The Machismo Mask: Raw Honey, Moroccan Argan Oil, Cinnamon, (and more) pre-shave facial mask

I must admit, a year ago, I was just tinkering around with the ingredients to my daily morning pre-shave facial mask, like Barney Rubble in his basement working on something new, and didn't realize I had picked a great formula until I relocated a few weeks back and had to go without my facial mask for a couple of weeks, waiting for my favorite ingredients to show up in the mail.

My shaves during that couple of weeks were horrible. Knicks, cuts, rough patches, blood, and all the rest. It's even worse with African American men, because the facial hairs are more curly and often don't grow straight out, but instead burrow back into the skin, causing razor bumps, rough patches, and areas that can't be shaven close and clean. The facial skin feels rough all day.

However, with my simple formula, the pre-shave mask works wonders softening the skin, leaving a super smooth "baby's bottom" feel to the skin most of the day, to the extent where I find myself rubbing my jaw all day, marveling at how a few of Mother Nature's gifts from the earth can make such a difference in skin tone.


… mask is not like the photo, mine is more wet and shiny, just thought is was a cool picture


The Machismo Pre-Shave Facial Mask

(I haven't really been measuring my portions but here is my general formula. Makes a batch that lasts a month or so)

**  A half cup or so of quality honey, my fav is  Manuka  (Manuka is the best of the best but quite expensive, read more about cheap and fake honey here) .

**  1 tsp. or so of pure unrefined Moroccan Argan Oil (I think this stuff is "the truth" for youthful skin, will write more about it in the future, a little goes a long way. Be careful, Argan Oil is becoming the rage lately and you know what happens next, dozens of bogus products pop up to cash in. I get my argan oil on Amazon, read some of the reviews on amazon for a better education. To hear a woman's (she love's it to death) testimony for Argan Oil for hair and skin go here)

**  1/3 tsp, more or less Ceylon Cinnamon (as opposed to Cassia Cinnamon which is more common. The main way to tell the difference is the color, Ceylon is light brown, Cassia Dark brown/rust colored, and other ways to distinguish real Ceylon Cinnamon fron low quality Cassia cinnamon can be found here. Ceylon is higher quality and the essential oils and chemical composition give better benefits for youth and vitality when applying to skin, and better health and healing benefits when eating).

Miscellaneous Ingredients:

I'm tinkering with other ingredients, but I like to test out my "base" ingredients before I add other stuff. Right now I'm adding a little coconut oil and a little olive oil to the formula. I have friends that tell me that aloe vera gives them skin irritation, which I learned is because of Aloe's chemical composition, so other ingredients would vary from person to person. I want to experiment with both sea buckthorn juice, payaya juice, ground goji berries, oatmeal, and perhaps dozens of others. But, making a formula like this is like having dinner with pretty girl. You take it slow and easy and let things evolve naturally.

My morning routine:

When I wake up I put my sesame oil in mouth for my "Oil Pilling" that I have been talking about on the blog, and apply my "Machismo Mask". I keep my mix in a Machismo Mask sealed airtight glass container in the bathroom. Leave it on while I am preparing my lunch and watching ESPN. A half hour or so later, I take my shower and let the hot water rinse it off my face, and let the steam from the shower open up the pores. I like to shave in the shower because that wet blade and pulsating water makes for a good shave. I'm still working on  my own home made shave cream, it's still in the lab. In the meantime I am using Aliba Botanicals Shaving Cream

After I step out of the shower I will use another drop or two (don't need much) of argan oil on the beard (and face) to sooth and treat the face.

……..then I'm good to go!!!!  


~stay healthy~



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