“Flip the Script” on Coffee (it might not be the caffeine keeping you awake)

Trying to eliminate coffee from the daily regiment for some is probably never going to happen, and my experimenting with the removal of poor ingredients tells me it doesn't have to happen. That being the case, let's look at coffee, let's embrace it, let make it work for us, let's continue to enjoy it.

Let's try an experiment of swapping out the poor ingredients that we add to our java, and use more quality ones, because for many, these additives might possibly affect your sleep more than the caffeine.

When I was having sleep issues a while back and started removing unhealthy things from my diet, I took several things out of my diet including those artificial sweeteners such as Equal and Sweet and Low, as well as refined sugar, I found that  I started sleeping better, in spite of the fact that I continued to drink coffee. The key is that I swapped out the poor ingredients that  I was adding to the coffee.  I was amazed that it wasn't the caffeine that was contributing to my sleep issues, since I only drank one or two cups a day.

Believe it or not, there is an array of quality sweeteners that you can add to your coffee as opposed to the VERY to toxic aspartame, the main ingredient of many of the artificial sweeteners. I use either  Stevia, raw Organic Honey or Xylitol Natural Sweetener (preferably xylitol from Birch trees as opposed to from corn). So far as milk and cream are concerned, although I am toning down by intake of dairy, I will use a quality cream occasionally, but most times I will use coconut milk. 


So if we rethink what we add into coffee, we can get back to enjoying the taste and the aroma, and the whole morning coffee experience without all the additives that might be the culprits to our sleep issues, and make coffee the great treat that it was meant to be.

To ''Flip the Script'' on Coffee:

Eliminate: Sweet & Low, Equal, Splenda, refined sugar (toxic chemicals, aspartame is the most complained about food to the FDA or side effects and such, some theorize it's the cause of Gulf War Syndrome, refined sugar bad for teeth and fattening, sugar often genetically modified), see my in depth article on sweeteners to avoid and my other on stevia ,

Regular Milk and Cream (often filled with chemicals, not very healthy, many adverse reactions, "some" research links standard commercial dairy to breast and prostate cancers)


Replace With: Ultimate Sweetner Xylitol, Raw Organic Honey, or Sweet Leaf Stevia (natural sweeteners, low glycemic index, Stevia and Xylitol works better than refined sugar for diabetics, Xylitol good for teeth, health and healing properties in raw honey, VERY IMPORTANT-Don't just grab any type of Stevia such as NOW brand. Many Stevia brands are mixed with Maltrodextrin, a genetically modified corn based sweetner. (what's the point of that,it takes us right back to square one with fake unhealthy sweetners, READ THE LABELS), or stick with Sweet Leaf Stevia Brand. My personal preference and recomendation if you don't do honey, is the Ultimate Sweetner Xylitol, because of it great taste compared to Stevia, which has somewhat of a chemical aftertaste.)

Grass Fed Milk or Cream (if no access to a farm [like me], try quality dairy companies such as Natural By Nature. Less toxins that regular milk and cream, often from more humanely treated cattle)

Organic FULL FAT Coconut Milk(forget the fat-free brands, Healthy fat, good nutrition)


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