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"A Long Walk"
(....with Jill Scott)

On the Menu:   A Suprise Backpack Picnic....During a Long Walk
Video:   The song "A Long Walk", by Jill Scott

"Let's take,    a long walk,    around the park  ,  after dark,    find a spot,   for us to spark,  conversation .....
...verbal elation,   stimulation,   share our situations,    temptations,    educations,     relaxations,    elevations,    maybe baby,      maybe we can save the nation"

    --Jill Scott (from the song "A Long Walk")


Every dude is different, but I know when I'm really diggin a woman.....when a whole blog article about her jumps in my head and writes itself.

So check it out, I'm at Whole Foods, minding my own business, and this "Soul Sista" and I meet and immediately have this crazy amazing vibe. Her "bizzarely" (if that's a word") warm and friendly energy is totally breaking ranks with the standard female, "Walk around with a nasty, brash attitude to show a false perception of strength vibe", what I call the the "manufactured reality" that society seems to be rewarding and promoting these days as what represents feminine strength and power {sigh}.

I got busted checking her out. Not from getting caught staring at her enticingly voluptuous body, complete with "Jill Scott-like" torso (if you know what I'm saying). I saved myself with the classic guy Jedi mind trick "DON'T LOOK DOWN, DON'T LOOK DOWN!!!". It was actually those juicy ass, five star kissable, Jill Scott, Nubian lips.

...she was talking and my mind just heard it as background, cuz I'm totally hypnotized by these juicy ass lips and "pearly whites". I realized she stopped talking when there was silence, and I just had to confess, "Honestly, I didn't hear a word you just said". She responds with laughter, and the classic "chick move" the "hand on my bicep while she's laughing" ... guys wonder how they get away with that move, but we never complain. I felt her touch on my bicep shoot down my spine, she's killing me softly......



She was shocked that I have been in the Northwest for 5 years, but had never been up to the mountains. She says, "Honey, I gotta get you up to the hills for a hike".

Didn't hear from her for two weeks after that, til I get this voicemail saying "Hey you.... been up in Canada on work assignment for a couple of weeks, be back this weekend, get your hiking boots ready, I'm taking you on a journey, physically and mentally..........."

.......and I'm like, "Oh no she ain't trying to roll up on me with no 'Female Smooth Operator' moves. Don't she know she messing with a master?"
So I'm like, OK, if that's how you trying to rock with me, fine, I got some moves too. Just wait til I bust out this backpack Picnic.................during "A Long Walk"


Taking a "Backpack" Picnic Break

(...during "A Long Walk")


I know you "young players" gonna steal my moves, but it's all "love",  so let me hook you up.                  Planning for a backpack picnic is all about "organization".......
I'd recommend the Hampton's Ascot Picnic Backpack. Lot of room, can pack a dozen containers            I find that Tapas/Appetizers work better than large sandwiches because you can pack more,
Insulated, LOOKS COOL!!! (click photo for more info on Hamptons Picnic Backpack)              and have more variety (click below for info on Fortnum & Mason Picnic Gear)


Shrimp and Mango Summer Rolls  (I'll replace the caster sugar with healthy Coconut Sugar)             Tomato Cucumber Salad   (a simple two ingredient dressing of Olive Oil
(click photo below for recipe)                                                                                                                                              and Apple Cider Vinegar does the trick)  (click photo below for recipe)


Melon, Mozzarella, and Prosciutto Skewers  (You can replace that                            Mini Meatball Subs  (Two to Four of these pack nicely in a small container as a filling Tapas Treat. 
Prosciutto with Free Range  Sliced Turkey) (click photo below for recipe)                   Can do Grass Fed Beef,  Turkey, Chicken, Vegetarian Meatball, etc. (click photo below for recipe)


(1 Photo above and 3 Photos Below)        Chicken Lettuce Wraps
...The Chicken wrap photos are from a blog called "The Pretty Blog", which has recently shut down.
However, I replaced the links when you click on the photos with an awesome Mango-Chicken Lettuce Wraps Recipe...

(click photo above or 3 photos Below for recipe)


...and you can't go wrong with fresh fruit, my thing is strawberries and honeydew                           .....or if you want to get "fancy smancy" , Watermelon - Feta "Bites" with Mint Leaves
no recipe required, rinse, dice, into container, bada boom-bada bing!!!                                                   (click photo below for recipe)


...and lets not forget a few "Sweets for the Sweets",       Mandarin Orange Cookies
Actually a pretty healthy recipe I ran across, if you use organic ingredients, trash the conventional processed sugar, and switch to
Healthy Coconut Palm Sugar (click photo below for recipe)


I get all the divine spiritual inspration necessary to sustain a happy life from within, but sometimes get this rare, external burst of spiritual ignition and inspiration from some woman, even more rare when I am attracted to her physically and spiritually. I think this type of woman has somehow realized that real feminine strength and power resides radiating warmth and kindness, not brashness or a "fake ass" Samantha from "Sex in the City" attitude, which is only a "mask" to hide her insecurities.

But this woman was a breath of fresh air, a burst of Divine Female Energy, a reincarnated spirit of The Queen of Sheba or maybe Nefertiti, and she unintentionally and unknowingly, with just a smile, brought me back to the fact that I manufacture my own reality, and people in tune to it will come into my orbit......and take "A Long Walk"

~stay healthy~

"Sail Forth. Steer for the deep waters only. Reckless O soul, exploring. I with thee and thou with me. For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared go. And we will risk the ship, ourselves, and all." --Walt Whitman

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