Chlorella: removes mercury and heavy metals from the body, and much more (great in smoothies)

One very important superfood that I add to my everyday smoothies every day is Chlorella.The heavy duty superfood is most known by us who use it as the most practical way to remove Mercury, and other heavy toxic metals from the body.

It's impressive resume of benefits includes cleansing the blood, detoxifying the body, helping with optimal blood pressure, and so forth.

I use a teaspoon daily in my smoothies. When I first tried it, I had an extremely noticeable digestive cleanse, very smooth, very natural, very refreshing (hope that is not 'too much information').

A good source of protein, Chlorellea is available in powder or pill form.

I can't say enough about Chlorella.

[chart source]

If you want to purchase right away, I would recommend the brand I use which is Source Naturals Chlorella in both pills and powder. Source Naturals uses the Yaeyama strain of Chlorella, supposedly prized for it's purity and high quality. If you can't find Source Naturals, then the company Jarrow uses the same Yaeyama Chlorella, is highly recommended also. I think these two are the best value for the money, if you will be using everyday in smoothies.

The best brand I think of them all is Sun Chlorella, but it is super expensive and doesn't come in powder, thus I can't use Sun Chlorella in my smoothies. Another very good brand is Chloressence, from a company called Vega that makes VERY high quality products. Quite expensive also. You are getting a good prouct with any of the ones I have mentioned on this page.

The way to evaluate quality Chlorella is check the ratio of Chloroyphill and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), the active ingredients, per gram. Source Naturals is not as high as Sun or Chloressence, but has very good Chloryphill and CGF per gram numbers, and the price point is right because I use it every day. Be careful, because several brands that I initially tried were poor quality such as the Whole Food brand. The Whole Foods brand, upon inspection, is not that "deep deep" green color. As a general rule, the deeper the green, the better.~dw~ 

UPDATE 5/30/2014 : Someone wrote me with a  seemingly legitimate opposing point of view on Chlorella, worth posting . Here is the comment she left:

According to Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, chlorella is not a safe chelator of mercury.

"True chelators are identified by the presence of two dithiol groups. Many health practitioners and doctors use compounds such as chlorella, cysteine, NAC and glutathione, claiming they are chelators. But these are ineffective, because they are not actually chelating agents, as they do not contain two or more binding groups (dithiol groups), rather they contain only one thiol group. These compounds can make matters worse by causing redistribution of stored metals, by mobilizing them from their storage sites, but failing to bind and excrete them."

Here is the full paper that her comment was based on at this link . I dug into the paper thoroughly and it is a very good read, that I must admit,  did provoke more thinking on this issue. To be honest, it doesn't deem like something I can just shun and throw in the trash. I think the question I'm now looking into is the whole concept of "What is good/bad for Chelation?". Along with that, Chelation seem to apply to those with mercury poisioning or toxidity, Does the same rules apply to "normal people" and their daily wellness maintenance? Put a different way, is Chlorella (and Cilantro) not advisable for those with mercury poisoning and toxic levels of metal, but valuable for normal physical maintenance. that's kind of where my mind is leaning, but I wanna prove that out. Not to prove I'm right, but to understand what I am putting in my body. I love these kinds of comments, because I am learning also, and I always dig deep and find the right solutions for me.  

Here is the response I gave to her:

I have an opposing point of view that I obtained from Natural News, a portion of the document linked to below says “I’ve just completed research across nearly a dozen chlorella brands and manufacturers, and I’ve conclusively documented the fact that they all bind with and capture dietary mercury with very high efficiency. They also show strong affinity for binding with aluminum and uranium, as is detailed below. At the same time, chlorella showed little or no ability to bind with lead, cadmium, arsenic and cesium. So it’s very important to understand what chlorella can and cannot do.” So, obviously, this is a situation of two opposing points of view. I think your comment is worth looking into. I do know when I first started taking chlorella, it has an amazingly positive effect on my digestive system, it registered as something good to my system. But I never rest on my own laurels, I have to look into this further because I am always trying to learn more. Thanks for commenting…………


