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Another Cancer Destroyer? Pueraria Mirifica, a Breast Cancer Fighter

Warning: I still think this herb is worth taking a look into, but please note the comment at the bottom of my other Pueraria Mirifica article, from Ruth on 8.26.16, where she says "It is my understanding that pueraria mirifica [Kwao Krua Kao] is highly estrogenic and like synthetic estrogen can actually be dangerous for […]

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My Top 10 Breast Cancer Prevention Superfoods (Part 1)

Note: There is now a Breast Cancer Prevention Superfoods (Part 2), they are the result of additional research and dietary additions over the past couple of years…… …also, remember these are not "magic bullets", in that, it is not about eating a handful of berries and healing cancer. It more about having as many "foot […]

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Vitamin D: “Shedding Some Light” on this MOST critical nutrient for health and wellness (in which many of us are unknowingly deficient)

This true conversation with me and one of my former Doctors might shed some light on why I am so passionate about Vitamin D……. Doug (me): "I would like a Vitamin D test as part of this physical" Doctor: ""Blue Cross does not pay for Vitamin D tests, so it will cost you $254" Doug: […]

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Another Cancer Destroyer? Guyabano (a.k.a. Soursop)

I'm not one prone to get wrapped up into "urban legends", "old wives tales", "nutritional scams", and all the rest, too much meticulous "research-ability" (if that's a word) in my nature, and I know in my heart and instincts that the Guyabano plant is truly a miracle healer. It kills me when I continue to […]

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The mysterious case of the “cancer free” meat eaters

I don't really have a pony in the race of the vegetarians vs. the Paleo style meat eaters. Whatever keeps me cancer free will work for me. I did thoroughly read and enjoy the book "The China Study", which has a very convincing theory that cancer was correlated to increased animal protein intake. However, there […]

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Prostate Cancer screening and Mammograms: two double edged swords

I am by no means trying to advise anyone on how to approach physical exams and such, but just trying to get some discussion and alternate opinions on something I have been researching. To me, it's pretty scary, because I have been running across A LOT of evidence that Mammograms for women and PSA prostate […]

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Food for Thought: Are we misreading cancer just like they misread the Black Death 700 years ago?

I don't wanna get too morbid in my "feel good blog", and I promise to end this piece on a positive note and some cool positive photography as always. But I had to write this piece since I just saw a show on the History Channel about the tragedy of the 14th century, the Black […]

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The Apple Core: One man’s trash is another man’s cancer prevention.

The heated, or shall I say EXTREMELY HEATED, debate over vitamin B17 being the solution to effective cancer prevention, (just as vitamin C was the solution to scurvy disease a few hundred years ago) will rage on for decades I am sure, but for those who know instinctively that there might be some truth to […]

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Looking at Cancer logically and rationally: Is it true some cultures have (or had) significantly lower rates of cancer than ours?

Lets face it. If we depend on science or the pharmaceutical industry to find a cure for this cancer thing, we'll all be dead of cancer before that happens. I have always believed this is a disease of ignorance and lack of understanding. If we try to look at this thing logically, there are several […]

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Is the solution to cancer prevention in a simple seed?

A female I knew once posted a Facebook post saying "God, send us a cure for cancer". I replied back to her Facebook post, "Cancer can be caused by anything, but much evidence suggest the defense mechanism is a simple nutrient , which is vitamin B17, grossly lacking in the American diet, B17 being a […]

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