Food For Thought: Let’s not start trying to prevent a headache by cutting off the head

I'm not trying to make light of someone else's ailment, or be disrespectful, unsympathetic, or judgmental, because I watched this whole process 8 times in a row growing up, with my mother and all 7 of her sisters getting cancer. And I freely admit, it's easy to make "backseat driver" comments about situations we have never been in.

No one can truly speak for what another person should or shouldn't do, but as a 50 year old African American male, thus being in a demographics that is highly vulnerable to Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, Testicular Cancer, if my "preventative strategy" was to start amputating body parts, I'd probably wouldn't have much of a body left.

I'm just afraid that Angelina Jolie's decision in her medical treatment, albeit her own, is going to throw the wrong energy at others [especially young women] so far as how to address cancer, something that we are all terrified of…..well, actually I used to be terrified, but not anymore since I have taken control of my heath, nutrition, and most importantly, my health knowledge.

My random thoughts on cancer, if one of them hits home to a woman, and convinces her to think twice about mastectomy as "preventative care", then it is well worth me staying up late on a work night to get this article out of my head and into the cyber-sphere. My mother's mastectomy was not preventive, but it still affects me, that's why I write………………….

Not saying everything I write here is universal truth, but I'm sure anything I write here can be at least proven true or false……

OK, ready, set,  go…….

If you look into it, you will find a decent number of scientists that say that only 2 to 3 percent of all cancer is hereditary, the rest is from societal issues like diet and stress.

We all have certain hereditary "tendencies" passed down to us genetically, and just being African American with darker skin in Northern climates, which is not our "natural habitat" (read more here), makes us vulnerable to disease due to lack of Vitamin D intake from the sun. However, it is our actions and what we do to our bodies that determines most disease an non-disease.

The progressive thought in health and wellness, and some segments of progressive health science is that we all might have some genetic tendencies for certain diseases passed to us, but our day to day actions, diet (highest importance), addressing stress,  exercise, and so forth, will determine if the disease causing genetics kicks in, or the disease fighting cells and immune system (also passed to us genetically) of the body kicks in.

Although my mother and all her sisters got cancer and thus it seemed "genetic", both her and I concluded only last year that the culprit "might" have been the DEET (or DDT) that her and her sisters used to spray in the beds every night to combat bedbugs in the home of their relatively impoverished upbringing (she told me her brothers didn't spray, and strange enough , and none of  the 6 boys ever got cancer). Forty years too late getting to the root of the issue, all the girls are dead except mom and one other.

Actress A.J. Johnson had both parents died of cancer, and her response was, out of fear mind you, start her own personal wellness revolution. A better approach to the issues, as pertains to "preventative treatment". I wrote an article on her it can be found here

There are herbs and plants that have been shown to kill breast cancer cells,  two of which I wrote about, called Kwao Kura Kao, and another called Guyabano. Never heard of them? No wonder, it seems that he American medical and scientific communities, since they cannot profit from these natural healers, have discredited and prevented information on these natural cures.

Although in a high risk group, I used to live in excessive fear of getting the "Big C", but I actually don't think about cancer anymore (I suppose anymore than I think about being in a plane crash, I know anything can still happen hypothetically, but I don't live in fear of a plane crash). I'm convinced we are cloaked in ignorance.

It's not necessarily Angelina that bothers me, but it is these doctors that take something down this "amputation road" that takes me back to an article I wrote, Are We Misreading Cancer as they Misread the Black Death 700 years ago?

There is a preventive care breast exam technology called Thermography, that is very reliable, safe, non-invasive and painless, and much safer that highly radioactive mammograms (which even some doctors are now saying mammograms are contributing to the cancer). Thermography takes photographs that detect heat variations in the breast to see irregularities in breast blood vessels and tissue that mammograms cannot detect.

Thermography [supposedly] can detect breast irregularities 10 years before tumors develop,  at  a time where it can be addressed naturally. I wrote and article on Thermography, with a very understandable video explaining the process, linked here.

I have another article in my head that I expect out in a week or to, that shows that Japanese nationals living in Japan have MUCH lower rates of cancer than second and third generation Japanese Americans, who have assimilated into the USA lifestyle and diet. Would that not at least provoke the possibility that race and genetics does not matter as much as societal influences like diet, especially since these are the exact same people with same genetics?

A new mindset in progressive science is that breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, and all the rest are not separate diseases. They are actually all one in the same degenerative process in the body, and that degenerative process will attack any part of the body that it finds vulnerable. If so, then it seems the objective would be to find the source of the degenerative process, amputation does not stop the root issue.

Cancer is not an indiscriminate killer, if it were, cancer would be attacking all cultures and races equally across the globe. But, any rudimentary web research shows that cancer rates vary wildly depending on where certain groups live, diet, lifestyle and other factors. Some cultures and races get little or no cancer, and it's linked to diet.

