The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 10): Gac Fruit

Thanks to the World Wide Web, UPS, FedEX, and Amazon, many "food rich" but "nutrition poor" Americans can now take advantage of all that Mother Nature has to offer in terms of healthy, healing superfoods from all over the world.

The  Christmas tree ornament looking, Southeast Asian Gac Fruit is a prime example…..

Gac, the quick, Nutrition Science, bla-bla-bla……..

Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis) A fruit native to Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam, has the highest level by far in nature of the antioxidant Lycopene, a nutrient gaining increased attention as a heavyweight fighter of prostate cancer in men, breast and ovarian cancer in women, and a fighter other forms of cancer.

The current champion of Lycopene in the West is the tomato, but Gac boats up to 70x the lycopene as tomato, and the more you research this heavy duty antioxidant, you'll thank Mother Nature to leading you to it.

Why Googling [Lycopene  Cancer] is worth 15 minutes of your life……..

…you first have to be of the mindset that nature has supplied us with all we need to stay perfectly healthy, though it seems the majority can't get their mind around that concept.

The Lycopene Antioxidant is gaining attention as one of the most powerful cancer fighters (speaking from a preventative perspective, in that, it's best to avoid the gunshot [the gunshot being cancer], than getting shot [getting cancer], and hoping you survive the medical treatment after you get shot ).

……it may be worth 15 minutes of your life to do some "Googling" on [Lycopene – Cancer] 

Gac and Lycopene content

Lycopene (a beta-carotene) is an antioxidant that is rich in “red family” foods like tomatoes, watermelons, and pink grapefruits. It’s also in apricots, persimmons, papaya, and guava. Tomato has always been the Lycopene champion in the West, but Gac contains 70 times as much Lycopene as the tomato.

Lycopene is gaining much attention as a prostate and breast cancer fighter, however it seems mainstream medicine has muddled everything with it's own studies which dispute claims of the healing and preventive effects of Lycopene (personally, I think they do that intentionally to cast doubt in our minds about natural healers).

My personal belief looking at the historical uses of Gac in Southeast Asia, is that it has had a long history of medicinal and healing uses, and it seems there is something to the nutrient value of this fruit.

Each of us who hear about superfoods such as this have to decide whether to overlook it or bring it into our regiment to keep ourselves healthy. I think the solutions to our health woes are in Mother Nature, not the drug industry.

Natural Health they try to hide from us……..

…I'm a conspiracy theorist at the core, but I try to leave it off the site best I can, because it feels like it turns some people off.

But, you have to understand why the trillion dollar Pharmaceutical and Medical industries have no purpose, financial incentive, or reason whatsoever, to give us information about natural cures. But I'll stop there…….

Is Gac making me laugh more?

When I started Gac, is was only new thing I have taken into my diet during that era when I started it, and somehow, I found myself laughing more, and having an "eerie" good sense of well being, which is hard to do, cause I'm feeling great all the time.

Of  course, that is not a scientific analysis or study, but definitely a "Hmmmmmm". Was Gac the culprit to my slightly more "jovial" attitude? Hey, whatever works!!!

Not widely sold in the USA (due to short growing season and perishable nature of the fruit, similar to many unknown Brazilian superfoods that we cant get in the USA ).

I have only found a couple of places to purchase Gac……

Gac Capsules and powder from Siam Natural  This is were I originally purchased my Gac. I can only make general assumptions, but this "seems" to be a relible company with quality products. I purchased via PayPal, shipped from Thailand with no issues, might take a week or two, I remember the last time I ordered, it came in "decent" time, like maybe they now have a shipping facility in the USA, though not sure. I noticed recently that Siam Natural now has a Gac Powder, in the past they only had gac capsules, so I might end up purchasing my next 6 month sypply of powder from them, because my fav'  Royal Tropics Gac Powder has been out of stock for most of 2017.

Royal Tropics Gac Powder I switched to this powder from the capsules and I prefer this product now, because I can just add it to my smoothies, been using this product for 2 years and I really like this powder. This Gac Powder is also (at least sometimes) is on Amazon (though often out of stock), so recently, I order from the Royal Tropics link above, though they are often out of stock as well, in that Gac has a short growing season.

Samsara Gac Powder on Amazon.  A new one I ran across on Amazon, but I'm not yet sure if Gac by Samsara Herbs on Amazon is quality company because of possible fake reviews of their other products

Natural Traders Gac Powder. I actually haven't tried this one yet, my only caveat to this one is I "think" this company is an affiliate of Wal-Mart. That in an of itself for me personally is a caution, because if it is a Wal-Mart owned company, or Wal-Mart affiliate, I can't see them putting out the best of the best product. Wal-Mart is all about the lowest quality for the money, though that is just my opinion, though I can't say I have looked into the quality issue in any great detail.

