Men’s Health: The Devil in a Blue Dress (Don’t fall for the Viagra Woman’s temptations)

…..cause Viagra is dangerous, and for me, thanks to advanced nutrition, not necessary

There are so many ways I can go with this article, but its gotta be written. So, it's "Plan A", which is to write whatever comes out of my brain and off my fingers.

The new Viagra Commercials that are popping up during football games piss me off so much, and insult my intelligence so much, that I have to throw a punch back for the sake of natural holistic wellness.

I don't like to play the "God Card", but I "think" the heavenly powers put me in through this experience for me to lay my experiences on the altar, for all men to see, and learn from………..

End of story first, I'm age 53 and wake up erect [almost] every morning…..

…sorry if TMI, but this stuff is too important on many levels. The short story is I "accidentally" got my coveted, youthful, morning erections back, after I went full tilt into natural whole foods to heal myself, after getting what I diagnosed as an inflamed prostate, where my urinary flow was almost cut off. Caused by (I think but am not certain), a bad reaction to the male enhancement herb Tongkat.

I wrote about my ailment in detail, and thoroughly listed the foods that healed me in my article
Heal Thyself (Part 1), and I list those foods further down in this article
. A month after starting these mega-super foods. I was "up periscope" every morning. Wasn't expecting that but I'll take it!!!

UPDATE 1/7/2015 – Just wanted to clarify,  to make sure I give the "real deal" on this "erect every morning" phrase (after all, I'm not trying to sell anyone anything, except maybe to sell the reader on the power the holistic health solutions). That is somewhat of an exaggeration, though they are very consistent, on my Christmas Vacation in 2015 I was erect every morning for 16 days, guess I was very relaxed…..

Can't wait to get to Phase 2 of my "Holistic Experiment"

……phase 2 being some consistent sexual activity, since I'm not the most sexually active dude in the world and not married. But don't feel bad for me, I count myself lucky to get some traction on solving this seemingly universal puzzle, marriage would have been too much "pressure to perform" for me.

The whole "sex-thing" that was so simple as a horny teenager is so deep and complex now, like what I call these "esoteric energy exchanges" that should take place between man and woman, but the are now seemingly non-existent in many relationships. So many pieces to a puzzle to make intimacy work as nature meant it…a lot of things going on, on a lot of different levels.

Everything is a process. But for sure, I've pulled myself out of "the abyss".

Back to the Devil in the Blue Dress

….is what I named the lady in the commercial, because she is taking men totally down the wrong road with this issue.

And I must admit, it is a perfect storm, with so much "pressure to perform", far worse than the pressure to perform by the football players in the very game they place the commercials in 🙁

Viagra TV Commercials… wrong…..on so many levels

She's piling on the pressure, contesting our manhood, she uses the phrase "ED stopping what YOU started" (more subtle psychological pressure), she's  walking around half the commercial almost "depressed" because her man can't perform, she says Viagra "may work" (as opposed to working for sure), her voice is like she's trying to "soothe the shame" of a man.

She slips in the comment "erectile dysfunction happens AGAIN", provoking the subtle pressure and embarrassment of this being an ongoing issue. She tries to make men feel better by saying "plenty of guys have this issue" (not sure where she is trying to go with that one, but for sure its a form of psychological entrapment).

She makes a clear distinction between "getting and erection" and "keeping and erection", 2 separate problems I guess, I'm not active enough to even know there are two separate issues out there. Half the commercial she is laying on a bed (not even in a bedroom, just a bed under a thatched roof), the blue dress [I guess] subliminally equating to the little blue pill…

S#it, I'd rather try to kick a game winning field goal in the Super Bowl to experience less pressure.

We're missing the point…….

…… with most things pertaining to medicine, in that the Pharmaceutical industry identifies a market,  and creates a pill, without ever addressing the underlying source of a problem (or even giving a damn in my opinion).

It is now wired into the mainstream collective psyche that the solution to any physical problem is to pop a pill, and ignore the very dangerous side effects that one would think would tell you that this cannot be nature's best solution to this problem.

The Health risks of Viagra

** risks of developing melanoma (a form of skin cancer)
** an erection that will not go away (priapism) which  can permanently damage penis.
**sudden vision loss in one or both eyes.
** sudden hearing decrease or hearing loss
**Some people may also have ringing in their ears (tinnitus)
** upset stomach
**abnormal vision, such as changes in color vision
 **blurred vision
**stuffy or runny nose
**back pain
**muscle pain
** exponential risks for men under other medications

**danger of Viagra evolving to "recreational use", being mixed with other drugs, abuse by younger men with unknown long term ramifications….there is a whole "Pandora's Box" going on there

….a lot more,  I just wanted to pull a few for this list

The bottom line is this…do you really think this is Nature's best solution to this issue? Simple common sense should say there has to be a safer, better, more natural approach to all this. I like sex like everyone else, but I can't go down this road.