One of  the simplest things women can do to fight breast cancer is increase Vitamin D levels via quality supplementation.

"You are what you eat", is a simplistic way of talking about "bio-mass", in that the cells of the body are generated based upon the nutrients we eat, We GOTTA start changing our bio-mass to quality disease fighting cells from quality food ingredients. Here is my post on My Top 10 Breast Cancer Prevention Superfoods.

Although some cultures around the world have very little if no cancer, strange enough, it is not necessarily always the vegetarian cultures, in that it is well know that historically, the Inuit [Eskimos] had very little cancer in spite of diets of mainly meat and fat. I wrote an article called The Mysterious Case of the Cancer Free Meat Eaters 

(Not suggesting to run out and eat meat, as folks did with the fiasco of the Atkins craze, but I'm proposing that scientists and researchers have found the common thread of both the cancer free meat eating and cancer free vegetarian cultures and races is certain nutrients (like B17)  that these peoples get an abundance of relative to other cultures, as opposed to the B17 deficient modern American diet. If you really wanted to set out to verify this, you can do it with a weekend's worth of research)

I'm gonna stop here, I try to keep my post relatively quick reads. This post was intended to be nothing but the series of thoughts that came to my head when I had a few discussions on this issue, as female co-workers and such who know I'm a "health nut", came to me for my opinion.

Maybe this can calm someone's subconscious fears, not because the person isn't intelligent, but a person just hasn't run across this kind of  information……until now. Intelligence will determine what to do with information like this once you receive it.

I am merely trying to get anyone who will listen to look at this cancer thing from a different perspective, this "body part" amputation" thing seems to be as barbaric as Medical Medicine, you know, bloodletting, leeches and the like, whereas my mindset it totally in that camp that cancer can be avoided with the knowledge we have now, if we choose to take control of our lives and stop the ignorance and fear.

….so lets all just stop, take a step back, and think a second. Just a little "Food for Thought".

~stay healthy~


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I am a mess.. with all that I know, I just cant get into good habits!!! My mom even died with cancer. Why cant I get it!!!! What makes it so freaking hard to JUST DO IT? I wish you lived in MO.


I think that is a common thing, I lucked out because I can eat the same thing day in and day out. I would suggest just trying to pick one thing you can change, like changing your sweeteners, or changing your cooking oils to Coconut Oil and olive oil, and observe the body changes, and go from there. Say if you made one positive change and dropped 10 pounds or started sleeping better, that will drive you to try something else. Its hard to do it all at once, but east to take it one thing at a time and build up your good habits. I’m actually not a big fan of forcing yourself to do anything. Eat the foods you like but change out those cheap low quality ingredients, and make your own versions instead of those low quality restaurant versions. If you look at the recipes in my blog, that’s where I try to steer people. Wellness should be a treat to the senses, taste buds, etc. not a struggle and pain…..


This article is so important as it is so underestimated that nature is an enormous regenerator and that an operation should be the last resort after taking on a detoxing lifestyle. Cancer is not normal nor our fate – with the return to nature simple ways things will shift for the better…
Thanks for this warm, sophisticated and inspiring website of yours! It is just so refreshing to hear someone talk in the voice of Gaia – to reconnect that each of us has the answer and feel mother nature (gaia) within us is a part of healing. After some major changes to my diet I can attest to the rejuvenating powers of nature and the body's ability to regenerate – knowing that nutrition is really the key to health (not medicine as such). In terms of cancer and Renea's call for inspiration I would just add – tune in – research nature and her advocats such as Ann Wigmore, Norman Walker & Natalia Rose – they were my mile stones to health – I kept reading and rereading to get through each healing crisis and now am more energetic than I was 10 years ago. And yes, keep it simple just to start your day with warm water added with lime juice (some stevia for taste) will be beneficial, or start with a GreenSmoothie challenge! Pains – of any kind are not the norm nor do they need to be a part of our life! If one changes ones nutrition (for me it is 80% raw – all this will pass). Every time I was critised about going raw I viewed the video of Annette Larkins on youtube and after that I smiled inside and kept going. Now my mother changed her diet with 77 and finally does not need to have her gallbladder removed next to weight loss she is now free after 30 years of permanent headaches and abdominal pains! Thanks again.. & best wishes. I am now adopting the idea MacaCafe!


Thanks for the comment. As you blog, I have an ad-free blog, so I don’t do this for money. It’s comments like yours that are my “payment”. I love to inspire people on wellness, but I love to get inspiration also. You’re actually the first person that had made it know that they are aware of the “Gaia” hypothesis. Lets all just try to live to be the advanced, divine race of humanity that we are capable of. ~stay healthy~

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