Going “Deep Cover” : Exposing Whole Foods’ “Dirty Little Secrets”

I mention Whole Foods Supermarket a lot in my blog, and I still like them a lot for certain things. For example, I still think their seafood, chicken, and fresh organic fruits/veggies are second to none.

And right now, where I'm living in Seattle, it's the only supermarket in walking distance for a guy like me with no car, so Whole Foods and I are kinda married right now……

……..but my "once faithful" bride has been cheating on me 🙁

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I tell family and friends however, like any other supermarket, you gotta watch what you are doing, and more so with Whole Foods these days, because Whole Foods is so big now, it is now part of the establishment…….

……..and I hate to say, part of the problem as opposed to part of the solution, as pertains to finding quality foods.

Some of the most toxic poisons are lurking all over the place in Whole Foods, and you have to know how to run this gauntlet of food poison……

…….or you'll be, in my humble opinion, be paying extra dollars for many of the same toxins and poisons you can get anywhere else.

Attack of the "Killer Canola" at Whole Foods

Now matter how many people "write and fight" me on this subject, I'm convinced without a doubt that Canola Oil is, despite the marketing campaign as a healthy new oil,  one the worst foods to be ever be introduced to the American food supply. Best to go to my Canola article for details.

About a decade ago, when I was asking one of the Whole Foods workers what type of oil was in the Tuna Salad, he said "a mixture of Olive Oil and Canola Oil", even though the label said only "Olive Oil"………my first red flag about Whole Foods, and it's gone downhill ever since (more on Canola later)

Excessive Lead found in Rice Protein Products sold at Whole Foods

NaturalNews.com says in 2014, it purchased several Rice Proteins from Whole Foods, and had them tested at its accredited Lab. They confirmed ALARMING levels of lead, cadmium and tungsten in multiple rice protein products [most labeled Organic] sold by Whole Foods read more here

On the positive side, and encouragement that all is not yet lost, though it's proof that you have to know what's in what you grab off the shelves at Whole Foods, NaturalNews.com found from lab testing that Tera's Organic Whey Protein, sold at Whole Foods, measured near-zero on lead, cadmium and tungsten. Life's Basics Plant Protein also came out very clean because it's made mostly from pea protein and hemp seed.

The Oatmeal Example, you gotta know what you are grabbing off the shelf…

Lab tests showed that Quaker Oats Strawberries & Cream had the highest known levels of Monsanto's carcinogenic Glyphosate, as reported by NatualNews.com. It tested at a dangerously high 1327 ppb, the highest of any product tested for Glyphosate.

….imagine a pregnant woman grabbing this item off the shelf because she assumes Whole Foods Market is trustworthy 🙁  

By comparison, Nature's Path Organic Instant Oatmeal, produced by a cereal company that meticulously avoids GMOs and toxic agricultural chemicals, showed a final test result of "less than 75 ppb" which could mean essentially zero. Note that either of the two products above can be purchased anywhere, but don't depend on Whole Foods to fight to keep toxic products out of it's stores.

Monsanto's Glyphosate horror story, now playing at a Whole Foods near you

Glyphosate, made by our friends over at Monsanto, normally sprayed on wheat and other crops after harvesting to help the crops dry faster, is one of the few that food dangers that truly scares me.

Just Google "glyphosate" and enjoy days upon days of horrific reading about this poison. Why is it such a big problem? Because it can "somehow" end up in organic food products, or even cotton, since glyposate is now showing up in feminine hygiene products, and THEY CAN STILL BE LABELED AS ORGANIC 🙁

Glyphosate popping up in products sold at Whole Foods

…one notable item being Whole Foods 365 Brand Soy Creamer read more. NaturalNews.com supposedly has a list of Whole Foods products that are contaminated with Glyphosate and other toxins, they say they will publish it later this year read more

I'm assuming, as NaturalNews.com did with exposing Garden of Life Protein laced with heavy metals, they will first make attempts to negotiate with Whole Foods to have these products removed these products from the store.

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Whole Food Market's "Deal with the Devil"
(The devil being Monsanto, thought that insults the real Devil, who is not quite as evil as Monsanto)

According to an article in Natural News.com Whole Foods is one of the companies partnering with Monsanto to kill GMO labeling across America under the guise of a new, fraudulent "GMO labeling compromise" in the U.S. Senate that's actually a fake labeling law requiring no clear labeling of GMOs whatsoever.

