Food for Thought: “Heal Thyself” (Part 2)

"The man who says he can, and the man who says he can't………are usually both correct"

Okay, what the hell is going on here?

After never being sick in my life, and my triumphant slaying of "The Beast" (a.k.a., sickness and illness) last Thanksgiving, that I wrote about in Heal Thyself, Part 1, "The Beast" is coming after me again? WTF?

This time a two week long massive headache and feeling like I wanted to pass out, my "paranoid"
[I admit it] mind is thinking about brain tumors, aneurysms, and blood clots……but taking a step back, I figured out the problem…….

I thought I slayed "The Beast" last Thanksgiving

Looking back over everything I wrote in "Heal Thyself" Part 1, with what seemed to be an inflamed prostate, my best amateur diagnosis, it was really terrifying. I have never had any serious ailment, and my mind got the best of me.

However, as I wrote in that article, my dietary "adjustments", as they say in sports, propelled me to such a great sense of well being, I figured no illness could ever penetrate my defenses again. Until last April, with a MASSIVE 2 week long headache……

I lived in fear, and I'm fearless enough to admit it

In reality, the real reason I got into this wellness thing is fear. Fear of cancer, fear of diabetes, fear of high blood pressure, fear of getting old. Fear that "The Beast" can walk up to me anytime he wants and hit me with a random illness.

So, this continuous massive headache that lasted two a full weeks, had my mind in all kinds of terror. Did I survive a real physical ailment 6 months ago only to be killed by a cell phone, or whatever was causing this massive 2 week long headache? All this thinking gave me an even bigger headache……..

One day before hospital check-in…..again

As the headache moved into it's second week, pounding heavy, my paranoid mind making it worse, to the point of me being afraid to exercise at the health club in fear of collapse, I thought I might need to get this checked out…this is not good

….mayday mayday, we're going down……….again

Message from God…And from a friend…………

Rewind about three weeks prior to this massive two week long headache, I had a conversation with my wellness buddy over the phone, and he was casually talking about how the body processes sugars.

He said that "even if you only eat natural sugars like in fruit and honey and so forth, if you eat too much, over time the body will start processing it as regular sugar and a person's body can react to it in a similar way to processed sugar"

Heal thyself Overkill

As I wrote in Heal Thyself Part 1, I stopped eating grains (and I still haven't for the last 6 months), and my body loves it. But I have been compensating by eating a lot of fruits, in order to get some carbohydrates, especially after workouts when my body craved carbs………

A big majority has been Hunza Raisins and Dates, dried fruits, both of which are high in concentrated sugar.

Somehow…….I knew this was the solution

Now my mind us up in this zone where I can't confirm it, but I know this "God-Thing" as I call it, is giving me the solution. I don't know how I knew, but I already knew "The Beast" is about to get "slayed"……again

……..It did occur to me, after thinking on this issue,  that my head starts pounding about 15 minutes after I eat a bunch of raisins or dates. Oh yeah, I'm onto something.

Making a note of this….to confirm God speaks to me

I said at the time, this "too much sugar" thought came to my head, to write all this down at that moment, because my mind said at the time, "If that is the solution" then this is a confirmed spiritual message, but it won't feel that way weeks from now as events get "muddled", and sequence of events forgotten and so forth

….not in the form of a burning bush or flame of fire, just a message from a friend that I think the heavens brought to me before the problem even transpired.

Cut out the excessive [natural] sugars………problem solved

So, I cut out a lot of the natural sugars. I limited the fruit in my smoothies to perhaps a few strawberries and blackberries (as opposed to several handfulls).

Since, I was drinking 4 or 5 cups of green tea a day since "the incident" six months ago, and I used a heck of a lot of Wild Raw Honey, I cut most of the honey out, switched to a good tasting stevia, as well as no more fruit between meals, and so forth.

Within 2 days, the headache was totally gone

Hate to use the word "lucked out" because I know for sure it was divine blessings and insight. But once again it could have got crazy.

You know, with CAT scans at the hospital, or if something were really wrong, it could have lead to seizures, blackouts while driving, or my fear at the time, collapsing while working out….seemed so serious, but was basically nothing……..

I think I can [heal myself]….I was correct

Even though I was a little paranoid, my underlying mood was that this had to be something I brought on myself and I had to dig into my eating regiment, albeit the same extremely healthy diet that healed the [presumed] inflamed prostate, and make some additional "adjustments".

If I had a brain tumor, perhaps it wouldn't have been that simple, but I always felt underneath this was something I brought on myself.

Eliminating the source of the problem…eliminates the problem

If there is one thing I have learned in all my wellness research, be it a backache or cancer or anything in between, if a person eliminates the thing that causes the issue, then the issue will go away…….no matter how serious the disease.

There does become a point where its too late (as in later stage terminal cancer), and other disesaes are perhaps genetic and unavoidable , but I think most can be affected by things we do….an arguable point, but I'm convinced of it.

That's where my mind is with healing myself

The body is designed to be a perfectly functioning machine, and we can keep it healthy by removing the things from our lifestyle that make our machine run rough, and add to our wellness regiment things from nature that make it run better

……that's how I am learning, with many of these issues to come upon me, to "Heal Thyself"

~stay healthy~


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