The Finale Verdict ??  I am gonna continue to use chlorella (…a lot of my decisions are purely instinct). That is one of those things where I would have to decide am I better off without chlorella or with it. As I love to research stuff, I am going to look into this further. My thought process will be: "Has this product been used historically, with evidence that the users were and are healthier? Also, are there other benefits besides the mercury issue?" Thus, I don't have to worry about the mindset of trying to figure out what scientific processes work or don't work within g the body, if a superfood has been used traditionally (as it seems Chlorella has been used extensively in traditional Chinese Medicine and so forth), then there I would expect there to be benefits for me.

…like I said on my "About Me" page, "I don't get my kicks on being right, I get my kicks on finding truth".



Sun Chlorella is the best of the best (Although I use Source Naturals Yaeyama to save money). However, I will use sun Chlorella pills when traveling and I can't make my smoothies. Saved me from food poisioning a couple of times

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Hi.  I am nursing my 4th child right now (Noah is 3 months).  I have been pregnant and nursing continuously for the past 7 years.  I had taken chlorella before during pregnancy but stopped because I was afraid of mercury detox.  Have you heard of chlorella being taken during preg. or nursing???  If so, how much?  Thanks.


I haven’t heard of that one. That may be all little beyond me, so I wouldn’t want to even give a casual comment on that one. You might have to find someone who has been in the same circumstances and see how they approached.


Just read your site for first time – very interesting – would appreciate receiving your posts by email – thank you so much.  Kim


There should be a checkbox below the comments that allows you to get comments by email. articles are also on Facebook and Pinterest


I took chlorella while i was pregnant and nursing.  I get my chlorella from Swanson, the Kyoto brand.  I was anemic and chlorella was my everyday friend.  I believe it helped me and the baby.  I'm now giving 2tablets to my 1yr old son and he likes it.  My daugheter 4yr likes them too and she has nice teeth, aside from her other siblings who do not like chlorella…:)


Interesting. I actually used Kyoto for a while until I switched over to Source Nautrals powder. Maybe the other siblings can be tricked into taking it? Perhaps by someone putting it in the cabinet and telling them NOT to touch it? You know, reverse psychology……………..


I love Chorella! I take it everyday as well as spirulina! 🙂


Thanks for commenting on my blog. I used to use both when I first started and then decided on just Chlorella to save money.


Dear Doug,
My husband and I have used The Sun brand and have since switched to Kyoto  due to price with both of us using it.   My question is what differences did you notice between Source Naturals and Kyoto?  Also did you notice a difference when you stopped using spiraling?   Enjoy your blog…really informative w/o being technical boring.   Would love to see you write a post on your average daily food/supplement routine.      Brands and dosage would be appreciative as I wonder about the supplements I take are really effective or wasting my money.   Than you


Thanks for your comments on my blog. Blogging is such a great way to get out what I have to say, and I have been learning so much from others as well. I remember when I was on Kyoto back when I was trying them all. I remember it being OK, I felt that Source Naturals was a little better, although it is hard to quantify that except for the subtle in tune-ness of your body. I have got so many articles I wanna to and that article on what I eat is one of them. I guess I first wanted to confirm anyone was even looking at the blog first LOL. But since as I said I consume the same thing everyday in general, I can tell you right here.

7 apricot seeds per day
1 or 2 capsules of Curcurmin
experimenting with Tongkat (testosterome booster)
those are my only supplements right now

2 power smoothies, one in the morning, another late afternoon or right after workouts on workout days my recipe is in my blog

Mid Morning meal is Oatmeal and 2,3,or 4 scrambled eggs in coconut oil. I am still addressing going grain free but I am not trying to force it. I have to dive into research it and not do it because it’s the latest craze. But I think there is som validity to not eating a lot of grains.

Evening meal is almost always salmon plus pasta, or salmon plus a banana, or salmon plus French Fries fried in Organic Coconut Oil. I haven’t gone grain free or gluten free yet, I’ll let it evolve.

