Men’s Health: Inventor of PSA Prostate Test says he is “ashamed” the test has become a “Profit-Driven Public Health Disaster”

As I said several times in this blog, I predict that 700 years from now, they are going to look back at our medical practices as barbaric, backwards, and primitive, just as we look back on the "bloodletting" and leeches of the medical practices 700 years ago in Medieval times.

Richard J. Ablin, the man who invented the prostate-specific-antigen (PSA) test which is widely used to detect signs of early-stage prostate cancer says

 ……"I never dreamed that my discovery four decades ago would lead to such a profit-driven public health disaster. The medical community must confront reality and stop the inappropriate use of P.S.A. screening. Doing so would save billions of dollars and rescue millions of men from unnecessary, debilitating treatments"

"PSA is as effective as a coin toss"

…says the test's inventor, Dr. Ablin, who has been frustrated by the widespread use of the test.

Each year, he notes, some 30 million men undergo PSA testing, at a cost of $30 Billion. Yet  he says “the test is hardly more effective than a coin toss."

Albin further states, "As I’ve been trying to make clear for many years now, P.S.A. testing can’t detect prostate cancer and, more important, it can’t distinguish between the two types of prostate cancer — the one that will kill you and the one that won’t"

"Prostate cancer is a tricky disease

…because the cancer grows so slowly". Says Dr. Albin. He also says " A great many men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer will die of something else—long before the symptoms of the cancer catch up with them."

As Dr. Ablin points out , because PSA testing is pervasive, “American men have a 16 percent lifetime chance of receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer, but only a 3 percent chance of dying from it.”

47 Impotent men to for one [possibly] successful treatment?

Dr, Albin makes reference to a European study showed a small decline in death rates, but also found that 48 men would need to be treated to save one life.

“That’s 47 men who, in all likelihood, can no longer function sexually or stay out of the bathroom for long,” Albin adds, referring to the fact that treatments, that "they can lead to long-term incontinence and/or impotence."

PSA testing does have a [limited] place.

….acknowledges Dr. Albin. He says "After treatment for prostate cancer, for instance, a rapidly rising score indicates a return of the disease. And men with a family history of prostate cancer should probably get tested regularly. If their score starts skyrocketing, it could mean cancer".

But he goes on to say, "these uses are limited. Testing should absolutely not be deployed to screen the entire population of men over the age of 50, the outcome pushed by those who stand to profit.”

…..remember, this is the inventor of the PSA test talking

My personal belief

…….is first and foremost that nutrition can prevent and perhaps even reverse cancer (see my "you might also like" links below). My personal belief also is we have been "duked" by the Medical Establishment.

That doesn't mean I am giving any man advice on what he should do or not do, with his body. I am just a believer in having the courage to look at all the evidence and make a sound decision.

"Jury Duty Philosophy"

… what I call the philosophy in that every adult is assumed to be competent enough to look at evidence and then make a sound decision. We must do the same with our health.

The text from this article has been mostly taken from a more thorough article on this subject and is a MUST READ for any man interested in this subject matter. Make sure you read the comments and follow the links.
The MUST READ full article can be found here.


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~stay healthy~


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