Rethinking “Bad Cholesterol”: Is it actually a misunderstood “good-healer” ?

Okay, this is one of those ones where in my heart modern medicine has it all wrong, but I have to present a digestible, concise case in the "Court of Wellness Readers" like yourself.

Long story short, some progressive doctors and scientist are starting to break ranks from Money Driven Medicine and Pharmaceuticals and profess (often at risk of their jobs and medical practices) that so called LDL – "Bad Cholesterol" is actually a necessary healer, rushing into arteries to "patch up" or "shore up" artery walls, to fix other issues.

For example, common table salt raises "Bad Cholesterol" …….

…..because, according to Dr. Leonard Caldwell, table salt is often contaminated with sand and glass. When you consume common, refined table salt, the sand and glass are abrasive. They scratch and make small tears in your body including your veins.

The LDL is the "Fire Truck" to rush cholesterol to the problem spots to put out the fire and patch up the arteries. Seemingly, sometimes the patching works and some high cholesterol people live relatively long (though some underlying issue needs to be addressed), many others are not so lucky, as coronary issues are still the number one killer in the USA. Nonetheless, LDL is nature's solution, not the problem. 

BTW, Caldwell recommends Pink Himalayan Salt, coincidentally I've been using it for years.

LDL "Bad Cholesterol" the quick scientific bla-bla-bla ……

LDL stands for Low Density Lipoprotein.  Fat and cholesterol are not water soluble so they need to be carried around the body in something to do their vital work. The carriers of such substances are called lipoproteins. We can think of lipoproteins as tiny ‘taxi cabs’ traveling round the blood stream acting as transporters.

Cholesterol is a VERY necessary and valuable substance for living a healthy life. It is vital for transporting the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Cholesterol is necessary in forming brain synapses and it helps to form all sex hormones valuable for a healthy sex life.

Food cholesterol has nothing to do with blood cholesterol

Two totally different things. I hate to clog my articles with links, cause folks will always argue back and forth, and I'm always trying to "gently coax" readers to look up a few things themselves, a 10 minute rudimentary web search on the well will give you enough info on this to read for the next year.

Of course, a small percentage of people have adverse blood cholesterol issues provoked by food cholesterol, just some people have issues provoked by eating peanuts, but keep the salt example above in mind…….the real culprits are toxic foods that are probably not being addressed (we put table salt in everything), and either doctors are clueless or not telling us (Why would they tell us and put themselves out of business?).


Think about the Cholesterol Drug implications……..

….and this thing gets "wild and ugly", like when you see a "well crafted" drug company commercials on TV that you are not really paying attention to, of the peaceful couple taking a walk on the lovely beach, more than likely, its a cholesterol lowering drug commercial.

But, think a second, the pill is trying to reduce the amount of the healing agent that nature sends in to clean up the arteries from some "unknown" issue. No wonder Americans are dropping like flies from heart disease, with seeming no real man-made solutions to these issues.

No less absurd than Dark Ages medicine……

….when they thought blood was the culprit of many ailments, so they resorted to "bloodletting" and leeches, and all sorts of barbaric and clueless solutions to unknown ailments. Will they think 500 years from now that our methods of medicine are just as absurd ?

I don't hold it against them in the Dark Ages, because there was not yet technology to understand microscopic germs and such, but this is supposed to be the modern era, we should know better..sigh 🙁

The proof [for me] is in the pudding……. and the omlette

….as I was trying to express in a recent article, 3,000 eggs later, my Cholesterol  perfect, I eat over 20 eggs every week, mostly fried in high saturated  fat [but healthy fat] organic coconut oil, and my so called "Bad Cholesterol" is so low, my blood test office is always baffled at the great numbers.

Of course, I have an obsessively integrated healthy lifestyle, and fortunately, either knowingly or unknowingly [or a combo], not putting those things in my body that would throw that LDL out of balance. Like I said above, I consume ZERO common table salt, I consume the mineral rich and "unrefined as nature intended it",  Pink Himalayan Salt.

The Earth is flat……

….of course that sounds absurd now, but 700 years ago people believed it just because that is what they were told.

I think the same is true with so many of these health misnomers that we have in our heads, but as I said earlier, we are without excuse in 2014, because we have all the information we need right at our fingertips as pertains to what is really going on with many health concerns.

I rest my case…..

…and you may disagree, understandable, but we're all on the same team, I welcome opposing opinions,  we can all put our heads together, throw ideas back and forth, and try to keep learning things to stay healthy.

I hope at least you will keep this in the back of your minds, as over 50% of us will be "asked" by the doctor at some point to go on some Cholesterol Lowering drug, often by a doctor who reaps big profits from prescribing as much of the drug as possible.

Let's start to think outside the box a little more, devote 30 minutes of out lives to do a little research, and take back out health and well being.

~stay healthy~



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There are numbers of posts, articles and on almost all media that call LDL cholesterol as "bad cholesterol". It scares people, without understanding how it affects over all heart health. We would hope that all recent studies will be compiled to arrive at a conclusion to either confirm or correct the previous recommendation about cholesterol.

When discussion is about heart health, family history (Genes) is considered to being the huge factor in CV disease as my doc advised. Our doctors also advise us that it is evident that stress reduction, along with diet and exercise, could reduce the risk of CV disease.

We've also read in an article looking at the possibility where taking statins may trigger dementia on elderly. It may be possible since with the effect on statin on the production of LDL Cholesterol FDA Warns on statin labels that some people have developed memory loss(Neurological side effects) or confusion while taking statins. Will Statin be a good idea in lowering down the risk of CV disease in this case?


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