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On the Menu The "Serendipitous Supper"
Video Scenes from the movie, "Serendipity"

"Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences.....
.....but rather its a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, but sublime plan"

    --Jeremy Piven


Okay, it just hit me my last three "Dinner and a Movie" flicks were pretty intense "Guy Flicks", so I better lighten up a little bit. 

After reviewing two war movies,
Lawrence of Arabia and Red Tails, and the gritty inner city flick Empire, I better swing back to something "light and easy" before I turn off my female readers.

But, I confess I caught myself in a lie here. Serendipity, although a very funny lighthearted movie, with a light sprinkling of slapstick, perfect for a relaxed Saturday night, there is this intensely serious undertow, of fate, destiny, and quantum physics interwoven in this lighthearted romantic comedy.

........perfectly suited for both sides of my brain. And perfectly suited to process out the "perfect buzz" from that bottle of Pinot Gris Wine, which made this movie an unexpectedly surreal, fun, funny, crazy, contemplative treat, instantly becoming one of my personal fav's.

Besides, even if this were a bad movie, watching "cute as she wanna be" Kate Beckinsale's smile would have been a good investment of 90 minutes of my life. She definitely played to a "Tee" that "lightning bolt" of feminine sweetness that all us guys hope to get struck by. Most women try to mimic it, but very few really have it...

When that "bolt of lightning" smile hit me a few years back, I know instantaneously I couldn't marry my now ex-girlfriend. Only guys will truly know what I'm saying.


The "Serendipitous Supper"

....that name has no meaning, just popped in my head. But of course, If I ever meet my soul mate, I'm obligated to cook for her whatever is on this page :)


Roasted Onions With White Wine, Garlic and Thyme (click photo below for recipe)                                   Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar and Orange (click photo for recipe)


Waldorf Salad (my own Healthy Mayo for this recipe) (click photo below for recipe)                                           Chicken Poulet Vallee dAuge  (click photo below for recipe)


Raspberry Cocktails (click Photo Below for recipe)             



Movie clip directly above dedicated to "Shayle"
......she knows why :)

When it come to relationships, there's three kinds of people. The first, I call the "Samantha Shakurs", the cross between the personalities of Samantha from "Sex in the City" and gangster rapper Tupak Shakur. You know, the "show no emotion", "show no weakness" people. I ain't impressed with that bulls#it. They're faking it.... You can't go though life with no emotions (Darth Vader and Hitler did it, but very few others), its only an elaborate stage production to hide emotions, always looks kinda silly to me.

Then there's the "Make it Work"-ers, methinks 80% of people are in this category. They are like, "yeah this next level, 'Serendipity S#it' is fine and dandy, but I can't bank my life on something intangible, I'm just gonna stick with my consolation prize I'm with now, and just 'Make it Work' " least in the end I have something.

Then there are the "Serendipitous Souls", it's not so much that they are being unrealistic, risking their whole lives on that "gazillion to one" shot of getting what I call that "Divine Gift", I think its that they can't do anything else, because they think that intangible, untouchable thing........... they think that's the only real thing.

.....If you don't get that last paragraph, no offense, but don't struggle with it, you're just not in that group....You know which group I'm in by now, cause if I weren't in this group, I couldn't even write that previous paragraph.

~stay healthy~

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