished more muscle and better health. My health issues when I started were hypothyroid (symptoms completely gone, swear!) and stiff joints to the point I was scared (also completely gone.)

My life has changed so much becaue of the gym. I have made friends that keep me coming back. My challenge is to be one of those woman featured in the before and afters + to shock those youngsters at the gym with my ability to do pull ups.

Thank you so much for posting


Hi Ann Kelly,

Hopefully once you get rolling, the gym will become so addictive, you’ll have trouble staying out of there. I don’t believe in supplementing with anything, I’m a firm believer that everything can be done with whole foods, but I suppose I’m speaking for myself, no so much speaking for people with ailments.

Also, keep in mind what I’m trying to do with the website is promote the fact that eating should still be enjoyable, you don’t have to eat things you don’t like or starve yourself to drop weight and get toned. I do think you have to spend some money for quality food, and you have to “deep dive” into what is in your food, because so much we eat without thinking we shouldn’t eat. A lot of stuff you have to make from scratch because store bought version have such poor ingredients. Barbecue sauce is one example of that. One of my main examples of bad food is Canola oil. I know its all over the place and accepted now, even at whole Foods Market. but that stuff should not be taken in my the human body.

Anyway, not to get philosophical, but just enjoy the process!!!

BTW, I don’t like to give out specific advice to issues pertaining to hormones and such, but make sure you read my article on the whole food Maca, it seems to be of some help to some women dealing with hormonal issues, and menopausal issues, and other issues as women get into their 50s. As with many other physical issues, it is possible that many of those issues are nutritional imbalances or nutritional deficiencies that can be addressed naturally.

You’d have to make your own decision to use it or not, but the article is worth checking out I think, at the bottom of that article are some links to women talking about how it was a great help to them…..
The link to the article is here:

Doug at GAIA Health Blog.


Hi Doug,

I am a 52 year old woman who has been lifting weights for 30 years and while not always perfect, I consider myself to be a highly dedicated, educated healthy eater (full fat yogurt, coconut and avocado oil, little fruit, lots of veggies). I have kept food logs religiously and continuously mix up my workouts to keep my body guessing.Most who know me seem to think I am highly fit and look good but I am not satisfied with my appearance at all. I’ve been incorporating a higher fat, very low grain diet (low grains for 2 years, higher fat for 6 months) yet can’t seem to trim off the fat. I don’t know where to turn for help. I’m looking for a nutritionist/trainer that can help. Any ideas? Any input would be much appreciated!


Hi Kelly B,

I can only give my opinion, though I’m not licensed or certified in anything.

Though, it seems you are doing all the right things I do want to suggest this one remedy worth trying, might work, might not, you never know.

The remedy which you might want to try is Black Seed Oil, combined with Ceylon cinnamon (because Ceylon is pretty neutral testing) and quality Honey, this formula is supposed to take bodyfat off the body real quick. I actually take this tonic every morning, but since I’m pretty slim, I can’t say if it works for shedding a lot of bodyfat like many people claim, but I have been recommending it to many people who are trying to drop bodyfat. For me I can say the formula make me feel great, I did feel I dropped a few pounds, but I’m bulking up at the same time, and I eat a lot of starches like rice because I crave carbs after a workout. Plus. Inever weigh myself, so I can’t truly tell, though I do like the way I look at age 56.

If nothing else, it is a great healthy everyday tonic. Black Seed Oil tastes pretty bad however, that’s where the honey will make it “tolerable”.

Watch this video for more information and instructions. My only note is try to get UMF certified Manuka honey if you can afford it, and Ceylon Cinnamon has  a much milder taste than the traditional Cassia Cinnamon we are used to

The Drop Weight with Black Seed Oil Video here

I can’t say this will or will not work, but Black Seed Oil is my own personal number one rated best superfood of all the superfoods I take in, I think it is worth a try  for 3-4 months. Weight yourself before and after 4 month and see what happens.

