Some Healthy Food Fun:    Dinner and a Movie
Enemy of the State

On the Menu Enemy of the "State of American Fast Food" Burgers and Fries
Video Scenes from the movie, "Enemy of the State"

"Why are they after me?"
    --Will Smith


Those whom decided not to like this movie that came out 18 years ago in 1998, because some ordained "Movie Guru" with some self proclaimed power to give a thumbs up or down about what is good and what is bad {short rant over}, might want to revisit this movie, because in 2016, it's a DAMN GOOD movie......and eerily "right on time".

We are being watched and monitored up the "wazoo", to the point where my iPhone seems to somehow anticipate where I'm going on a Saturday, shooting me restaurant suggestion and all that.......kinda spooky.

Both me and Will Smith are official "Enemies of the State" now. Him because his wife Jada, and now he himself, are speaking out on this issue of Diversity in Hollywood.....

Me, (in my own little world) because my blog is now showing up on these "Black-Lists" and "Watch-Lists". From what veteran health bloggers with whom I collaborate are telling me, its to make sure I'm not selling medical advice over the web without a license, and because Big Business is basically paying people to get on the web and discredit anyone attempting to give holistic health advice and natural cures, to keep everyone slaves to their man made medicines and "fake foods".

Geez, I'm on a Government Watchlist, and an "Enemy of the State" just for trying to create a healthier burger............sigh.


Enemy of the "State of American Fast Food"

.....Burgers and Fries


....IF I CAN INTERRUPT THIS PROGRAM for an announcement....I'm convinced that Burgers and Fries are not inherently bad for you. Think about it for a second....ask yourself why people have been eating meat for thousand of years, like the Inuit Native Americans who were historically cancer free meat eaters, but somehow, the diabetes epidemic, teenage obesity, and such only popped up in the last 30 years? It really simple, commercial mass produced beef from cows not allowed their natural grass fed diet, toxic and fattening recently invented "newfangled" oils, sweeteners, and ingredients in mayo, ketchup, BBQ Sauce, and bread, plus French Fries fried in what is basically poison Canola

OK, enough "egghead" nutrition science (but that's my real reason for being here), now back to the movie........


Mozzarella and Caramelized Peach Caprese Burger (Though mine will be a "Mango Burger")            Lamb & Feta Burger with Mint Pesto & Yogurt
I like this recipe I found, but to "flip" it to healthy, I'll get Grass Fed Beef from Whole Foods, replace
             Healthy makeover just requires organic ingredients and Pink Himalayan Salt
brown sugar with
Coconut Palm Sugar (click photo below for recipe)                                                                  If Whole Foods doesn't have Grass Fed Dairy Yogurt, I will omit (click photo 4 recipe)


Advanced Burgers!!! (From Grinding your own Grass Fed Meat)                                             Herb Roasted Parsnip Fries
This is how I do my burgers now, and I'm glad someone outlined how to do it........                               
With Organic ingredients, perfectly healthy recipe as is
Grass Fed Beef/Pastured Ground Chicken-Turkey at Whole foods is expensive, but worth                   (Click Photo Below for Recipe)
every penny, and every bite!!! (Love this Article!!! click photo below to read more)


Lamb Burgers with Watermelon Salad  (click photo below for recipe)                                Green Chile and Avocado Turkey Cheeseburgers
                                                                                                                                                                             I would use my own
healthy 3 ingredient mayo in this recipe (click photo for recipe)


Homemade French Fries With Garlic Aioli Dipping Sauce                                            
I like this recipe, but instead of the Veganaise (whatever that is) for the dipping sauce, I would hake my own
homemade healthy 3 ingredient mayo.
Also I will only fry in
Coconut Oil. I eat French Fries fried in Coconut Oil every weekend, and my Cholesterol Scores are Perfect!!!!     (click photo below for recipe)


How to make the Perfect "Smash Burger"                                                                                   Red Wine Burgers with Mushrooms, Goat Cheese
Healthy Burgers 101   1) Grass Fed Beef/Cheese     2)make your
ketchup/BBQ and mayo            I'm not a big fan of the Worcestershire because of high sodium content, but otherwise, nice recipe
3) Quality bread
{example}    4) Organic Veggies     (click below for instructions)                (click photo below for recipe)                                                                                                                                                                         


Doug's "No Recipe Required Fries"  (My every Weekend Treat)                                                                          Doug's "No Recipe Required Burger"     
Organic Potatoes, fried in
Cococnut Oil, Topped with Pink Himalayan Salt, That's it!!                                Grass Fed Beef, seasoned with Black Pepper and Pink Himalayan Salt
I don't need ketchup, they are still the best fries I ever had!!!!                                                                                        Sometimes with Whole Foods Grass Fed Cheese and my Homemade BBQ Sauce


                                                                                                                                                                   ...I only show about 90 seconds of the clip below, to see full video click on YouTube at lower right of video


Will Smith Speaks out on the "Need for Diversity in Hollywood" Issue  ----------->

I was gonna give a "long winded" opinion on this whole subject that is becoming a "firestorm", but Will Smith handles it so eloquently in this interview, it alleviates me from having to get too far into it.

But since I know some readers will press me or an "opinion".......contrary to the current Social Media backlash against Will and Jada, Hollywood does have a lot value to me, in that it is one of the easiest "lenses" to peer inside the nature of the "Controlling Forces" that manifest themselves via Hollywood, or Sports, or at your job when you feel
under-appreciated/rewarded/compensated, or when [some] police don't appreciate you as law abiding, tax paying citizen, whose taxes pay their salary.

Those "Controlling Forces" is a whole other "Food for Thought" article when I feel like getting around to it, but since I manufacture my own reality, I'm not dependent on accolades of any "Societally Run" authority, so the subject bothers me very little......

~stay healthy~


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