Men’s Health: It’s “TIME” to take control of our Prostate Health

See, here's my problem with the medical industry……..

Many people think nothing of their health all year, then take a physical every year or two, and pray the doctor doesn't find anything.

If they do find something, we depend on the Medical Industry's man made medicines to heal us.

The Doctor can't stay in business unless he "finds something"

My personal mindset is that the Doctor can only tell me  what I have done to myself during the other 364 days of that year.

…..and that the doctors have vested interest in "finding something" in me, to keep their industry growing and profitable.

The Mysterious Prostate

When it comes to the Prostate, most guys don't even know what the hell it is. 

We just know we get checked out every year or two, hope nothing is found wrong, and keep on trucking…….

All men have prostate cancer?

I hate to title this segment like that for "shock value", and this is merely my own personal opinion…..

….. but I pose the question based on all that I have researched on the subject, and not being a doctor or scientist, though I'm a fairly gifted ordinary "Joe Schmoe", who can look at things very logically.

Is "Cancer Cell" an misleading term?

The bottom line is that so called Prostate Cancer cells exist in all men. Now in my humble opinion, I think the term "cancer cell" is misleading [keep in mind this is my opinion]……

…… just like the term "Bad Cholesterol" is misleading, in that LDL [Bad] Cholesterol has a vital and intricate function within the body.

The function of certain types cells in the body is still unknown

Continuing on, in my opinions from all my research, scientists really don't understand the functions of certain cells.

Some cells are meant to divide and multiply and grow, the simplest example is when a sperm cell penetrates an egg, and a the combined cells start to grow exponentially, eventually into a fetus.

What if Prostate Cancer cells are specialized cells gone astray?

…….like when we cut a finger or even break a wrist or tear a ligament, or even catch a cold?

Certain cells divide, create, and reconstruct new skin, tissue, bone or whatever, to heal the body.

Does having Prostate Cancer cells mean we have Prostate Cancer?

My personal opinion is it is possible all men have these specialized cells in our body, and like with any other type of cancer, some "trigger" can send them growing out of control.

I'm just not so sure that in all cases, the fact that these cells are in the body mean we have Prostate Cancer, just like an egg in a woman's body doesn't necessarily mean she is pregnant. (once again, stating opinion here)

30 percent of 30 year olds have so called "Prostate Cancer" cells….

….the more I looked into this, it seems from many reliable sources, these so called Prostate Cancer cells lurk even in young men (Life Extensions Magazine report 20% of men in their 20's,  30% of men in their 30's, and 40% of men in their 40, and so on,  have "so called" Prostate Cancer Cells).

If 30 percent of 30 year olds have so called Prostate Cancer Cells, obviously 30% of men in their 30's are not dying of or even diagnosed with prostate cancer…so what gives?

Healthy Prostate Cells Run Amuck?

As I dived deeper into the unknown on Prostate Cancer, is seems no one really knows knows what the hell these "specialized" cells are.

And, is it possible, some men do unfortunately get prostate cancer when those "specialized" cells (labeled "Cancer Cells" by mainstream Medicine) get short-circuited, and stray away from their proper functions, due to poor nutrition, or environmental issues?

For all we know….

….these so called "Prostate Cancer" cells can "hypothetically" be cells that grow and divide and repair, when something else breaks down in the body, the same way cells work to regenerate ligament tissue or skin tissue after a cut or sports injury.

I'll say again, I'm just thinking out loud with all this, because there are so many unknowns, and the Medical Industry is giving us absolutely nothing so far as useful information.

So, when the Doctor tells some of us we have Prostate Cancer…….

….are they sometimes really just saying they have found some of these "specialized" cells within the body?

Of course I'm not talking about men with advanced stages of the disease, because obviously some men do have Prostate cancer, and can die from it. I hope you are following me here…..

My "Gunshot Theory" as Relates to Prostate Cancer

Cancer to me is like a Gunshot. The best way to not die from a gunshot is to do all you can to avoid the gunshot, as opposed to hoping the doctors can heal the gunshot wound  after you are shot.

