The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 2): Moringa

[photo from the website which sells high quality Moringa]

After falling in "Nutrition Love" with the amazing Superfood Baobab, I'm now ready to bring to bring in another "New Kid", Moringa, because I keep hearing so many amazing things about it (I only like to bring in new stuff one at a time to monitor their effects more easily).

There are now several Moringa brands now on USA Amazon (I am currently using KIVA Moringa), though I'm always trying different brands of any superfood until I settle on my favorite.

Moringa, the quick, nutrition science bla-bla-bla……

Moringa is native to parts of Africa (Moringa stenopetala) and Asia (Moringa oleifera), and is entirely edible. It may actually be the key to ending malnutrition in many parts of the world. Biochemists, natural scientists, and healthcare workers are busy substantiating ancient claims of Moringa’s effectiveness in treating more than 300 conditions. Research has led to extensive documentation of Moringa's astonishing range of natural vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

The leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant, being a significant source of B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A and beta-carotene, vitamin K, manganese and protein, among other essential nutrients. Many of the nutrients increase in the dried powder form of the pant, as opposed to fresh leaves.

[chart source]

[photo from the website]

Although the tree was traditionally used as both a food source and for its medicinal properties, it seems in many locales, that knowledge was lost.

However, the power of this gift of Mother Nature is now being rediscovered

Moringa, Beauty and Brains

I keep running across comments from women in England (where Moringa is taking off faster) raving about Moringa contributing to radiant skin, reversing wrinkles, and so forth.

Which makes sense, since Moringa is not just a nutrient dense "Brain Food", but the potent energies locked within Moringa contribute to beauty and good looks (whatever works, Right? 🙂 )

It contains almost 25% protein including all nine of the essential amino acids, which helps to support the building blocks of proteins required for optimum growth, repair and maintenance of healthy skin cells. It provides 13 essential vitamins, which have beauty benefits for strong, supple healthy skin, nails and hair.

[photo from the website which sells high quality Moringa]

[below] Make your own D.I.Y. Moringa Facial Mask with Lemon, Avocado, and Honey (I recommend Manuka Honey, it is miles ahead of all other honey for cosmetic use). Moringa is an EXTREMELY HEALTHY superfood, and a full spectrum of amino acids that will work towards healthy skin. Many Brands of Moringa are on Amazon [click photo below for recipe and instructions for Moringa Mask].

[below] A video on How to make your own Moringa Mask

2 photos above and 3 photos below  from the website

…..note this is an Ad-Free, not for profit Blog,  and I have no affiliation with the Aduna Company whatsoever. They just have great "Web Presentation" with their photography, and you know by now, that's my thing

…, I will be trying Aduna Moringa first as my preferred brand, knowing many will undoubtedly write and ask me which Moringa do I recommend

Every part of the Moringa tree is valuable……

…….from the seeds that are used for purifying water or producing rich cosmetic oils, to the bark, roots and flowers and, of course, the leaves. Once cut the leaves must not be touched by sunlight, so are harvested in moonlight.

The leaves are then washed in purified water and naturally shade-dried. At this stage of the process, the nutritional value of the leaf increases significantly, up to over ten times that of fresh leaves.

The Miracle Tree

Moringa is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

Highly prized for its medicinal properties by civilizations through the ages, the tree is drought resistant and every part of it has a different use. It's no wonder they call it The Miracle Tree.

Easy-Peezie Sustainably Sourced Nutrition

Moringa is a fast-growing crop which can be harvested in just six weeks after planting. It is also perennial, meaning a single planting can be harvested year after year.

These attributes make it an ideal and sustainable income-generating activity for the remote small scale African rural producers.

If Moringa takes off in the USA, it will be a win-win for both "food rich but nutrition poor" Americans, as well as Rural African Women establishing co-ops and getting cash in their pockets to better their lives 🙂

[photo from the website which sells high quality Moringa]

Below are a couple of Moringa Recipes ideas from the Aduna Website   (great info there on Moringa and my other fav' new superfood Baobab)


Moringa Cornbread
(click photo below for recipe)  

Matcha-Moringa Lime & Blueberry Cake
(click photo below for recipe)

[photo from the website which sells high quality Moringa]

They call me Mr. Smooth[ie]

As I have said a gazillion times,  to take advantage of these amazing superfoods now popping up un the USA ……


This superfood is perfect for my milkshake tasting daily smoothies, in that the nutritional value increases in powdered form, which make it easy to bring this Superfood into my daily regiment.

Remember, "Doubt is their Greatest Weapon"…..

… one author recently titled his book on how the Pharmaceutical Industry, Modern Medicine, and the Processed Food Industry will do ANYTHING in their power to convince us that these miracles of nature are a hoax or a scam.

Big Business is actually paying people to spread confusion on the web as these new Superfoods try to take root in the lucrative USA market to compete with their manufactured and processed foods and laboratory made medicines.

You will read about all kinds of absurdities, such as these superfoods cause cancer…..sigh 🙁

"Let thy food be thy Medicine" –Hippocrates

At the core of my passion for putting together this blog, is that I'm convinced most of the ailments and health issues that affect people in the USA are nothing but internal imbalances that can be addressed by nutrition.

…….nutrition, and a little knowledge

~stay healthy~


Moriga from UK company Aduna

WebMD discusses Moringa

African Miracle Tree from the UK Daily Mail Website

Moringa from the website

BBC news on "The Hunger Fighting Trees"

Moringa on "The Secret of Spices" Website

Health Benefits of Moringa from the "Girls Affair" Website

Moringa from the website


Check out
(a lot of great Moringa products on this site from moringa "grow kits", to teas, to skin care, to dog treats)

Also, A Woman in Texas growing is her own Moringa Trees go here for her article

~stay healthy~


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