Age 49, I lost my "Mind to Crotch" connection…..

……Cut to my love scene, I remember being in an intense "made for the movies" kiss, touching her all over, but there was no movement in the crotch whatsoever. No matter how much my mind was trying to make it happen.

I made it out of that, and perhaps 2 other situations without the issue being "exposed", but I knew the downward spiral was kicking in. I remember thinking, married dudes much be going through hell, with the pressure to perform.


This short story is called "Attack of the Killer Cougar"……………….

I hate to "kiss and tell", but for the sake of health science, I had this totally spontaneous incident at the health club a couple of months ago,  this woman came at me, and somehow, and hour later, she damn near attacks me in her car, we are going at it hot and heavy.

Somehow we got on this subject of men and erections, and while "making out" in her car,  she grabs my crotch and says, "well you don't seem to have that problem". (That's as much of the story as I will tell, only what is needed to tell  for health and science, knuckleheads!!!!)

Luckily, [I’m mentioning several times in this post] the story of how consistent erections had come about a year prior, after I started eating certain foods to heal a brief ailment, foods which I list in their entirety in the article in this link (and further down in this article).

I think this game is about nutrition and "real energy"……….

Unfortunately, that "killer cougar" incident with lady who attacked me happened my last week before I left Portland to live in Seattle.

The "Killer Cougar" said to me "Too bad you're leaving town, I'd love to be your "Sexual Lab rat", a half joking proposition I gave to her to come in and work with me on all this for the sake of science (and personal gratification as well). We'd be the modern day "Masters of Sex", if you ever saw that very good Showtime series.

I remember when the "Killer Cougar"  made that comment, I got excited and felt an erection starting, already proof that thanks solely to advanced natural nutrition, my physiology is getting back in sync, you know, that "Mind to Crotch" connection.

As mentioned before, the consistent erections came about I started eating certain foods to heal an ailment, the story and foods I list in their entirety in the article in this link (and I list them below in this article) .

"No Connection…..No Erection" (at least for me)

My mantra for myself  "no connection… erection". Maybe society tried to wire us to think we're supposed to get an erection when some babe with fake implants walks past, very self absorbed, arrogant, stuck on herself, and not giving a s#&@it about me one way or the other.

But, at this age, my body ain't reacting to all that bulls#^*&it, but it is responding to real female energy directed at me, be it warm, or steamy, or even friendly energy (as I have felt my crotch "move" recently from just a sweet smile), and I'm suspecting that's the way its actually supposed to be… least for me (forgive my language, but I can get a little passionate on some things).

I suspect as horny teenagers we are driven by a certain base physiology, but as mature adults we are driven by deeper psychological stimuli, this whole thing is a freaking puzzle, but methinks, a puzzle that can be unraveled.

Times like this I'm glad I'm not married……

…cause though I have a sharp and bright mind (at least says me), but it is kinda like a "crock pot slow cooker", in that it likes to takes its time, be off to itself to think things through and process information, I don't work well under pressure.

Being in a marriage would be too much pressure as I step through these issues, but I know for sure I'm onto something, I just have to take my time and learn what Mother Nature is showing me. Although my solution came about accidentally from an ailment, I'm blessed the ailment allowed me stumble across a the right food based solution solution that brought back my vitality. If it works for someone else, then all I do is spread the news.

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for [some] married couples my age, but, I'm already claiming VICTORY, as I feel these morning erections every morning at age 53, as the result of diet and holistic lifestyle only,  I will never be swayed by the Devil in the Blue Dress……..I WILL NEVER NEVER NEED VIAGRA (or Cialis)

Men are so damn paranoid…..

Be it about penis size, or sexual performance, or how long you can go, or is she faking orgasms, or is someone "doing your ex" better than you were.

I don't think I've ever had a conversation with a man in a public bathroom in my life, we all know guys don't talk about this stuff, but we gotta get some conversation going somehow, because "The Devil in a Blue Dress" is taking men deeper into an abyss, into a bottomless pit, from which I fear there is no return ……………..

When I had that ailment (I think it was an inflamed prostate….)

……I took every Prostate, Bladder, Urinary Tract, and Kidney health product off my website and threw them into my smoothies….

