The videos that every African American needs to see (…and though it shouldn’t matter, it’s from a “White Guy” from Texas)

You all know me by now, I'm all about multi-cultural, positive energy at this site (and I do end this article with a bit of multi-cultural positive energy).

I'm not one for posting emotionally charged videos and such from all the madness surrounding us in this country, with no end purpose but to spew emotion and frustration, but people of color need to devote 10 minutes your life to this video.

And this video is from a "White Guy" from Texas who brilliantly nails this whole subject down.

I think I've shown in my blog that I don't get all wrapped up in the racial issues and Cultural Chaos all around us, my blog is multi-cultural celebration and expression…….

…..and an attempt at promoting positive energy, but this one I have to post because it is the most enlightening thing to anyone who chooses to receive it, and is the clearest explanation of the background of the Cultural and Racial chaos around us and, and explains why so many people are confused on why we are where we are in this country.

And like I said, this dude is a White Guy from Texas, he runs "Natural News", a site with gives me very reliable information in many things, (though I don't agree with everything he says for sure, because he can be politically driven sometimes), but I have never heard this issue hit so squarely on the nose by anyone in my life. I figure, maybe an intelligent "White Guy" articulating this subject might get more listeners from all races and cultures, than say, someone from the Nation of Islam, who people would instinctively tune out physiologically without even listening.

The part of the issue that I try to address, and is the reason for my blog, in that African Americans, and perhaps everyone, have to see the "bigger game", and understand and take control of our health issues and enlighten ourselves. You can agree with him, disagree, get mad and unfriend my health blog on Facebook, any of the above is fine, but I'm not for profit, nor is my value system and sense of worth based on Facebook likes, and though I like to keep it "feel good" and positive as much as I can, but this issue is reality.

With all my Blogger's "feel-goodness", the beachfront villas, pretty girls, gourmet barbecue grills, and such in my blog, it's all an illusion and a waste of time, unless I master this reality,  and somehow forge a healthy life and mindset for myself and those in my orbit. I can only win this game by understanding the game, and sometimes that reality is not pleasant, nor does it "feel good" sometimes.

(I suppose watching my mother become a skin and bones skeleton from Chemotherapy that I  never necessary, will provoke one to post of a video like this in my "Feel Good" blog)



~stay healthy~

One Final Note about For me, Mike Adams of is a double edged sword and somewhat of a paradox for me, in that I almost always agree with him on his food, nutrition, and health philosophies, but at the same time, I almost always disagree with him on his political perspectives (even though some times he will say something politically that I agree with very strongly, such as this posting). I would suggest, if you ever decided to follow Natural,  try as much as possible to absorb his food and nutrition philosophy, because on that subject, I think he is the sharpest guy out there,  but not get to pulled in this political philosophy, unless you can handle it, or felt you really need to.


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Corporations by donating millions of dollars to presidential candidates now control our government. Our government has been highjacked. Bills are easily passed that allow poison chemicals to be put into our foods. they are put into our foods and priced less than less poisoned foods so that Blacks and Hispanic who are struggling economically will buy them for themselves and their children. Bill Gate about a year ago, at a University, said that the population of the world must be lowered if the world is to survive and even mentioned vaccines as a viable method. We must find ways to integrate this kind of information into our formats without feeling we have to justify ourselves for doing it. Somehow an organization has to be set up that will bring this information to the public. We can do it via churches if we can convince the pastors and priest of the importance of doing this. Thank you for stepping out of your norm and posting this.

Victor R.


Hey Victor R.

Even if you did not agree with me or me with you, very great points you made.

And other important point I must confess, is that you are ABSOLUTELY right in that sometimes you have to feel like you have to justify why you are posting something that may be considered “intense”, or racially motivated. But after 4 years of blogging and throwing out positive energy, I think it was time. I’m not for profit, so my perspective give me free reign to post what I want, though I’ll always be about positive energy. My site format will not change, but I can’t enjoy life on that Gourmet Gas Grill if I don’t see the bigger picture.

So you’re right, I tried to present this information best I could within my own format, but everything in my site, be it a pretty girl or this video, is everything that is totally true to who I am at the core.

I woke up this morning feeling this is the most important think I ever put on my Website.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment with such exceptional comments !!!

Doug at Gaia Health Blog

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