Food for Thought: Are we misreading cancer just like they misread the Black Death 700 years ago?

I don't wanna get too morbid in my "feel good blog", and I promise to end this piece on a positive note and some cool positive photography as always. But I had to write this piece since I just saw a show on the History Channel about the tragedy of the 14th century, the Black Death, also called The Plague.

It seemed that during The Plague, ignorance prevailed, in that the theories to the cause and cure to the Plague were at best, absurd and primitive. I was wondering while, watching the show, will they look back on us 700 years from now, at our understanding of cancer, and other degenerative diseases, and see our approaches to prevention and cure as being  just as absurd and primitive?

The Black death ravaged Europe about 700 years ago wiping out a quarter of Europe's population, with many other smaller plagues popping up over the next several centuries. I don't want to get into what happens to body when someone got the Plague, a little too morbid for this piece. The most interesting thing about the show was that those living at the time were totally clueless to what was going on. Theories ranged from the "wrath of god", to toxic poisons coming up from the center of the earth via volcanoes, and everything in between. No one knew at the time that the Plague was actually transmitted from flea bites from fleas that got around on infected rats. So called physicians were trying all sorts of bizarre remedies and cures from "blood-letting" to living in smoke fill rooms to ward off "diseased air".

As with the Plague wiping out 1/4 of Europe, cancer is expected to wipe out 1/4 of us in modern times. Growing up having watched my mother and all 7 of her sisters get cancer, 6 of the 8 dying from it, one day when sitting in my mother's room at the Cancer Ward at Chicago Northwestern Medical, during her chemotherapy treatment, it hit me that these so called modern treatments to cancer might be seen as somewhat primitive and absurd, when they look back on us 700 years from now. I think they will look at us a society whose solution to a headache is to "cut off the head". My mother told me that "the treatment is worse than the disease".

But, ending on a positive note as promised, I'm optimistic times 10, because I think nature has provided us all that we need to eliminate these degenerative diseases in our time. I think a person has to understand the disease preventative qualities of nutrition, win his or her battles on the individual level, and as we get more connected and learn more about the wealth of healing though a more holistic lifestyle, modern diseases like cancer and diabetes will be as foreign to us as the Plague is to us. As I keep saying in this blog, I think nature provides healing nutrients through food,  such as B17/nitrilosides, to prevent and reverse cancer.

We simply need to make the decision to get in tune with ourselves, educate ourselves and our families on the things we take into the body, interact with like minded people (like the many great bloggers I have run across, see my lower right sidebar), and the "higher powers" will allow information that you need to stay happy and healthy to come right to you. I know it did for me. ~dw~

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"   –Lao Tze                    

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