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(...a Cyber Coffee Shop for "Clever Conversation")

On the Menu Coffee, Tea, and "Crumpets"
Music The Song "Innuendo", by Michael Franks

".....and the Chic spot that we meet, is called 'Innuendo'  "
"We're both masters of the game.....known as 'Innuendo' "

    --Michael Franks (from the song "Innuendo")



Let me see if I can splice these two themes together in this "Wanderlusting" post, as my mind wanders on a rainy Seattle Saturday night ......

The first theme is Coffee Shop Cafes, this theme is pretty easy-peezie, one of my favorite things in the world, especially when I can get a little Sunday brunch there with a warm hearted girl.

The second theme, a little more confusing, both "great" and "not so great", I mean these Cyber conversations that most of us have had, the one that get flirtatious and romantic, almost like a coffee shop date but with a person you never met.

You know, like when you can somehow feel their energy out there in Cyber-Space, like you actually know them.


Back in Chicago, as long as there was an outlet for my computer, I could literally spend the whole day at a coffee shop.

These days, it something I do whenever I travel to a new city, I go to some cool coffee shop. Whenever I have a first date, I always make it a coffee shop.
All you need is to spend $8, hear some good background music, and a cozy corner to see what woman is all about. Somehow my conversation goes from what is likened to the music of Weird Al Yanckovich to the music of Miles Davis up in there.

Clever conversation at a Coffee Shop is so "real", I mean, you're always so in the moment, all you have to offer is honest expression, somehow that Cool Coffee Shop pulls the "real me" out of me.

Now this cyber romantic conversation thing, that kind of confuses me. I'll explain why in a second. But, let's take a 'coffee break', pour ourselves a cup of Organic Jamaican Roast (or whatever floats your "coffee boat"), and then we can break down this "romantic cyber conversation" thang.......


Coffee, Tea, and "Crumpets"

...and I suppose I'll spare you any health science in such a laid back, made for browsing article, like I won't say anything such as,
"Avoid Toxic Sweeteners"  {chuckle}


Pumpkin Latte (click photo Below for recipe)                                                                                                                                      Turmeric Chai Latte(click photo below for recipe)


Dark Chocolate Chunk Rumchata Cookies
heed my link above for sweeteners to avoid (click photo Below for recipe)                     The "Coffee Ritual", just a cool photo from a GREAT site (click photo for the "Local Milk' Website source)


Fresh Ginger Tea (click photo Below for recipe)                                                                                 Pistachio Macaroons, note Sweeteners to Avoid link above (click photo for recipe)


      Chai Tea (click photo Below for recipe)


Hot Buttered Cinnamon Hazelnut Whiskey (click photo Below for recipe)                                   Cardamon Coffee (click photo below for recipe)




Now pertaining to that other theme, these Romantic Cyber Conversations, I must say, very little in life confuses me, but these things I don't get. Here's the thing........I'm not a big "Phone Person" (you'll never see me on the street texting or looking at my phone), and other than promoting my blog, I'm not a very big Facebook and Social Media person

However, I did get pulled into this romantically surreal cyber-conversation with a woman recently, something I've tried to avoid in the past, and it was incredible, almost like a "Coffee Shop Flow" times 10. My complaint with those web conversations is that it seems like the people that spend the most time on the web and cellphones, "seem" to be less serious about their expression and conversation, I call it "disposable conversation". I wonder sometimes are these women married or dating? You know, using the web to get a safe and discrete ego boost, mind fuck, or whatever. Maybe every married man's wife is committing "cyber adultery" for all I know..


Me, nothing comes out of my mouth that isn't real, and nothing is disposable. That why I want to immortalize some of that conversation below, not just throw it in the trash, like it had no real meaning beyond someone f#cking around on the web, and then going their merry way........

Beause the things I express are always real........not just "Innuendo"

~stay healthy~

Her: So you live in Seattle? I guess Harry has yet to meet his Sally
Me: Uh, forgive me you lost on that last message. Are you writing to the correct person? Or did I miss something. How did Harry met Sally come into my last message?

Her: Oops, mixed up the 2 movies! Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry met Sally..
Me: Sleepless (psychologically) until I meet a woman like you in real life (note to self: that was a smooth comment, no way she can even comeback)

Her: What I meant to say was that sometimes one aspect of a person may be great and just what you're looking for but if you look deeper into someone who doesn't quite have that aspect, they probably have something else that would intrigued you just as much or more.. :)
Me: I actually agree no argument. I think a couple points people missed, in my experiences is that, if you are not the person they had "hard coded" into their heads, shaped from past, your true nature will cause them problems. Secondly, it can be argued that what you find after digging in may not be the main point...the main point could be what attraction did you have to even make you wanna dig in and look deeper into a person.

Her: I don’ get it! I want to believe that we’ve evolved in terms of finding a good person to connect with and that being friends first is the only way to do this.. But so far as your last comment WOW!!!
Me: I think we have to be friends yes, but there is this another type of energy that hits immediately, and that kind of immediate attraction is not something that develops over time. I’m not a big believer in that the “slow cook” friendship will lead to a “Steamy romance” I think “steamy relationships” jump off from day one, before you even know what the hell is going on. Although , the web screws up my flow, because I need to be in someone's physical space to "feel" their raw energy. One of my issues with the web is people often present themselves as they want to be perceived, not as they truly are. But, if we're face to face, I'm gonna see who you really are in 2 weeks :)
Her: We [you and I] are in a fog, it's like a state of slow, mesmerizing daze, being high... I like it!!!

Her: I most often lead with my mind but my heart keeps getting in the way.. And because I know this about myself, I have to proceed with caution. It’s just how it goes.........
Me: I was thinking about why I am even trying to communicate with you over the web, cause that is not my thing (though if we were in the same town, I’d be trying to “Do a Little Somethin’ Somethin’ “).....but it came to me that we get drawn to people over the web not cause we really know who they are, but because of who we want them to be.

Her: Why did you even connect with me in the first place if that is not your thing?
Me: It was totally spontaneous, that photo of you on your Facebook page, at the French Café looked so cute, wish I were there, it looks so……..”Jazzy”
Her: That’s totally me, I’m from another era :)

Her: I like men who are strong but when you can show your vulnerable side, it weakens me..:)
Me: I must admit, that was the first comment I left the moment and jotted down a note for what would make a cool Coffee Shop article for my blog LOL!!!!

"Sail Forth. Steer for the deep waters only. Reckless O soul, exploring. I with thee and thou with me. For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared go. And we will risk the ship, ourselves, and all." --Walt Whitman

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