That's where my passion and concern comes in with modern day perceptions of Prostate Cancer. Everything seems to be about what to do after we are told we have the disease. Its "TIME" for us  to look at this another way.

Prostate Health easily influenced by nutrition

On thing I keep running across in all my research is that Prostate Health can be highly influenced by our human actions, at least relative to other serious ailments and health concerns.

Life Extensions Magazine had an article the said that Pomegranate, Broccoli, Turmeric and Green Tea in and of themselves can drastically reduce prostate cancer risk

A lot of nutrients available to avoid the Prostate Cancer "Gunshot"

Black Sesame SeedsCulinary Argan OilCranberry powderRed Maca,  Gac PowderReishi Mushroom Spores, any foods high in "Prostate Friendly" Gamma Tocopherol (Vitamin E), The amazing Genesis Today superfoods GojiAcaiMangosteen, and  Sea Buckthorn, pumpkin seeds, , Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, which is rich in Prostate Friendly Vitamin D

So many in fact, that I have a Top 10 Prostate Health Superfoods, and a second
Top 10 Prostate Superfoods Part 2

Black men and Prostate Cancer, I think it is a Vitamin D deficiency issue….

….once again, one of those things I logically concluded after compiling all the evidence. Black people in the USA are out of their native geographical location of areas near the equator, and thus do not get all the Vitamin D needed  from the sun to fight disease, remember darker skin blocks Vitamin D from the sun.

One of those things I can't prove, but I am convinced of………you know what I mean.

OK, I'll stop here, we all wanna get back to watching the game….

….trying to write about everything I think on this issue would be a novel the size of "War and Peace".

I'm just trying to plant the seed that it's "TIME" for us to get proactive with this whole Prostate Health thing, as we educate ourselves more, we will be less terrified, and more importantly, see that we can control the action and start playing offense in this "game of health"…….. 

~stay healthy~



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Would the Maqui berry you recently wrote about be included in that list of super foods that would help? Just found the site today and like your no nonsense style and your desire to just help people find decent information.


Hey Lance,

Thanks for your comments about my style,

I just bought my first bag of Maqui from, and to answer your question, I think these type of nutrients indirectly help with prostate and overall health.

However, for me, its hard to expound on one specific plant or nutrient directly affecting something (though some like Gac, the highest known source of Lycopene Antioxidant, Black Sesame Seeds rich in Gamma Tocopherol, and Red Maca, I personally promote and use specifically for prostate health due to overwhelming evidence, and personal experience when I healed myself of an inflamed prostate) . From what I have researched on Maqui it was something for me I felt would contribute to overall health, which includes prostate health. The reason it peaks my interest so much now is the pigments that create the bright purple color are suppose to be some heavy hitting and potent antioxidants.

So for me, I’m not saying that Maqui will in and of itself heal prostate issues, but will be a very important “foot soldier” in the army of nutrients I consistently take into my body. I try to tell guys my humble opinion is we cannot trash our bodies all year, and think a handful of berries can help us, I think we have to evolve to an integrated holistic lifestyle, as many nutrients we bring in are a network of health and healing agents that work together, the same nutrient may come from 15 different potential foods, and even in that mindset, I know I can enjoy a quality burger and fries now and then. Nonetheless, I see myself using Maqui in my smoothies perhaps 8 months out of the year (I take a few months off a year from all my superfoods)

Hope that helps, feel free to write back if I didn’t answer your question.

~stay healthy~

Doug at Gaia Health Blog


Thanks for your response Doug!

Thanks again for the great information!


Hmm, it seems like the dates next to the comments are all locked to the same date as the article. Where I'm at it's currently March 31st, 2016 but my recent comment shows as dated 02.27.16

Hope that info helps.


Hey Lance,

Thanks for pointing that out, though I noticed it a few months back and couldn’t figure out why that was. Might haveto look into it further if people are noticing

Doug Wallace


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