Oil Pulling: Simple, but “Next Level” Oral Care, very interesting stuff!!!

See, this is why I blog.

I have a lot to tell others about health and wellness, but I get much more in return. Someone responded to my post on how I reversed my periodontal disease naturally.

She sent me some info on "Oil Pulling", something I never heard of, but now I am all on top of it because my health and wellness "Spider Senses" tell me I should dive right into it.

The short version of Oil Pulling as follows:

Oil Pulling is an old Ayurvedan process, quite simple, but a wealth of oral and full-body health benefits.

Basically, in the morning on an empty stomach, you swish a tablespoon of your choice of oil (although sesame and sunflower are recommended as the traditional oils for this procedure) around the mouth for 15-20 minutes. Swish then spit out, simple, but the enzymes from the fat in the oil "pulls" tons of toxins from the mouth and even the body!!!

The process is said to have the ability of extracting toxins form the mouth and body, resulting in a wealth of health benefits for oral health and well beyond, from headaches, insomnia, skin problems, "female problems", diabetes, constipation, blood pressure issues, and so much more I better stop because it might start to sound too good to be true, and people may blow this post off. I've got good instinct about new stuff, and I think there is definitely something to it, especially since I have learned so much about oral health and how it is tied to many issues and illnesses in the body.

As another side note, since you are supposed to rinse thoroughly after the spit, I will be rinsing with my Pink Himalayan Salt Sole, which is Himalayan salt pre-dissolved in water, to take advantage of the health and healing benefits of the awesome 84 mineral salt/superfood.

If I have peaked anyone's interest just as mine is peaked and I am immediately making this part of my daily morning routine, below are links and video to explain Oil Pulling. It's really a simple process, I think one basically has to instinctively believe there is great value in it. I'm very excited about it and although I normally wait until after I have tried something for six months to a year to talk about the health and wellness experience in retrospect, I don't wanna hold back on this one, seems to important to health and wellness.

Here is the link that explains what oil pulling is and how to go about it.

Here is a forum where people talk about their Oil Pulling experiences. It seems one can use whatever oil one chooses (I started for a few days with coconut oil but switching to sesame as the reading materials recommend)  and the comments and discussions are divided up by the type of oil. You click on the oil of your choice.

Good brief Oil Pulling demonstration with good explanation of benefits below. As with the lady in the video below, I started for a few days with coconut oil, my fav oil,  but switching to sesame oil as the reading materials recommend sesame and sunflower as the traditional oils used for this procedure, and they say the others work, but are in general, less effective .

One final note is that with things like this that I have tried with success in the past, you have to get in for the long haul to see real results. Some commenters in the Oil Pulling reading materials were complaining that after a week there were no results. I'm more of the camp of doing something for 6 months or so and then looking at the results. Reversing my peridontal disease took me a full year of consistent daily flushing of that peridontal pocket to get that tooth back to normal. Often there will be immediate positive effects to give you the motivation to keep investing your time, other times it takes a few months. I have noticed some "possible" positive effects after a week of Oil Pulling, but I'm holding off saying anything until after a few months. Also, I've learned that sometimes when the body detoxes, there are temporary negative results like bad skin. It seems that the body is merely pushing these toxins out of the body, through the pores,  so stick it out if you can. Remember we spend years and even decades putting toxins in the body, don't expect to get rid of them in a week………just food for thought 🙂

Update 10/19/2012 – I notice my teeth are whiter after two straight months of oil pulling. There are other possible benefits I am feeling, but I am feeling good all the time, so it's hard to say. I'll hold off on mentioning them until I give a six month update, I think by that time all the noticeable benefits will have kicked in. Would definitely recommend giving it a try!!!!.

~stay healthy~


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It's worth a try!


I can say my teeth have got noticeably whiter after 1 or 2 months…………………………


I see the woman in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gQe8etKJ9a4 is using coconut oil.  What do you think is the most effective oil.  I would probably prefer to use coconut oil, for I actually like the taste, not so sure about sesame oil.  
Thanks much!


Sesame is the traditional oil for this procedure, I love coconut oil for cooking, but the taste of sesame is much better for this.


Is there any specific brand or quality of sesame oil that one should use?


I currently buy this brand called Napa Valley Naturals, but I think any quality sesame will do. From what I understand, you shouldn’t get the darker toasted sesame however.


So just a raw sesame oil, probably organic would work best.  
Thanks a lot!


I can say my teeth are sparkling white after 4 months of oil pulling everyday, and it “seems” my digestive system operates much “smoother” (I Hope not T.M.I.)


Oil Pulling is doen on an empty stomach, but do you do it before brushing your teeth, or do you do it in leau of brushing?


I do it before brushing teeth, before eating anything, it’s the very first thing I do when I wake up. Then I do my regular routine of brushing my teeth and using an oral irrigator. If you haven’t heard of or haven’t used an oral irrigator, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get one http://hydrofloss.com/


I'm thinking about this but need a sequence of events.  I've begun drinking pink salt sole first thing because you have to do it on an empty stomach, so which comes first, sole or this?  I brush my teeth with a moringa powder mixture after breakfast and again before bed and then rub some extra powder on my teeth so it's in there overnight.  I'm 62 and my teeth are "old fogey yellow" and it's embarrassing me.  I've tried a "whitening toothpaste system" along with some brush-on stuff and the combination works but makes teeth really sensitive. 


I had this issue as well because I have about three morning rituals. For me the Oil pulling comes first, then I have my Wild Honey with Ceylon Cinnamon, I will do the Himalayan salt sole third, but I can go for weeks at a time without doing it at all. Eventually, I will take a break from thr honey and cinnamon, and do the sole second. As I understand it, the oil pulling should come first, the others are a choice of the first thing you want in your digestive system. I don’t think there is a right answer however…………..


Thanks, Doug!  I already benefitted from it this morning after the first use – coffee isn't as desirable when you have to wait a half hour to drink it, and then it doesn't taste as good as before.  Hmmm.  I hope this doesn't diminish my desire for dark chocolate…. 


As for oil pulling i have recently started swishing with food grade hydrogen peroxide. Results are commendable teeth are whiter and plaque gets swished away i don’t even need my toot brush because everything comes out but i do floss and rinse with salt water so refreshing. This is for the lady with yellow teeth try it i think my teeth are whiter too.

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