According to an article in  herbalhouse365.com, the main reason why Whole Foods is pleading for coexistence with Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, Syngenta, BASF and the rest of the biotech bullies, is that 2/3 of WFM’s $9 billion annual sales is derived from so-called “natural” processed foods and animal products that are contaminated with GMOs.

It seems the madness used to be limited to non-USDA Organic products

The same article in article in  herbalhouse365.com says that "We and our allies have tested their [Whole Foods Market’s] so-called 'natural' products (no doubt WFM’s lab has too) containing non-organic corn and soy, and guess what: they’re all contaminated with GMOs" …….

"……in contrast to their certified organic products, which are basically free of GMOs, or else contain barely detectable trace amounts".

[photo source]

Organic foods becoming contaminated (and that's really bad news…..)

In fairness, this issue pertains to the entire food supply, not just Whole Foods. My issue with Whole Foods is that Whole Foods is no longer a place of refuge that fights the madness, Whole Foods is obviously no longer dedicated to keep the integrity of truly healthy food selections .

..one of the biggest threats to quality food is Glyposate is now contaminating Organic foods

The "USDA Organic" label might eventually become meaningless

Why? Because of the Glyphosate issue I mentioned above, in that, something can be grown organic, and intentionally or unintentionally end up Glyphosate laced after harvest, and still be labeled organic.

And also, I'm working on a more detailed article, but as I understand it, the definition beind the USDA organic label is controlled by lobbyists and entities such as Monsanto, and thus they can "edit" and "water down" the USDA Organic definition when the so desire……sigh 🙁

 Back to the ground war, my "Canola Woes" at Whole Foods

…..the food bar which I used to love, is now infested with toxic canola, I can't trust the salad bar anymore because I can't confirm the Olive Oil Shaker actually contains olive oil or a Olive Oil/Canola mixture, EVERY TYPE of frozen French fries or potatoes at Whole Foods I looked at contains canola (literally every brand).

…take a photo trip with me as I go "DEEP COVER" on the "Canola Infiltration" at Whole Foods (the Whole Foods employees think I'm checking my phone, but I'm actually snapping pictures)

What am I doing to counter all this madness?

…..like the writer Plotinus, who wrote about the coming demise and collapse of the Roman Empire, though he was right, he was premature with his prediction, it took a full 250 years before that thing truly fall apart.

Maybe I can squeak through another 50 years and find out this problem did not consume me totally…Note to self: "good luck with that strategy"

I'm still Shopping at Whole Foods…..

……but only buying the USDA organics, because "in general" they are testing out to contain less toxins than non-Organic, because, as in the Glyphosate example, Glyphosate can't legally be sprayed on a USDA organic product…..

….though as mentioned above, toxins are starting to trickle into the organics. I'm just afraid they will change the definition of USDA Organic to allow these toxins in organics, as opposed to solving the problem….sigh 🙁

One partial but practical solution for me is…..

…to start purchasing as many products as I can from organizations who test and verify the quality of their products.

I purchase some products from "The Health Ranger", he exposed Garden of Life Raw Protein Powder  as containing and other toxins in products (I was taken for years before I found out). I just found that  HealthRanger.com is also offering testing kits to get your foods/supplements tested for toxins at their their accredited lab

The ongoing solution….  Eat, Pray, and Love [love to research]……

I follow sites like NaturalNews.com, who is taking the right approach of testing food products, municipal water, baby formulas, vaccines,  and every thing else,  and reporting their toxicity levels (Note that Mike Adams of Natural News is coming under a barrage of web criticism, same as Dr. Oz and Mercola got hit with)

In the end, I just have to keep enjoying eating and living, but keep researching and learning, but it is not getting easier, because the forces of "food evil" are hitting me from so many angles. But, even if I don't have the solution, I can start by clearly defining the problem, and I hope I at least did that…..

One Final Note about NaturalNews.com: For me, Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com is a double edged sword and somewhat of a paradox for me, in that I almost always agree with him on his food, nutrition, and health philosophies, but at the same time, I almost always disagree with him on his political perspectives (even though some times he will say something politically that
I agree with very strongly). I would suggest, if you ever decided to follow Natural News.com,  try as much as possible to absorb his food and nutrition philosophy, because on that subject, I think he is the sharpest guy out there,  but not get to pulled in this political philosophy, unless you can handle it, or felt you really need to.


~stay healthy~


(…and other good reads on the subject)


the whole truth about whole foods

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Articles popping up to discredit Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com and The Health Ranger

Whole Foods goes ROGUE and partners with Monsanto

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Despite its efforts, Whole Foods cannot keep GMO's out of the products it sells

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