The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 1): The Baobab Fruit

The same voice in my head that told me to dive into, Cacao,   Mangosteen,   Sea Buckthorn,   Goji,   Argan oil,   Black Sesame Seeds,   Reishi Maca,   Coconut Oil,   GacManuka

……. and many others I rave about in the "Eat Smart" section of the blog, now is telling me about the amazing Baobab fruit.

[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]

With Baobab now available on Amazon (I recommend  Baobest Baobab  or  Aduna Baobab) , it's another "heavy hitting" Superfood that will probably be part of my regiment forever.

Baobab, the quick, nutrition science bla-bla-bla……..

Known as 'The Tree of Life', the baobab is an icon of the African savannah, a symbol of life and positivity in a landscape where little else can thrive.

Growing wild in thirty-two countries across the continent, it is at the heart of many traditional remedies and folklore and can have a lifespan of up to 5000 years.

[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]

The baobab is a prehistoric tree…..

….. that is highly adapted to its environment. During the rainy season it absorbs and stores water in its trunk, enabling it to produce a nutrient-dense fruit when all around is dry and arid.

The Baobab Fruit almost looks like a small coconut or large mango.  Baobab fruit has a hard outer shell and is about 7 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds.

[photo source]

Baobab, the new "King of the Hill" ?

*More antioxidants than ANY other superfruit, even acai, blueberries and pomegranate
*The planet’s highest plant source of calcium
*6 x Antioxidants of Blueberries
*6 x Vitamin C of Oranges
* 6 x Potassium of Bananas
* 50% Heart Healthy Fiber Per Serving
* 4x More Magnesium Than Coconut Water
* Twice As Much Calcium as Milk (and a rare non-milk plant based high calcium source)
* high in digestive enzymes for a better digestive tract
* 2x as much iron as red meat or spinach
* gluten free

[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]

** this list goes on and on…you'll be amazed how much info is on the web about one of the most amazing centuries old Superfoods in the world that most Americans have never even heard of ……UNTIL NOW!!!!

Baobab Nutrition Comparison Matrix

[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]

The most Unprocessed Superfood ever?

Baobab is the only fruit in the world that dries naturally on its branch. It goes green and ripens like a normal fruit, but instead of dropping and spoiling, it stays on the branch and bakes in the sun for 6 months until the outside is hard like a coconut and the inside is completely dry.

Unlike many other supplements it does not have to be spray-dried, freeze-dried or transformed in any way. It is 100% pure fruit in its natural form and there are no additives whatsoever.  

[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]

Why I prefer Superfoods unknown in the USA……

…..because if I can jump on a quality superfood before it hits the mainstream and becaomes the "latest craze" in the USA, I feel I stand a better chance of getting a quality product.

Once it becomes the "latest craze", it is a double edged sword at that point, as bogus and lesser grade products creep in to cash in on the lucrative American market, since Americans tend to grab anything off the shelves with the latest "catch phrase" name, like "antioxidants", or "Omega-3", and so on.

Some American companies will tend to buy up cheap, spoiled, bogus, and imitation versions of the "latest crazes", and try to put it them anything possible…..sigh 🙁

[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]

Why I prefer superfoods used for centuries…..

….because in lesser developed and poorer countries, food of no value is weeded out over the centuries, and circumstances force people over the centuries to invest their limited resources an precious time into finding nature's best products, because survival itself depends on it.

In Africa, the baobab has traditionally been eaten fresh from the shell as a snack, in porridges, and several other ways. During times of drought, it plays a very big role as well.

Hey Daily Smoothies, meet your new teammate……

I try to avoid forcing anyone to do anything as pertains to healthy eating, but as I have said a gazillion times, to get many of these heavy duty healers into your regiment….


Trust me, my daily smoothies are a fruity, "addictive milkshake" treat that I can't do without. Baobab will be perfect for smoothies in that it's a "ready made by nature" nutrient dense, naturally dried powder.  I'm putting a little in my electrolyte "Workout Water" as well.

[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]

Remember, doubt is their greatest weapon…..

… one author recently titled his book on how the Pharmaceutical Industry, Modern Medicine, and the Processed Food Industry will do ANYTHING in their power to convince us that these miracles of nature are a hoax or a scam.

I'm a living witness to natural healing……

…which is why I blog. When I had that scary prostate ailment and fully healed myself with natural whole foods, I know the real deal of the power of Mother Nature.

Remember that Big Business is actually paying people to get on the web and spread confusion, knowing the natural human instinct is to just ignore products when there is conflicting information.

Just watch the disgrace of the lies and misinformation unfold, as this gift from nature hits the USA market…..just watch 🙁

[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]

I'm not trying to sell you anything……

…except perhaps sell you on the idea that all that we need for healthy vibrant lives is provided for us in nature. Remember, less than 10% of plants have even been researched for their health and healing potential, so any that we hear about should be considered a blessing from God and Nature.

It is the simplest thing for some, but the most impossible thing to fathom for others, that the degenerative diseases plaguing the USA, i.e., diabetes, many cancers, obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, and on down the line, are nothing more than the body's reaction to nutrient deficiencies and improper nutrition. Which for the USA, the richest country in the world, is a shame, because most of us have the financial means to get the right food in our bodies, unlike many Third World peoples.

With Amazon,UPS, and FexEx, there are  enough of these unknown superfoods available to us in the USA for each of us to select five to ten of these unknown "heavy hitters"  for our health, happiness, and well being.

~stay healthy~


[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]


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'Organic Burst' brand Baobab Powder

[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]


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7 Responses


Hi There,

I watch the video and it seems to me their is a new kid on the block.All the nutrents it gave your body.It also give me  a new outlook on to a healthier lifestyle. I'm looking forward to here from you for more info.



Hi Nico,

Thanks for reading and commenting…….

I’ll update the article as I get more into this supposedly amazing fruit. I have to do more research and settle on my favorite brand. As with many of my articles I will update or do a follow up article.

~stay healthy~


Is the processed Baobab powder the only way to get this in the US?  If I could find Baobab fruit, what is the best way to eat it?


Hi Kerry,

Baboab is not processed. As I mention in the article baobanb is never processed. it dries naturally on the tree. All they do it pick the fruit and grind up the dried insides of the fruit to a finer powder. i doubt if you would ever need the whole fruit because the powders sold are the same thing as what is in the fruit. The powder we purchase is exactly what comes off the tree.

~stay healthy~


OK great – that sounds good.  Thank you so much!


Enjoyed reading this article. Can you tell me where you purchase your Baobab? Thanks in advance.


This is the brand I am currently purchasing off AMAZON and will stick with for sometime. It is supposedly several times more loaded with nutrients that lesser grade Baboabs

Been using for 3 weeks now, it works well in my smoothies, and I put a little in my workout electrolyte water, along with Water, Coconut Water, Pink Himalayan Salt, Manuka Honey, and a touch of Ceylon Cinnamon.

I’m really liking it so far………….

~stay healthy~

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