This Is Getting Ridiculous: GMO Grass about to be Approved (Kiss Our Grass Fed Beef Goodbye?) ……. {expletive}

While many of us rely on grass-fed beef as a source of healthful, properly raised meat, that option of healthy eating may just move down a peg. Why? Not because cattle may have to switch to GM grain, but rather because cattle may be forced to indulge in genetically modified grass.

The Scotts ‘Miracle-Gro’ Company which created genetically modified RoundUp-Ready Kentucky Bluegrass has announced that it will conduct field trials at the homes of Scotts’ employees. What’s more, they can do so without any government oversight because there are no laws that prohibit or limit the planting of GMO grass.

We Ain't Ready, for RoundUp Ready……

We already know that RoundUp ready crops have been linked via independent peer reviewed studies to inflammatory, genotoxic, neurotoxic, carcinogenic, and endocrine disrupting diseases, as well as infertility. RoundUp also chelates important minerals from the body, robbing you of your good health. Now, cattle will graze upon GMO Kentucky Bluegrass and people will ingest the RoundUp chemicals sprayed on the cow’s favorite meal. You can guess who is behind this latest GMO development.

Scotts is Monsanto’s exclusive agent for the marketing and distribution of consumer RoundUp. We are running out of time to try and get Scott’s from being able to market and sell this latest GMO product. You can sign this petition which will be sent to Hagedorn, along with the CEOs of Lowe’s and Home Depot who are expected to sell the GMO grass.

The GMO Lawn Engineered to Eat Copious Amounts of Pesticide

a quote below from an article in Natural Society

“…GMO Roundup Ready grass will result in a further increase in the use of Roundup, which will contaminate our groundwater and drinking water. Imagine your children & pets frolicking around in a sea of herbicidal poison. Because of inevitable contamination, the grass is likely to be eaten by grass grazing animals. There has been no toxicity testing and the potential harm to animals eating this GMO grass is unknown. Will we be saying good-bye to pasture raised meat? Lastly, it is a scientific fact that weeds will evolve to develop resistance to Roundup, leading to ever increasing amounts being applied.”

Additionally, you can request that your grocery store only carry certified GMO-free grass-fed beef.

The game is changing…..

…..yet again as biotech tries to infiltrate every conceivable agricultural market on the planet. While Jim Hagedorn, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, is likely doing a happy promenade.

Those who love their grass-fed beef and rely upon it as a healthier source of meat can kiss it goodbye.

The above portion of the article taken word for word from an article on NaturalSociety.comm

Why this is Sooooo relevant from my POV….

As I wrote in "The Mysterious Case of the Cancer Free Meat Eaters", the nutrient B17/Nitrilosides seem to be the common factor of races, tribes, and cultures around the world that have very little cancer. B17 is in over 1000 plants, highest in Apricot Seeds, but also very abundant in grass.

That [to me] explains why many meat eating cultures have very low cancer rates, in that the animals eat the B17 rich plants, and the humans eat the animals. The point being that grass is VERY rich in B17/Nitrilosides, the cows and goats eat it, we eat the grass fed cows and goats, that's my theory on why grass fed beef is so much better.

"Don't F%$^ck With My Coding" –says Mother Nature.

I blog on behalf of "Mother Nature", and she would want me to word the title of this section as harshly as I worded it, but I think one thing she has taught me is that everything in nature is "coded and wired" exactly as it needs to be, for our health and wellness.

You can't take a plant that has been designed over hundreds of millions of years, and change the DNA or the coding, and expect it to be properly processed by the anything, animal or human, that consumes it.  I supposed that's why certain animals won't eat [so I hear] GMO foods if given a choice.

I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart………….

…but I can't really go there in my blog, because conspiracy theories always sound like the writer is crazy. But it "feels" to me like the GMO food producers actually want to "rule the world".

My belief is that they know at some point, their GMO, grass, corn, and everything else will cross-polinate with our regular food supply, and we know already they are shutting down farms that have traces of their patented GMO product, even in cases where the farmer is totally innocent, in that his crops got cross-pollinated via an unfavorable wind.

What can we do to stop this madness (besides signing petitions) ?

I have no idea………………..


Why does big business and politicians act the way they do?

I intentionally wrote that last paragraph, "I have no idea", because I mesmerizes me why some people have it in their minds to operate the way do, with no concern for the well being of other citizens around them. We pay taxes and appoint the politicians to work for us, but it seem like they and big business won't even let us determine our own fate.

Sorry, but I've always been a [relatively] bright guy, but sometimes I get truly “dumfounded” on the nature of [some] people. Why are they doing this? I know, FOR MONEY, I'm not stupid, but I mean, on a deeper level WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

Sorry my readers, for the fist time, I got nothing…………..

So many have written me over the last 3 years to say in various ways, they stop by my spot for some positivity, good vibrations, good photography, good eats, good music, a little health science, one
woman wrote about my articles on her Pinterest Page, that after reading some of my work, she felt "enlightened".

But, this is the first article ever in 3-4 years of blogging for wellness that I can't even exit on a positive note or bring something positive to the table, I got nothing……{expletive}  🙁

~stay healthy~


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