Men’s Health: Culinary Argan Oil helps fight Prostate Cancer

Argan Oil is on my short list of four or five Superfoods that I feel it is a shame that people are not getting into their daily regiment, in spite of the fact that those same superfoods are readily available in the USA.

Argan oil has gained a little traction as an INCREDIBLE oil for youthful skin, but few have yet to hear about the AMAZING benefits of Culinary Argan Oil.

……that is, until now , right????

Thirty Seconds of Argan Oil

As scientific as I am (and try to hide it behind my colorful blog) here is "the quickee" on Argan.

Produced from the nuts of the argan tree, a tree native to Morocco, argan oil has been used since ancient times as a food, a cosmetic oil, and as a medicinal. Also known as Moroccan oil.

Argan oil is exceptionally rich in natural tocopherols (vitamin E), rich in phenols and phenolic acid, rich in carotenes, rich in squalene, rich in essential fatty acids, 80% unsaturated fatty acids and more resistant to oxidation than olive oil.

Argan Oil and Prostate Cancer

Argan oil has also been shown to decrease the cells division rate of prostate cancer. A 2006 study in Cancer Investigation reported that components of argan oil were able to slow the growth of several types of prostate cancer cells.

The Exposure to those argan oil components was also able [says the study], to reverse the cancerous effect of carcinogens on prostate cells.

Virgin argan oil is also rich in antioxidants…….

….. therefore it may protect against other forms of cancer. Antioxidants will help repair cellular damage, which can accumulate and lead to genetics mutations in cancer.

Incorporating argan oil into a diet can help reduce the risk of cancer, and provide a number of other health benefits related to  antioxidants.

Culinary vs. Cosmetic Argan Oil

Cosmetic Argan Oil is raw oil pressed from the Argan Seeds, where as Culinary Argan Oil is slightly roasted.

I'm not sure if you can or cannot eat cosmetic argan oil, but it is best to go with the methods used for thousands of years for internal consumption, which is the oil from toasted Argan Oil Seeds. Studies show that the roasting does not effect, and may possibly increase the cancer fighting Tocopherols

The Culinary Argan Oil has not been historically and traditionally used for cooking/frying, its traditional use is more of an unheated dipping oil, or to top off food and salads and such. The roasted flavor is actually the best oil I ever tasted, to the point where I take a teaspoonful by itself every morning, as part of my morning ritual. Gives a very good "vibration"………………

Prostate Health Ain't Cheap

Now for the "sticker shock", Argan Oil is VERY expensive. My 5oz bottle cost me about $34. But I believe in this oil as a God-Given healer, and I expect to be using it for the rest of my life.

I suppose its how you look at it all, I like to look at it as one bottle of Argan Oil, which I stretch out the entire month, is about 1/5 of my cable bill, or 1/3 of my cell phone bill. I think the cost of a painful prostate biopsy is about $65,500………….we all make our choices.

For the gazillionth time, "Let thy Food Be Thy Medicine" -Hippocrates, 430bc

As I keep running across in my research, Prostate Health is GREATLY determined by the foods we eat. Although so much pertaining to prostate health seems to be a mystery, we do have plenty of helpful info around us, such as the fact the men in Far East have very much less prostate health issues than men in the West.

Furthermore, those same races of Asian men, when they assimilate into the American Diet and lifestyle, will gravitate to the same level of prostate health issues as American men within a generation, I wrote on that subject here.

Did Argan Oil help cure my [possible] prostate issue?

I have to write a detailed article on this later, but I had a urinary issue, be it my prostate, or bladder, or kidney's or all of the above, that came on suddenly, affected me for about 7 days (I think if was from me playing around with Vitamin D and Tongkat Testosterone Booster at the same time, which I'll never do again) and it gave me some severe urinary problems.

I actually got scary, my urine flow seem to be partially blocked, for about 6 days,  I was considering checking into the hospital. But I think they would have just bled me for my insurance, I choose to throw everything in the book at it that I knew about Prostate Health (including Culinary Argan Oil), I ate nothing but raw foods plus Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon.
Read my article about my [possible] prostate ailment and subsequent natural healing here.

Argan was one of the "heavy hitters" that totally cured me

Part of the regiment was a  teaspoon full of Argan Oil every morning (which is now a permanent part of my ritual), along with all my other Prostate Health Superfoods, the amazing healing power of Manuka Honey and Cinnamon Combined, a totally raw diet except for Wild Caught Salmon, and within a two weeks,  I was back to normal!!!

I still intend to see a Naturopath to find out what the hell happened, but Argan Oil was one of the [many] players that helped get my body back in its almost always perfect balance!!

Within two weeks, I was literally acting like my boy Don Cheadle in the  photo below, which is the way I act all the time (when alone)  🙂

Helping Moroccan Women better their lives with Argan Oil…..

Now that argan oil is of global interest and not just a regionally-used product, Morocco has seen an upsurge in argan tree plantations. They provide economic benefit to the more than two million people, mostly women, who make their livelihoods producing the oil.

Most Argan Oil production in Morocco is by women's co-operatives, and the women earn both household income and the means to provide their children with an education, increased demand allows these women to better themselves in ways not previously possible.

…..maybe that will tip the scale for you to drop the cash, and try into this amazing superfood.

Culinary Argan Oil on Amazon


Zamuri Spices Culinary Argan Oil (the current one I'm currently using)


Argand Or' Argan Oil Organic (I'm gonna try this one next)


Moroccan Select Organic Culinary Argan Oil (the least expensive I see out there)


References, Research, and Resources


Awesome "Somewhat Scientific" paper on argan oil with 40+ references to Argan oil studies and research papers


Some Good basic info on Culinary Argan Oil


Quick abstract on Tocopherols and saponins derived from Argan Oil, an its antiproliferative effect on human prostate cancer


Good paper on the stability of the chemical components of Cosmetic vs. Culinary Argan Oil (which shows that Tocopherols are unaffected by light roasting)

~stay healthy~


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Hi Gibson,

Funny in that I was looking for that same bag for myself an literally could not find. The closest I came was a company over in Germany who made custom bags, I would have to send them a photo and they were going to try to duplicate the bag. The issue was they could not make the bag exactly as was pictured. I never ordered it, I was trying to find someone in the USA who can make the bag for me.

Let me know if you find it…….

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