I've seen some Gac Juices on Amazon and in the USA, but they are all mixed with other Juices, and I'm not a big fan personally of that type of product, since I don't know how much of my superfood is in the mix, often that type of product is just to take advantage of the "latest craze" in a new superfood.

…I am able to find one of the powders available at any time, but I will buy enough to last me 6-8 months, so I can take it consistently. A good strategy if you can afford do drop over $100 on a product at one time

They call me Mr. Smooth[ie]

As I have said a gazillion times,  to take advantage of these amazing superfoods now popping up un the USA ……


This superfood is perfect for my milkshake tasting daily smoothies, because its is mostly sold in powder form, and will make a great Vitamin C "booster", especially in winter months.

Remember, "Doubt is their Greatest Weapon"…..

… one author recently titled his book on how the Pharmaceutical Industry, Modern Medicine, and the Processed Food Industry will do ANYTHING in their power to convince us that these miracles of nature are a hoax or a scam.

Big Business is actually paying people to spread confusion on the web as these new Superfoods try to take root in the lucrative USA market to compete with their manufactured and processed foods and laboratory made medicines.

They are even coming after me and my blog now…..sigh :(

More info on Gac (a.k.a. Fak Khaao) can be found at the following links to start your homework and research if interested in learning more:

Gac: Strange Name Powerful Fruit by the Medicine Hunter  

The Gac Fruit, a curiosity

My women's article, "Lycopene Unleashed", as a Breast and Ovarian Cancer fighter

My men's article, "Lycopene Unleashed", as a Prostate Cancer fighter


….some other links if you want to read more about the Antioxidant Lycopene

how Lycopene protect against prostate cancer

Tomatoes found to lessen prostate cancer risk

Lycopene rich papaya was only food to stop breast cancer in Mexican scientific study

Association between Lycopene and Ovarian Cancer in premenopausal women

Carotenoids and human health

Lycopene inhibition of cell cycle progression in breast and endometrial cancer cells

~stay healthy~


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Greetings Admin, I am representing myself as the admin of .
We both have a blog of the same niche and I was wondering if we could go for a two way link exchange or guest posting on your blog.
We have various articles written by professional health experts. The articles will be quality content which your audience will love.
Kindly let me know if you are up for the link exchange or guest posting offer.
Stay Fit And Strong Team


Hi, I might be interested, however if I would post your articles, I would prefer those in the exercise area as opposed to food. I haven’t put as much into my exercise section as my food section. My food articles I want to keep specifically as stuff I write, unless it is something I specifically want to share, which I have done before, say when I ran across someone’s article about Agave Syrup, or when I came across the article about Tomato Cobbler and Blue Cheese Biscuits. I just wouldn’t want you to have a great food article and I’m thinking from my end, I don’t want to post that for whatever reason. We can talk about it all however. email me at Great blog by the way………………….


Gac looks like a fruit that is grown in the Philippines that my hubs eats.  I think it is call something else though.  We can't get it here in the states.  You are somewhere in the Caribbean right?


Your husband eats Gac? Aw man, I thought I discovered it!!!! Gac is known by several names from Fak Kahho, Baby Jackfruit, Spiny Bitter Gourd, Sweet Gourd, and Cochinchin Gourd. It will come over here when I suppose it becomes the latest craze like acai, although if is too healthy, the FDA will probably ban it. I think it needs warm climate and only has a 3 month growing season. I think however it’s because it’s basically unheard of in the West. Ha Ha no I’m not in the Caribbean, I’m in Oregon, my grand plan is to move and live in the Caribbean, healthy cooking video’s in my outdoor kitchen, organic orchard, green living the modern way, that whole modern man getting back to nature thing, you feel me………………..


Dear sirs
great article 
where can I buy gac fruit in Bangkok ? 


I live in the USA, so I am not sure how to get it over there, but Siam Natural and Royal Tropics both delivered it to the USA, so I am sure they will ship to you. Hope that helps……….


Dear sirs..
Good article..I heard about the leafs of this fruit could be made a you know about the recipes?
Or maybe you have some site that you can tell me about how to process this fruit..I mean the recipe..
I have this plant in my company nursery..but I still dont know to improve value added for this fruit..anyway not too many information ive got about this fruit..
Thank you..


I have found very little info on preparing Gac, except for the traditional preparation was to prepare Gac with a rice in a dish called xoi, creating an red-orange colored rice. Gac has never been produced commercially to any great extent, I gather because of the very short growing season. I haven’t foind anying pertaining to Gac having been traditionally used as a tea. That’s why for me, using the Gac powder in my smoothies is the way to go. Sorry I can’t be of more help………….

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