Throughout the day I am always eating cashews and fruit when a little hunger kicks in.

I will often have Whole Foods Pizza as a treat, or something from the Whole Foods food bar, when I can find something without canola oil. That’s when I eat chicken mostly, other stuff like garlic mashed potatoes or whatever else I have a hankering for.

That’s really about it. I guess I can cut an paste this, add some cool pics, and I have my article!!!!!!

~stay healthy~


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I have read that there's something called mineral substitution whereby you only hold onto toxic minerals if you don't have enough of the essential minerals.  For instance if you don't have enough selenium or iron you'll use mercury instead.  So if you get enough of the essential minerals you'll start dumping the toxic stuff without the need for chelators etc.


[…] Is A Waxy Steroid Of FatChlorella: removes mercury and heavy metals from the body, and much more (great in smoothies)- The G… // IE Evitar seleccion de texto document.onselectstart=function(){ if […]


I think we have something in common. I also add my chlorella every time I make my avocado smoothie. I use avocado so that the color will be the same. We all know that chlorella has this distinct taste. That's why I make sure I won't see any difference between my avocado smoothie and the chlorella powder that I'm adding into it. Plus the fact that avocado and chlorella has this superb benefits that makes my immune system stronger. Besides, detoxification is also one of the chlorella benefits which gives me more reason to truly love this supplement.


[…] Meals and food for Healthy Kids — Healthy and balanced eating for children with healthy meal plansChlorella: removes mercury and heavy metals from the body, and much more (great in smoothies)- The G… .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 […]


Great article, thx for the info!


1983=5 silver mercury filings. Still in my mouth today. 10 kidney stones from 1986-2013. Low magnesium levels. Over active thyroid. Under weight my entire life.
I found articles on mercury posioning in april 2013. read -buy CHLORELLA. I am on the pills daily for a month now. Plus got magnesium oil spray & drinking a super greens drink. All for about a month. Most days my body feels better, since last kidney stone in march 2013. I lost 10# & trust me- not GOOD. I hav gained 5# in a month.
Yet I read negative reviews on chlorella & I say cant blame just one thing for health issues. Is a domino effect of many toxins for years in our body.
Must drink 2to 3 liters of water a day! Who does that? I do. Because I am sick of being sick. Must stop intake of wheat, sugar, dairy, no coffee, no soda! No alcohol. Many articles support that. Detoxing body is not going to happen in a day, week or month. Especially with mercury filings in our mouth. No fast food. No canned food. No junk. We are what we eat! If anyone is sick of being sick, then they will research & stop the junk food! & read labels & detox & eat right. Gluten!ha! What a joke on americans! Floride tooth paste. Percription drugs-joke on humans. I get it. I lik & am Grateful for CHLORELLA . THANK YOU-Peace


To add…. I started following the blood type “O” diet 2weeks ago. & not sure if allowed to say, yet I started garden of eden raw meal replacemnt & Chlorella & natural calm drink before bed. Been taking 10 little green pills a day. I hav not thrown up one.
I am o negative & underweight & stopped many negative food habits 10weeks ago. My body has been in pain for years. I just deal. Truly today, my body feels better & better. Aches & pains almost gone. I am 46yr old female. 3grownup children. I was pregnant 3 yrs in a row. I have been sick along time yet never go to doctor or complain. Until last kidney stone kept me on bathroon floor in march for 3 days & also in january.
Then I started reading. First in march. I ate raw lemons for days yet I was in major pain. Never went to hospital. I just started reading articles. I was crawling to bathroom. I switched to sleeping on a yoga mat. & I still do. I lik better now. With special neck pillow.
I know chlorella is helping me & I am going to keep taking.
Is going to cost much money to PROPERLY REMOVE 5 very old mercury filings in my mouth. & that will take time ….
Also, I been soaling my feet in baking soda & vinegar. & taugh myself foot massage.
Was super painful at first rbbing my feet.