Black Sesame SeedsCulinary Argan OilCranberry powderRed Maca,  Gac PowderReishi Mushroom Spores, any foods I could find high in "Prostate Friendly" Gamma Tocopherol (Vitamin E), The amazing Genesis Today superfoods GojiAcaiMangosteen, and  Sea Buckthorn, plus my other heavy hitters already in my smoothies…….awesome salads with garlic, pumpkin seeds, with olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing everyday. Gallons of "Numi Gunpowder" Green Tea. I stopped eating any grains (after some guy I ran across on the web said excessive oatmeal, or a chemical they put in it, gave him an inflamed prostate), EVERYTHING WAS RAW except for Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, which is rich in healing Vitamin D, (as opposed to the Vitamin D pills which "might" have contributed to this issue in the first place)

Go here for full story on that whole experience, but the short of it is, a few weeks after eating ONLY what I listed above, the ailment was gone, and my erections were back


[2 photos below] I believe in integration, but with the integration of the Viagra Girls, this thing is getting out of hand 🙁



UPDATE 2/8/2015I'm at a bar having drinks with this girl who thinks I'm totally "hot", in her words, she's  talking very provocatively, telling me what she wants to do to me in very graphic detail. She's all up in my ear, it is really getting me going. Underneath the bar, I grab her hand and rub it up against my crotch, it was a "pure and true", all "natur-alle", rock hard erection, no details, but that was a fun night. The girl is kinda "nuts", and we may not hang out anymore, but at least she did her part for holistic health science………this game is won fellas!!!

UPDATE 7/26/2015 – As I figured, me and that girl at the bar didn't hang out anymore after two encounters (such a shame the girls with the best "oral skills" take no time to develop their mental and personality skills 🙁  ) . Anyhooz, half year later, and I still get erections in the morning, in the shower, and even on the street, just thinking about how she whipped her "oral skillset" on me on two separate occasions. That "Mind to Crotch" connection I lost at age 49 is back "Full Force" going on age 54!!! And of course I'm still consistently eating those "erection causing" health and healing foods in the other article in this link to another article of mine


~stay healthy~


Click here or photo for  all my articles in "Men's Health"

10 Responses


I was watching "Sherlock" with my son and there was a bunch of these commercials. How embarrassing. I'm also chagrined that I didn't notice the "blue" subliminal connection – blue dress, blue pill – until I read this. I think statin drugs are a huge part of the ED issue. 1 in 4 adults over 40 are on them and there is a big push to put even more people on them. Loss of libido is a known side effect. 


No “Dizzout” (That’s street for “No Doubt”). But oh yeah, I wanna write something on those statin drugs at some point as well. The whole industriy is so absurdly out of control and pathetic. We all wanna make money in this country, but these drug companies are just trying to rape the public with no real solutions….sorry I’m getting mad again ~stay healthy~


Dude, you're sharings on all this is superb.  Keep it up!  You are a guiding light of goodness.




Thanks “SG”, I’m not for profit, and these kind of comments are my only payment…………..

~stay healthy~


Hello Doug,

Aging is quite humbling, isn't it. I was quite intrigued by your methods to eradicate the issue you faced. Then you describe the natural healing benefits vs. devil in a blue dress (love that title). All I can say is I'm glad you are better. And welcome to the club. At 57 after 26 years of marriage and 2 children, I have no complaints . . .yet.  AWB


Hey AW,

You gotta share those secrets with the men of the world. Although, as I remember I think you were a vegetarian and/or raw foodie decades before it became in Vogue. I not a vegetarian as you know but I eat a lot of veggies, incorporated Kale and Chard into my smoothies every day, post workout salad every day. I think these basic things help with this issue more than medicine.

~stay healthy~


Doug, I enjoyed your article.  I guess I was attracted to it because I have the same reactions to those commercials.  I think you're right about the importance of a healthy diet, but there is another element that has to be watched as well.  We live in a crazy, fast-paced world with all kinds of demands coming from all directions.  Stress is as deadly to ones libido as anything there is.  I, too, noticed problems in my late 40s, and I found that along with a healthier diet, I needed to find ways to "let go", as well.  Now, in my early 60s, things are working just fine – as long as I do my part.  Marriage is better than ever!


Hey Harris,

Thanks for the comment.

Glad to hear things are going well in the 60’s, that’s motivation and inspiration for us all.

I agree 1000% percent with the stress thing. I moved into the realm of mental relaxation and meditation and their overall importance, but I got started exploring and practicing all that after I wrote this article. I may be perhaps 6 month into mental development and stress management, and I can already see how that is gonna play a big role in male sexual function. I’m really into mental development as pertains to weightlifting and exercise as well, in that I am using that particular acticity to help mental focus, still the mind and so forth.  I wanna write on that whole subject matter down the road. Everything is a learning process………….

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

~stay healthy~

Doug at Gaia Health Blog


Interesting article. I am 55 and no issues in that area. Married almost 32 years. When I see these commercials I thought that if a guy can’t get excited when with a girl like the devil in a blue dress, then there must be something really wrong.
I just figured the guys with issues were married to wives who let themselves go, as well as the guys themselves let themselves go. We have become an obese society so much that there is a push to say it is normal.


Hey David

Very good points. I think a lot of it is as simple as what you mentioned.

Those commercials are even more absurd since I wrote that article, with the Viagra “Single Packs” and all that. They really got men wired to think it’s all about popping a pill and the Pharmaceutical Industry shows no signs of letting up.

Was curious are you eating anything special in you diet that hay be helping with you vitality?

Doug at GAIA Health Blog

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