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"Red Tails"

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"To the last plane, To the last bullet, To the last minute, To the last man......
WE FIGHT!!!! .....WE FIGHT!!!! .....WE FIGHT!!!! .....WE FIGHT!!!! .....WE FIGHT!!!! .....WE FIGHT!!!! ....."

    --The 332nd Fighter Squadron (a.k.a., The Tuskegee Airmen, a.k.a., "The Red Tails")


In spite of all the "haters", I really liked this movie. "Red Tails" is a Hollywood presentation of the famed 332nd Air Force fighting unit during World War II, more popularly known as the Tuskegee Airmen. The red tails of the planes was their insignia, as every outfit had unique markings, so any unit could be visually identified in the air, by other planes in the air. They were in essence an "Experiment", or project, so to speak, to see if African American could actually fly planes.

The Red Tails became one of the best fighting units in the Air Force, supposedly having the impeccable record of never having lost any bomber planes they were escorting and defending in combat (though this only true from a certain perspective, in that even the Tuskegee Airmen acknowledge they lost bombers to enemy fire from the ground, but allegedly, no bombers were lost to attacking German fighter planes.)

The reason I used the word "haters" above, is that whenever a movie comes out focusing on African Americans in history, it seems, critics are overly harsh. Many said the movie was "Too Black" (whatever that means), others say the movie was "Not Black Enough" (whatever that means). I think they keep forgetting this is a Hollywood production, put together for the digestion of the biggest audience possible.

I thought George Lucas did a good job, it's not my place to judge what "angle" or "perspective" he had to play to make this film happen. I'm just happy the film was made, these "almost" forgotten heroes have been my inspiration since my childhood, and for war movie fans like myself, the technology of today's movie making made for some great actions can't over think it, you just have to make some food and grab a beer, and enjoy it for what it is......


The Red Dinner


 Italian Style Chicken with Capers, Anchovies, and Tomato,  for recipe, click here                                                                            Spicy Tomato Soup,   for recipe, click here


 Watermelon, Hazelnut, Mint Salad,  for recipe, click here                      Baked Lamb and Oregano Meatballs,   for recipe, click here


 Strawberry Lemonade,  for recipe, click here                 


When I contemplate all my so called "struggles" I have to go through in 2014, like this endless war of dealing with these idiots in Corporate America, I have to always keep in my head how those brave, smart, courageous Red Tails had to go through a hell of a lot worse.

Nonetheless, the war I have to go through is serious to me (like everyone's personal struggle is serious to them), and is very mentally intense, that is, it's the ultimate battle for my personal freedom, and as far as I'm concerned, is a fight to the death, to take control of my destiny. But, with the spirit of the "Red Tails" flying over me, I always keep that motto in my head....."Until mys last breath.....I FIGHT!!!!.....I FIGHT!!!....I FIGHT!!!!.....I FIGHT!!!....I FIGHT!!!....I FIGHT!!!!! "

~stay healthy~

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