Pasture Raised Eggs, a Near “Perfect” Superfood: A Quick bit of info, Sunny Side Up…..

Before I say anything, Let me say I TOTALLY AVOID COMMERCIAL EGGS (I explain why below)

Eggs…..half of us love them, my guess is 70% of the other half don't eat them because of perceptions that eggs are bad for your yealth. I beg to differ, because, for non vegetarians, pasture raised eggs are one of the healthiest things you can put in your body.

The Myth of [real] Eggs causing high cholesterol

A scientific study from Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care {2006 Jan;9(1):8-12}  states

"healthy populations experience no risk in developing coronary heart disease by increasing their intake of cholesterol but, in contrast, they may havemultiple beneficial effects by the inclusion of eggs in their regular diet."

My blood tests proved it for me

After eating 15-20 eggs a week for 1.5 years, fried in heart healthy coconut oil, and god knows how many eggs in the years before that, I figured I better get my cholesterol checked.

My scores were PERFECT!!! If you know how cholesterol scores work, my LDL "Bad Cholesterol" score was an AMAZINGLY low 79, my HDL "Good Cholesterol" score was and AMAZINGLY high 80, my Triglyceride score, measuring buildup in the arteries was an AMAZINGLY low 31 (people at risk to heart issues can have Triglyceride scores of 300 to well over 500)

For details of my cholesterol testing go here

I think they need to rename LDL "Bad Cholesterol" to something else

Why? Because it a misleading term. In a nutshell, the difference between LDL "Bad cholesterol" and HDL "Good Cholesterol", is that LDL moves fat molecules into the arteries, and HDL moves fat molecules out of the arteries. Both are essential for proper body function.

The issue seems to be they get out of balance, LDL moves more fat molecules into the arteries than HDL moves out, and thus that is considered "bad". But to me, that is like saying "high blood pressure means blood is bad".

Is "Bad Cholesterol" actually a misunderstood "good healer" ??????

I recently ran across A LOT of info that proposed that so called "Bad Cholesterol" might actually be a healer, in that it rushes into the arteries to "clean up" other issues like toxic table salt. So, it seems possible, when you have so called "high cholesterol", something else is at issue, not the cholesterol itself.

I'm quite convinced modern medicine is actually clueless on the functioning of Cholesterol. More on this in a later article [I promise] after I put together all my usual thorough research!!

Egg White Omlettes…uh, I don't think so……

Whomever came up with that idea a decade or two ago had no concept of health science, but was perhaps catering to the public mindset that cholesterol was bad for you.

When you get into the structure of the egg, you will find that nature put some of the nutrients in the yolk, and some in the white, and they work in perfect balance, that is, when you use the whole egg.

It's not the eggs that kill us, it's the toxic cooking oils

…in my humble opinion

Why? Because, as with other foods, it not so much that the food is unhealthy, but we unknowingly cook and fry eggs in VERY unhealthy oils. Most eggs in restaurants are fried in toxic Canola Oil, or other unhealthy vegetable oils such as Crisco and Wesson

So, if you don't wanna let your eggs go, and don't feel like researching this stuff, then take my word and spend the extra money on pasture raised eggs, and scramble them in Coconut Oil….good health, good eating!!!

The "Incredible, Edible Egg"

good sources of antioxidants known to protect the eye
one of the most digestible and processable sources of non-plant protein
excellent source of B vitamins, needed for vital functions in the body
good quantities of vitamin A, essential for normal growth and development
The vitamin E in eggs protects against heart disease and some cancers
eggs contain vitamin D, which promotes mineral absorption and good bone health.
Eggs are rich in iodine, essential for healthy bones and teeth.
eggs help raise HDL "Good Cholesterol" (I know for fact this is true)
eggs may help reduce risk of stroke
eggs may actually
prevent breast cancer
eggs may actually promote weight loss
eggs are abundant in several vital minerals (such as selenium, choline)
increase omega-3 levels in they body

…..and much, much more. You're on the web, do your homework

Why I don't recommend your basic commercial eggs

Make sure that you buy organic, pasture-raised eggs. Their nutrient profile is much better than regular old eggs.

Studies show that commercially-raised eggs are up to 19 times higher in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. Unfortunately, almost all eggs sold in supermarkets, even many of the organic eggs sold at chains such as Whole Foods and Wild Oats may not be truly pasture-raised.

How to shop for "Real Eggs"

Organic, pasture-raised eggs may be available from local farms with small flocks and a natural lifestyle for their chickens. Two websites that can help you find small local farms in your area are and Both sites are searchable by zip code.

Most Whole Foods have a couple of brands of legitimate pasture raised eggs, which is where city boys like me get mine. For the ones I buy, there is enough information in the package, including links to the website, so I can research them more..

Quick note: check out this page from some eggs I found at a Fred Meyers store in Oregon. They  describe their egg operation in detail, how the birds are raised, videos, how to dicipher labels such as "cage free" and so forth…this is the kind of egg you wanna look for when shopping for quality eggs at the store. Check 'em out, are called The Happy Egg Company!

Another Great Egg Operation I ran across, I just purchased their eggs also at Fred Meyer in Oregon, is called Vital Farms. Another great website with good information. !!

 All Natural, Cage free, Free range….bla bla bla

I'm not a big fan of these labels. Why?  For example, eggs labeled as "free range" and "cage free" can legally have that label if the birds have access to outdoors (which doesn't mean they actually go outdoors).

However, that seems often to be a gimmick, in that I have seen video of  the indoor quarters of cage free birds, with the building having a small exit hole at one end, although the birds will never go out of their safe indoor environment.

They are no where near the concept of birds being free to roam outdoors, feasting on their natural diets (though even pasture raised birds have supplemental feed from their farmers).

I hope this info helps you enjoy that next pasture raised egg omlette fried in Coconut Oil without guilt. The eggs taste better with the knowlege that eating quality eggs can actually be a BIG benefit to your health regiment. ENJOY!!


~stay healthy~



Extensive research has not clearly established a link between egg consumption and risk for coronary heart disease

Three eggs a day keeps the doctor away

10 Proven benefits of eggs

why pasture raised hens are better for you

feeding pastured poultry



check out all my articles in "Eat Smart", the science of food (click here or on the photo below)

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