Another Cancer Destroyer? Pueraria Mirifica, a Breast Cancer Fighter

Warning: I still think this herb is worth taking a look into, but please note the comment at the bottom of my other Pueraria Mirifica article, from Ruth on 8.26.16, where she says "It is my understanding that pueraria mirifica [Kwao Krua Kao] is highly estrogenic and like synthetic estrogen can actually be dangerous for woman at risk for breast cancer. "

The paradox of the web is that could be a legitimate comment, or someone paid by Big Business to get on the web to spread false rumors to scare people away from natural solutions. I'm from the camp that you have to do your homework and go find out for yourself, not to ignore the herb or superfood superfood because of a bad comment, because I have personally found superfoods that people on the web were literally saying were poisonous or cause cancer, but that same superfood I depend on for my own health and wellness (Gac, a.k.a., Fak Khaao, is one example of a superfood from this "general " area of the world that I am blessed to have learned about, and I consider Gac it one of the most important things I am putting into my body for prostate and overall health).

Researching something controversial that may benefit your well being DOES NOT cause cancer :).

And as I stress below, don't run out and put anything in your body unless you know what you are doing. With so much misinformation on the web, you have to find and be confident in your own truth. This article is just to share the information I've run across, but it is the job of the reader to vet it for its validity as pertains to making the decision to use Kwao Krua Kao for one's self.

The problem with the web, is that something may have health and healing capabilities, but big business pays people o write contradictory information to confuse and scare use from using it. At the same time, a product can false promises promoted by those who only want to make money. Or the product could be legit, but many bogus versions are being sold out there. My belief is that I have to at least look into them and investigate them, because I have found many natural products I swear by for my health and wellness (Maca is another good example of a very good superfood for men and women), but the point is that finding a great addition to your diet takes a lot of work and research, but well worth it.

If anyone is looking for a place to ask more detailed questions on Kwao Krua Kao, I'd suggest contacting Khun Lai Thararat, Holistic Herbalist, of Siam Industries International Co. Ltd., at , I'm sure they have no problem answering questions.

All that being said, let's get down to business…….

I wanted to "introduce" an amazing plant that I have been researching named Pueraria mirifica (a.k.a. Kwao Krua Kao).

Note I say "introduce" this herb as opposed to "run out and buy" without doing your own homework. I'm just saying my female readers whose instincts believe in natural healers might want to "take a peek" at it, since it is a plant with EXTENSIVE health and healing qualities, many of which pertain to youthful vitality in women, such as eliminating wrinkles and firmer breasts, which I will cover in a follow up article.

For now, I wanted to throw it at the readers since it seems there is EXTENSIVE overseas research and evidence that the herb is a potent breast cancer fighter.

As scientific as I am, I hate to write in an overly scientific style, so here is the short version of what is going on with this plant.

The primary locale of historical growth and consumption of  Pueraria mirifica is in Thailand in Southeast Asia, where women have significantly lower rates of breast cancer than the United States, up to TEN TIMES less. Of course there are many factors that affect breast cancer rates, but Pueraria mirifica has undergone extensive research in the Far East as pertains to breast cancer prevention.

I could post a chart here, but I am trying to "gently" coax anyone whose interest is kindled, to look up Breast Cancer Rates in Thailand compared to the USA.

This herb contains several valuable Phytoestrogens where one of them is named Miroestrol and has a very similar chemical structure as found in the safest human estrogen Estriol. I always assume many healing herbs have unknown or un-studied healing properties as well, considering less that 10% of all plants have ever been studied.

Think in terms of how naturally fermented soy products containing phytoestrogens are consumed extensively in the Far East, and it is will known that the properties of naturally fermented soy (as opposed to the GMO soy garbage consumed in the USA),  contribute to lower levels of cancer in the Far East

Like I said before, I am gently coaxing interested parties, whose instincts know there are natural healers lurking out there, to do their own research and homework on this product, but to get you started here is some research info……

A series of studies involving breast cell lines and the activity of Pueraria mirifica in vitro have been performed by the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Phramongkutklao College of Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand. These studies have shown that Pueraria mirifica root extract has potent anti-estrogenic properties against aggressive cell cancer lines in vitro, especially the proliferative estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer lines (T47-D, MCF-7, and ZR-75-1).

I think in the United States we are prisoners to our own wisdom. And advanced society [in some respects] we are for sure, but in many ways, especially as pertains to health and wellness, we are quite backwards. Methinks that because of our attitude that we "rule the world", we can often not look at all the world has to offer so far as natural healers given to us by Mother Nature.

So much evidence exists for this plant as a breast cancer fighter, I wonder has there been a conspiracy to keep this information from American women. I have to stop and at least present what I have found out, and perhaps maybe 10 out of 1000 readers may actually look into it, and maybe 2 of those 10 will bring it into their wellness program.

….and if it actually keeps those two women healthy, one of my life's purposes is truly being fulfilled.

So all in all, you're already on the web, it might be a plant that you might want to at least take a half hour of you life and do a little research on……….

also if someone wants to purchase I will advise reading this link because there are so many bogus products out there. The link is here

And, as I keep saying, I don't want to advise anyone to rush out and buy this product, but for those that know what they are doing and are looking for a good place to purchase, I would recommend Siam Naturals. I purchase their Gac (Fak Khaao) product. I have no affiliation with them, their link is here

~stay healthy~

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor of any sort, just an average person with perhaps an above average gift of researching issues pertaining to health and wellness. Products such as this should be addressed in terms of a well thought personal health and wellness plan. I always suggest talking to a qualified naturopath, herbalist, or nutritionist. Unfortunately, conversing with mainstream medical practitioners about these natural healers will probably not avail much. I am not advising women to run out and buy this product without your own homework. But I am advising women to at least look into what mother nature has to offer us for our wellness. I have brought similar herbs into my regiment, but I always  do EXTENSIVE homework, monitor my body's reactions to new products, and be it right or wrong, trust my god given instincts.

As mentioned above, if anyone is looking for a place to ask more detailed questions on Kwao Krua Kao, I'd suggest contacting Khun Lai Thararat, Holistic Herbalist, of Siam Industries International Co. Ltd., at , I'm sure they have no problem answering questions.


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Is there another root vegetable in the same family that I can also research?


Hi Mumtaz,

In the same family? None that I know of. This plant is in South East Asia, and me being in the USA, I’m not sure of any related plants….

…sorry I can’t be of more help there

Doug at GAIA Health Blog


Please keep me up to date on your latest research articles.

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