Cilantro shown to help remove mercury and heavy metals from the body

I try to write about the things that I do for myself….

….and those issues that concern me most, and for me, I'm gonna bring cilantro into my regiment, because of OVERWHELMING evidence that it helps to help remove mercury and other heavy metals from the body.

This is VERY important to me in that I eat salmon almost every day, for health reasons I write about in the blog. Quality, wild caught salmon, is relatively low in mercury (see chart here), but who heck knows what that really means for something I consume almost every day.

How do you know if you have too much mercury in the body?

……most likely you won't

As I understand it, mercury testing can be not reliable (unless you work hard to find a reliable test), plus bodyweight, diet, environmental, and many other factors can determine how much mercury is accumulating in the body, EVEN IF YOU DON'T EAT SEAFOOD!!!

In essence, it "might" be impossible to know, until you have symptoms and/or until a doctor tells you you have mercury poisoning.

My "Gunshot" philosophy to preventative self-care

I'm from that camp that when the doctor tells you you have cancer, or diabetes, or mercury poisoning, or whatever, that is like a gunshot.

To survive in this toxic, disease ridden world, better to do everything possible to avoid the gunshot, as opposed to being treated and hoping you survive after you are shot.

Cilantro and Mercury…The Quick, Scientific bla-bla-bla ……….

According to the Baseline of Health Foundation, cilantro changes the electric charge on intracellular deposits of heavy metals to a neutral state, which relaxes their tight bond to body tissue, freeing them up to be flushed from the body.

Studies have shown that levels of mercury, lead, and aluminum in the urine increase significantly after consuming large amounts of cilantro [increased metals in the urine mean the metals are being flushed out of the body in the urine].

Does cilantro work solo? It seems it might…….

Yoshiaki Omura, MD, director of medical research at the Heart Disease Foundation and president of the International College of Acupuncture in New York, reported that after finding he had been heavily exposed to mercury, he accidentally discovered that when cilantro is taken in a lightly cooked form it causes a massive excretion of mercury via the urine.

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D recommends cilantro as one of the best means to remove mercury from the brain. His clinical research has found that 5 grams (teaspoonful) a day is the minimum dose

Cilantro, and Chlorella, nature's dynamic duo for mercury/metals removal

I lucked out……..

…….because I have been using Chlorella for years in my smoothies, and it seems when combined with chlorella, Cilantro and Chlorella is the ultimate heavy metal removing team……

In brief, the "One-Two" punch goes as follows……Cilantro works to "loosen" the mercury and heavy metals from the cells, muscular tissue, and elsewhere in the body. Chlorella then takes on the role of binding with metals cilantro has loosened, and eliminates them through the stool and urine.

Below: I'll be using Cilantro anywhere and everywhere, like this Pineapple, Cucumber, Cilantro, and Lime Salad
(photo and recipe credit to
MomOnTimeout blogspot)

Scientific Evidence? Endless……..

This is one of those research projects where is so much reliable research, me, the self proclaimed "King of Research" was amazed how much reliable research was out there, specifically before and after types of measurements when taking cilantro, and the amounts of mercury excreted via urine and fecal matter.

Not taking a cheap shot at supplement producers and money driven medicine, but it makes sense that I never heard about cilantro pertaining to mercury removal, because these health and wellness "profit mongers" will never tell us about the tools readily available to us …okay, that was a cheap shot, but so what 🙂

Below: My "visual interpretation" of Mother Nature. Mysterious, intimidating, and unapproachable at first glance……but actually open, warm, and generous when you get to know her

"I got you covered" — (says Mother Nature)

I'm not optimistic about the path of mankind in general, with more and more pollutants entering our environment, the profit motive tells me that toxins will be on the rise in our food and water supply. I'm an eternal optimist, but I don't think we can win that game.

However, I think we can win our individual game, because nature has supplied everything we need to not only survive, but thrive in all this "toxic madness".

Many of her best solutions, Mother Nature has put right under our noses, like that Cilantro you notice in the organic veggie section, but never paid much attention to……. up until now 🙂

~stay healthy~

Note: As I learn more about this subject, I will post it. I have learned recently that if one is at the level of mercury poisioning and toxidity, one has to be careful about using chlorella and cilantro as chelators (professional help may be needed at that point). That [very good] paper is at this link .

However, I'm currently looking at cilantro in terms of another superfood assisting in ongoing body maintenance , not necessarily self treatment after mercury poisioning, or, as in the my example above, "I not trying to figure out how to have surgery on myself after the gunshot". With that in mind, I've chosen based upon my research and instincts, to make cilantro part of diet, continue to learn, not over do it, take breaks from it for a month or two (Which I do with most everything else I eat), and stay in tune to how my body feels.

some good reading on this subject…………..

Cilantro and Clay for detoxification by Dr. David Williams
Cilantro flushes mercury from the body from the "Hoax or Fact" website
Cilantro helps Detox heavy metals from Natural News
Cilantro and Chlorella from The Baseline of Health Foundation

…even to my surprise, the reliable information on this subject on the web is literally ENDLESS, do your homework 🙂


check out all my articles in "Eat Smart", the science of food (click here or on the photo below)

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Love this article.  As a Puerto Rican, we grew up with cilantro.  I love the flavor.  It's great to know that it's so good for you.  What about other leafy herbs?
p.s.  How about cooking ware that you recommend?!


Hi Mari, Green leafy veggies have chorophyll so they do help in the process, but as I understand Cilantro is one of the few that has this effect. It may be a good point to add the article, in that you are not supposed to cook with cilantro in metal cookware because it draws in all metals. So it is best to cook in glass. I still use those old yellow/orange amberware glass pots and pans. I can still buy them on EBAY and a few other places (link below). GOOD QUESTION!!!! ~stay healthy~


It's good to know that there are other safety measures to remove metals from the body if the products you are consuming arent going through any magnetic separation process. 

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