I threw away all my chemical loaded hair products, shampoo, All my makeup & lotions & deoderant & tooth paste, and cleaning supplies . I clean with viegar & baking soda only now.
When u r sick of being sick, u will make serious changes. I swim & force myself to take long walks.
Sauna is great, yet I do not hav gym membership to detox.
I changed my mind on what is right & wrong regarding STUFF.
No one can expect to undo years of toxins in our body!
One day at a Time …..
Illness always has a reason & a root. Only matters to NoW to make proper changes to eat & live healthy . Mind & body.
Percription drugs are soooooo toxic & create more problems.
Pain is a warning- Red light = Stop & make changes now or else.
Read read & read more.
Eating crappy good tasting food is temporary gratification that leads to serious health issues & toxins in the body. There is no reason or purpose to eat fish today when its ALL FULL OF MERCURY. If you drink Bleach= u will Die …. HaLLLoooo
If u eat fast food, junk food, soda, alcohol, processed food, fish, wheat, dairy = sick sick sick body full of Toxins .

Thankful for the companies who provide good chlorella to remove what we choose to put in our body that was toxic, knowingly or not. Is what it is.
” The truth sets us free ”
I highly recommend taking Chlorella no matter what. Never give up on our health & be Grateful always for life -is Good. Life tooo short to be sick …. Do the reading how many issues this helps & believ in good health.
There is always a simple solution to all issues (we, humans tend to complicate our own life all by ourselves!) choices – there are no mistakes – only self will & choices. My opinion ….

KIS “Keep It Simple”


Well said!!!! I would argue however that quality salmon are low in mercury (I wrote and article about it), only because they eat algae, that is they eat chlorella!!! But they are an exception to the rule.


7/4 /2013 update on taking CHLORELLA & my health & detoxing my body
I switched to this brand of Chlorella
“SUN” 500 mg dyno-mill
Has good stuff in it- in my opinion & helps me to save $ regarding buying other suppliments.
So far- good.
Also I buy special water now from healthfood store.
Drink my garden of life greens daily & been gluten free for 2 weeks.
My body feels good good. Better each day.
Got a book on reflexology & focusing on healing through the feet. I am hooked on cold showers! Amazing results (there are youtube videos on “cold shower” theropy!
Is good ! Proper Blood flow is so important to our body & correct energy flow.
As for fish- salmon & I agree- probably some safe fish out there now. Yet I am on a tight budget & I only buy what I believ is truly safe for me & I am sick of being sick. I eat grass fed organic beef or lamb or buffalo. Because I am O negative blood type. Is best & I only eat 4ozs 4 xs a week of that. I increases vegtables intake only organic & I eat gluteen free organic hummas daily now. No wheat & no dairy. Babysteps & foward process of living & eating healthy.
The news says america is overweight & sick. S.A.D. Standard American Diet=sad
There are always easy simple solutions to any issues. I am learninf
Buy chlorella It Helps & works for the body in a positive way 🙂
Peace & Bal%nce


Sun Chlorella is the best !!!!!


chlorella is very good for children. it contains chlorella growth factor and thus boosts rapid growth in children with growth disorders.


Yep – chlorella pretty much rocks.
This should be taken, consistantly, for pretty much one's whole life. The benefits are brilliant.  This, as well as a list of other supergreens as well.
Our bodies are designed to be nourished with this stuff – wish more people would introduce it to their bodies! 🙂


I’ve been consistent for about 6 years now, and yes it is one of those superfoods you know you will taking forever. Thanks for commenting!!!


Your Comments

I take raw bitter apricot kernels daily for cancer prevention.  My question is can I also take chlorella daily?  Will the chlorella remove the beneficial arsenic in the apricot kernels?


Hi Carmen,

I eat raw bitter apricot seeds daily as well. And I have Chlorella daily in my smoothies.

