The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 11): Reishi Mushroom (…and Reishi Mushroom Spores)

I consume reishi daily in my smoothies and I simply love it. It gives me that weird "vibration" that I get when I consume awesome superfoods (I'm still trying to figure out what that "vibration" is).

Reishi has been known as "The Mushroom of Immortality". Reishi has been used traditionally for countless applications including anti-tumor, general vitality and longevity, heart health, liver health, the list is simply endless…….as would be expected from the top ranked healer in the world.

Reishi, the quick, Nutrition Science, bla-bla-bla….

Reishi is Nature's  #1 ranked herb, according to the ancient books, "Shinnoh Honzohkyo", and the book "Chinese Outline of Herbs" written by Li Sze Tsun of the Ming Dynasty . "Shinnoh Honzohkyo" is the Japanese name of the ancient Chinese text in which several hundred top health and healing plants and herbs are ranked.

In both books, Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) destroyed all competition to take the coveted #1 ranking [source]. (note: I have been trying to confirm the above point on the book "Shinnoh Honzohkyo", but cannot find that book on the Internet. I' m assuming it to be true, but always like to read facts like that for myself)

What are Reishi Spores?

For the last 2 years, I've been exclusively into Reishi Spores.

Though the Reishi Mushroom itself has this amazing reputation as a top healer, the Reishi Spores , the Spores being the reproductive dust/seeds that blows away in the wind, to land on a new tree to start a new mushroom, is supposedly dozens of times more potent than Reishi Mushrooms themselves.

…good quick read on Reishi Spores here.

[photo source, and more info on Reishi Spores]


The active nutrients of Reishi, and all mushrooms, must be extracted in some way in order to be used by the body, whether that be, by cooking, brewed as a tea, alternatively you can take various forms of liquid tinctures (very good option), and powdered and encapsulated extracts.

Powder extract is my favorite, it add it to my daily smoothies.

This is one product that I recommend to family and friends for overall health, wellness, and longevity. Historically in the Far East, it was not just used to heal and nourish the body, but also to nourish a person's spiritual energies, often called the Qi (pronounced "Chee"), the Jing, and the Shen.

Read more about the concept of tapping into our inner spiritual energy via herbs in an article I wrote on the inner spiritual energy, the Qi.

There is so much written on this plant, and volumes more from scientific studies in the Far East,  it might be worth your time to take a look into it.

This is one product where it would definitely be worth 20 minutes of your life to do some Googling, to learn more about this amazing superfood.

There are several brands or Reishi Spores on Amazon, but I've only tried a few, so I have not yet settled on a favorite brand yet.

(Below) the one of the Reishi Spores powder I used to use, sold on Amazon. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! (….though I switched over to the product in the orange box below it)

UPDATE 1/9/17 -(Below) A new brand called Mehdi Reishi Mushrooms Spores I ran across on Amazon. This is the one I'm currently trying, might be a good product. I like it because it is 100% reishi spores as opposed to spores mixed with Reishi Mushroom or Extract. They say in their packaging to be warned that products that are not 100% Spores may have a lot of fillers added. The are 30 individual packets in the box, so I can just add pack to my daily smoothies. I'll update you all perhaps in summer 2017 on this product……

They call me Mr. Smooth[ie]

As I have said a gazillion times,  to take advantage of these amazing superfoods now popping up un the USA ……


This superfood is perfect for my milkshake tasting daily smoothies, so easy to easily get one of the most potent superfoods known [or unknown] to man and woman in you daily regiment.

Remember, "Doubt is their Greatest Weapon"…..

… one author recently titled his book on how the Pharmaceutical Industry, Modern Medicine, and the Processed Food Industry will do ANYTHING in their power to convince us that these miracles of nature are a hoax or a scam.

Big Business is actually paying people to spread confusion on the web as these new Superfoods try to take root in the lucrative USA market to compete with their manufactured and processed foods and laboratory made medicines.

They are even coming after me and my blog now…..sigh :(

[photo source]

I'll stop here, just to put it on your mind to consider bringing the #1 ranked ancient healer and wellness "life force", and all it's energy, into your healthy regiment, because your body (and spirit) will thank you.

~stay healthy~


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Great Article. I live in Berlin since 2 years and found this awesome new brand called BELLA PHI from Germany, which is selling extracts and Instant Tees with Reishi. They have Chaga and Cordyceps as well. I love to use all of them in Smoothies or Salad Dressings!!

Love to all Gaian People




Great Article! I know BELLA PHI as well.

Reishi Extract in Smoothies for more Balance.

Mushrooms are the future:)



So reishi is safe for children but I have been searching everywhere for the dosages I guess it’s a secret lol also can you use it while breastfeeding?


Hi Misty,

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to the question on breastfeeding, unfortunately I don’t have anything in my research articles on the subject. That doesn’t mean there is not some good information out there.

My suggestion to to try to find out has the mushroom historically been used by pregnant women.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help on this one….

Doug at GAIA Health Blog


Excellent article. I just started on GanoPrime reishi from Reishi Essence and I can totally feel a difference. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and ruined my life until a few months ago a friend recommended reishi. After doing some research and asking my friend what brand of reishi, I decided to try GanoPrime. Now 3 months into it, I can tell you that it’s been day and night. I feel alive again. I believe this is due to the anti-inflammatory properties reishi has and it definitely helps me with my condition.


Hi Norm U.

That Reishi is awesome very true. I take in so many great superfoods it’s hard to tell which ones are the best, but Reishi is in my Top 5.

As I mentioned in the article, I think the Reishi Spores are the way to go for me, that’s when I really got that heightened sense of well being.

Thanks for reading and commenting

Doug at GAIA Health Blog

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