I would recommend Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed oil on Amazon (link below)

You can get a quality Ceylon Cinnamon on Amazon Also, Ceylon Cinnamon is very neutral tasting, so you can be pretty generous with the amount you add

Here is a suggested UMF Manuka Honey, UMF is a certified ratings system, if you’re gonna get the best honey make sure the amazon description says “UMF”. They are SUPER EXPENSIVE so you may not wanna pay for UMF Manuka, but it is miles ahead of all other honeys. I tried to find a link to the least expensive of all the UMF Manuka on Amazon, it the lowest strength UMF Manuka (5+,other strengths can be 10+, 15+, 18+, and 20+) but I wouldn’t worry about strength right now


Let me know either way

Doug at GAIA Health Blog





Thanks Doug, I appreciate your quick response. There was no link to the black seed oil drink although I found many in a quick search. Do I take it am and pm? Are there certain ratios of the ingredients?
Thanks again!


Hi Kelly B,

I take it every morning before I put anything in my stomach. I normally eat a half hour later. It’s a really great tonic for starting day.

Forgot to mention that you have water in the solution.

I never measured the ratios, I started by following what the guy does in the demo video, but in the end, you taste is gonna decide the ratios, since Black Seed Oil by is self taste fairly bad to most people.

General ratios might be…..

*** 1/2 glass of water

*** 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of black seed oil (might wanna start with less and build up to adjust to taste).

*** 1/4 to 1/2 Teaspoon of Ceylon Cinnamon (like I said before Ceylon Cinnamon is pretty neutral tasting, if you use regular cinnamon you might have to use less, but from what I understand, Ceylon Cinnamon is better for you than regular cinnamon)

*** Manuka Honey, probably about  a teaspoon to tablespoon, not sure, I normally dip a butterknife into the jar and get a good amount on the tip and let it drizzle into the glass, The amount of honey depends on how much you want to mask the taste of the black seed oil.

After a few weeks, you adjust your own measurements to your taste. I didn’t like the taste at first, now I don’t think much about it, and it make me feel so good during the day, I just look past it.

Not sure if you are saying no link to the video demo on the tonic recipe demo, or no link to the Black Seed oil itself. If for the oil, just search on “Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil” on

For that video of the demo of the Black Seed Oil tonic creation, go to my black Seed Oil article linked below.

Do a search or scroll to the paragraph in my article titled “Black Seed Oil…the secret to losing  Bodyfat???? “.

There is a link in a sentence that reads. “when Black Seed Oil is taken internally with water and honey, “supposedly” sheds pounds of body fat”. Click on that sentence and See if you can get to the demo video from there

The link to my Black Seed Oil Article is here

Good Luck, feel free to ask any more questions

Doug at GAIA Health Blog


Thanks! That was actually the video I chose when I did my search! Appreciate your time!


How to start fitness at 54 and over weight ?


Hi Bettina Webb,

That’s such a general question, but I hate to leave anyone hanging who come to my site so I’ll try to give an answer.

First is the obvious, ages old “exercise”, I’m not a big believer in this exercise routine or program over that. Just any exercise that get a sweat going. The key is to be consistent and figure out how to not try to exercise for a month then stop.

The bigger issue nutrition. I cant cover all my opinions with one comment, but I’ve got plenty of opinions in the comments above in this article to offer suggestions. Go back and read the some of the comments by me [Doug Wallace].

I tell family and friends with this question to not worry so much about everything that needs to be done, but try to find a few healthy things pertaining to exercise and nutrition that you can do consistently for 3-4 months, and lock in the daily habit. After that, add onto it. As an example, you may not be able to totally change your diet on the dime, but you can a healthy daily smoothie to it and go from there.

My smoothie recipe is here, you don’t have to start out with all those superfoods, just try a few, see which ones your body likes, then do your research, homework, and experimentation, and develop your own smoothie.  Use your favorite fruits and coconut water for a liquid and it will be tasting good, and not a pain but a pleasure to drink every day.

Here is my smoothie link

Hope this helps ,it may or may not be the answer you are looking for, but I try to talk to everyone same as I talk to family and friends, and this is the kind of thing I would say.

Doug at GAIA Health Blog


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