To respond to your question, I can only give a general answers based on what I learned, who knows what the body is really doing.  Nonetheless, from what I learned, I was under the impression that the arsenic (actually Cyanide, not sure if they are different) in apricot seeds was molecularly bound until it came in contact with cancer cells. So I didn’t get the impression that chlorella would have a negative effect apricot seeds.

The second thing is, think about something like iron, or other essential mineral the body needs. I don’t get the impression that Chlorella will strip your body of all the essential minerals that your body needs. As an example, I recently got a Magnesium test, and it came out to the expected healthy range (I think it was 2.2). So, it has not been the case that chlorella has been stripping the Magnesium from my body. It seems to me the body and the healthy nutrients know how to work all those particulars out.

I do think it is healthy for me to take breaks on certain things for a month or two, to keep the body guessing and taking in a slightly different arrangement of nutrients, but that is just what feels best to me. So for me, I don’t think it would hurt to take one month out of the year taking Chlorella without Apricot Seeds and take another month out of the year taking Apricot Seeds and no Chlorella. However, that kind of swapping in and out I do with perhaps 20 of my favorite superfoods.

~stay healthy~

Doug at Gaia Health Blog



Your Comments


Thank you for the quick reply.  I have spent a couple weeks on the internet and could not find anything related to my question.  I agree with your comments.  I had blood work 6 months ago and all numbers were good.  Just started apricot kernels 2 weeks ago and thought chlorella would make them less effective.  Makes sense what you said:)


Hey Carmen,

My guess is you will be fine….BTW I think it is Cyanide in Apricot deeds, I don’t know if Cyanide and Arsenic are the same thing

I’ve been on both (Apricot Seeds and Chlorella) for perhaps 6 years now, and am in the greatest of health, so I don’t know why every one is so paranoid of apricot seeds. I do remember I over did it with the apricot seeds when I was taking 15 or so a day, I got what I called a “stressed liver”. It wasn’t painful, just  a mild “feeling” in my right rib cage. I took a supplement called “Liversol”, which is comprised or Milk Thistle and other herbs, it basically cleans up that liver and Bile duct which is accumulating and filtering out junk, as we take in these foods. Liversol resolved it in 3 days.

Sorry if TMI, but I remember when I started that Chlorella, I had such a smooth and natural “cleanse” (if you know what I’m trying to say there), I didn’t know I had all that stuff in me. But afterwards I felt lighter and just felt better, it really felt like that Chlorella was working for me, so with all the arguments about if you should or should not be taking something I had to go with what the body is telling me. I know when I stop taking chlorella for a couple of weeks, I feel more “stopped up” and slightly constipated, when I get back on it, it’s like I get my “natural bowel moment” groove back (sorry again if TMI, but it helps to hear other people’s real experiences). Nowadays, I may take in 2 apricot seeds a day, I went for a recent stent of 3 months without taking them, but after 6 years, it was time for a break, but I do that with ever superfood as I said.

Just mentioning it in case you run into any apricot seed issues, I wouldn’t want you to stop, I think they are one of the missing links to healing cancer (along with Vitamin D levels, and a few other things all interlocked together in the body’s functioning). One of my friends said they made him feel a little “light headed” but that never happened to me. From what I understand, they can temporarily lower your blood pressure and you will feel light headed until your body adjusts……

In case you haven’t run across my  other articles on the subject here they are:

…my article about the lady who could detect ailments just by touch, and she touched me and said I had a stressed liver from apricot seeds


….my article about how certain cultures historically never got cancer even though they were meat eaters, mainly because they ate animals that fed on plants that were high in B17 Nitrilosides, the cancer fighting agent in Apricot seeds


…article on why it is wise to save your apple cores and throw them in your smoothies. Apple cores are second to Apricot Seeds in amount of B17 Nitrilosides


….my first article on apricot seeds

~stay healthy~


Your Comments

Doug,  Thank you so much for all this additional information and the links.  I will certainly check them out.


Carmen 🙂


Great info!  I believe chlorella is the most complete food on earth.  Here is an Organic Tablet form tested for everything including radiation

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