Food For Thought: Why I’m taking “a knee” against the Medical Industry

…because the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries are KNOWINGLY murdering [and otherwise destroying the lives of] thousands of times more African Americans than the Police ever possibly could.

Now that I have Your Attention……

Unlike Kap's war, my war is a silent, covert war….

…in my war, no videos exist of "hands raised" police shootings to charge up raw racial emotions.

But in the dark shadows, silently, in my war, the Medical industry is KNOWINGLY murdering and maiming untold hundreds of thousands. But, if it ain't on YouTube or CNN, I guess it ain't reality…….

Unlike Kap, I'm gaining much more than I'm losing by taking "a knee"….

…such as, Kap is probably giving up next years model of that red sports car he's leaning on. 

I'm gaining everything, cause I sense that this "God-thing", as people call it, gave me the gift of lifelong health, and I'm divinely ordained to go out and preach on it however my vivid imagination chooses.

The Police aren't my biggest threat…..

Cause I don't drive, I don't hang out much late at night. I could get taken out by a cop, I suppose….

…or by another black dude at an ATM at night, or by a falling scaffold….equal chance for any.

The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries are my biggest threat…..

I'm most afraid of this Medical Industry, cause they can take me out much easier than the Police….

…all the Medial Industry has to do is wait until I walk in for a physical, and falsely diagnose me with Prostate Cancer, which has been PROVEN to be one of their profit strategies to aimed at Black Males.

Black Males are targeted for false Prostate Cancer Diagnoses…..

…because they already have the "fear factor" over us, and in the stories I've researched, they will attempt to "rush" you into immediate surgery (…if you have insurance they can cash in on).

This is the "Information Age", if you really wanted to confirm this, you can confirm it much easier and faster than time spent on the web trying confirm if Nikki Minaj has a false butt……..

The Medical Industry Sees Black People as "Walking-Talking Profit Centers"…

…to be exploited. The medical industry know blacks have more aggressive cancers, due to darker skin blocking Vitamin D from the sun, our melaninated skin is out of its natural equatorial African habitat.

The part that hurts is they know it, but would rather profit from it that heal us…..sigh.

African Americans, The Medical Industry's "Ho"

…because just like in sports, we ain't nothing to them but a means to make money, and be entertained.

They are actually suppressing studies that prove the cancers, diabetes, and other ailments disproportionately plaguing blacks can be addressed by simple nutrition, exercise, and Vitamin D.

From Liquor Stores to Dialysis Centers in Black Communities….

Cancer Clinics, Dialysis Centers, etc., are popping up in black neighborhoods like Starbucks. 

…because the Medical Industry, is "for profit" first, and any business sets up shop where its market is.

Vaccinations and Autism, the new Black Male Genocide…

"Center for Disease Control" scientist, Dr William Thompson, made an unprecedented admission…

He says, he and associates committed scientific misconduct to cover up a meaningful link between vaccines and autism in black boys. (my mantra, "you know how to 'Google', look it up").

Verifiable Fact #1 – [Some] Police Departments target Blacks for revenue

The Feds proved it after the Ferguson Missouri chaos, and even after the Dallas Police Shootings……

….whistle blowing White Dallas Cops said they were ordered, as part of Department Policy, to target blacks for revenue from fines/tickets, to fill arrest quotas, etc. (you got "Google", look it up)….. 

Verifiable Fact #2 – The Medical Industry Targets Blacks for revenue…

For the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries, Blacks are like their personal ATM machines….

…..Blacks are one of the Medical Industry's biggest, easy money, "cash cows".

As much as they Bitch about the "Liberal Media"…

…none of this is "liberally" being told to the American Public. Most people never heard any of it.

Hey Police and Medical Industry: 99% of Blacks are law abiding, tax paying citizens… least 99% of the one's I've known.  And I grew up in "The Ghetto", so I'm qualified to comment.

My issue is, this 99% is caught in this crossfire of all this sh#t the media wires into people's heads about people of color. Who's standing up for that 99% ? (Cheering for them at a football game don't count).

Blacks should not have to pay taxes to finance our own destruction…

As with the issue of Vaccinations disproportionately giving black male children autism…..

…Blacks pay taxes to a government that set it up so Black Mothers with autistic children cannot sue for compensation, because the Pharmaceutical Industry is not liable for vaccines it created.

I don't understand [other] black people sometimes…..

…but I'm not criticizing what cause someone chooses to protest, I've know for decades black people don't think the same because our skin color is similar (and we shouldn't be expected to think the same).

I'm just not getting why there is no anger or emotion at those criminals killing us off in thousands of times more volume than the Police ever could (I mean, I get it…but it's a "SMH", I just don't get it)….

The Medical Industry ain't got no love for White People either…

….or any color in between. To them, it's all about the highest profit they can bleed from all of us.

However, black people are at more of a disadvantage, because most Western medicine is actually poisonous to people with melaninated, darker skin (…and they know this, but don't care).

Doctors are the Third leading killer in the USA….

…once again, I gotta play the "Google Card".

Because, although this is a seldom mentioned fact, you can verify this in 3 minutes.

Murder By Medicine, it's no accident….

…said Black Doctor Jennifer Daniels, who exposed how doctors are instructed by the Pharmaceutical Industry makers of the drugs they use, to administer deadly medications until the patient dies.

…to profit as much as possible from the expensive Pharmaceutical drugs for as long as possible. (Dr. Jennifer Daniels was "forced out" of the medical industry, and now practices holistic cures overseas)

WTF happened to "Marcus Welby, MD" ?

….everyone has forgot that TV show but me. Growing up, I watched the wise, caring, "White Guy" doctor making house calls, truly caring for his patients.

His passion for the health of the same patient, from cradle to grave. (My problem: I'm an Idealist)

Give credit to [some] White Doctors and White Scientists for speaking up….

….because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have any of this info. That's why Black people have to be careful to not fall into a "Hate all White People", un-thought out, knee jerk, reactionary consciousness.

….actually, I don't even think it's White People at the root of all this so called "Black Oppression". I think it is this "other" group of people, but I'm not gonna get all up into that here.

Excuse my language , but this Sh#t is real….

At least 140 herbalists and doctors, trying to bring to the forefront natural cancer cures and such……

….have "somehow" wound up dead. You can't be f#cking with that trillion dollar Medical Industry. I'm actually "a little" scared to post these types of articles, cause these cats "don't play". My website is now popping up on several "Black Lists" (a very appropriate term…"Black-List", "Black-mail" …sigh).

My  Lifelong, Biggest "Pet Peeve"….

…is people's obsession with "Reactions" to "Actions", ignoring the underlying action where things start.

Kap is the most obvious example I've ever seen….extreme passion and emotion to his "Reaction" to societal "Actions", but the same people don't give a sh#t about the underlying actions and causes.

I'm glad I'm not a famous "Black Man"….

…I hate using that phrase "Black Man", though I'm aware it's relevant to he or she observing me.

I'm glad I can stay "Under the Radar" and preach. That same "Black Man" they idolize and cheer for during a game, as soon as he rocks the boat of status quo perceptions, he catches hell. Just ask Kap…..

I can't change the world, but I can change 500….

…meaning, this BEAST is too big for me to fight, and I don't want to be famous for this stuff anyway.

But, as with other wellness topics, the spirit within tells me to just go after a couple of hundred people.

The American Flag, an emotional, "Hot Subject"….

…the murderous mindset of the Medical Industry, an emotion-less, brutally "Cold Subject".

But, until that Medical Industry, and its "Partner in Crime", the Pharmaceutical Industry, stand for the principles they are supposed to represent, that being health for all who live under this flag…….

…….I'm afraid I'm  going to have to take what's probably a permanent "Knee" against them.

~stay healthy~


 good reads on issues covered in this article…..

African-American Men at Higher Risk of False Positives in Prostate Cancer Testing
Prostate Cancer Screenings, the containing controversy

Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the USA
Dr Farid Fata caught making millions off unnecessary cancer treatments to black patients in Detroit
Scientist confesses meeting took place to destroy evidence of vaccinations causing autism in black boys
Whistle blowing Dallas Cops say Blacks were targeted for revenue and arrest quotas
Black Doctor quits her profession because she said she refused to be an  "Accessory to Homicide"
Data from Missouri Attorney General shows in Ferguson, Missouri, Blacks were targeted for revenue
The Science of African Biochemistry and why it is not compatible with Western Medicine
Research says current Vitamin D testing may not be a true marker of health in Black Americans
Risks for Chronic Kidney Disease in African Americans
Federal Judge rules "Stop and Frisk" an unconstitutional action against Black and Hispanic Males
Department of Justice finds in Ferguson MO, police and Court System target Blacks to increase revenue
Cancer Doctors profit from Chemotherapy drugs
Sources starting to report that prostate cancer screenings are essentially useless
Cop's secret tape show he was ordered to stop and frisk black males aged 14-21
Department of Justice says Black Victims given unnecessary Cancer treatments from false Cancer Diagnoses
Respected White Scientist with accredited lab, says Government commits "silent violence" against Black People
Supplements not recommended for Black with low Vitamin D.  Separate Vitamin D researching by race needed.
It's time for Men to take control of our Prostate health
Doctor tells court before sentencing he is "ashamed" of killing Black patients with unnecessary cancer treatments

Me, a Black Male, has optimum Vitamin D scores, mostly from eating Salmon
Inventor of PSA prostate test says he is "ashamed" the test has become a Profit-Driven Public Health Disaster
White Scientists take risk by making public that Blacks are routinely Targeted by the Medical System
Doctors are "Inventing Diseases" to increase profits from selling drugs
Wave of Mysterious Holistic Doctor deaths continues….
Holistic Doctors who discovered Carcinogens in Autistic Vaccines turn up murdered
Nearly 60 Holistic doctors turn up dead in just one year

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Awesome article.. spread the truth!!!


Hi Erica,

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

It’s time for me to stop worrying about hurting people’s “feelings”, stepping on peoples fragile toes, and do a little shaking up of people’s consciousness….

… my own way

There’s too much blood on the streets, I just watch my mother die from chemotherapy treatments this year, she was down to a skin and bones skeleton, I’m forever changed…….. so I’m not talking about the Police, I’m talking about these silent killers in the Medical Industry who are getting away with murder.

~stay healthy~

Doug at Gaia Health Blog



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