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London Olympics 2012

On the menu  British Style Fish 'N Chips
Video How to make Fish 'n Chips,   Fish 'N Chips 101 for Yanks
Music  The Athletes "Motivational Medley" by various artists

“All the colors of the world should be loving each other wholeheartedly”

--The Jacksons (from the song “Can You Feel It”)


Just chuckling to myself how a few years back, I was looking forward in time to 2016, I was sure that in summer 2016 I would be back in my former hometown of Chicago as a volunteer for the Chicago 2016 Olympics.

I'd be doing anything my city needed of me; passing water to the marathon runners, a tour guide, whatever Chicago need of an able bodied citizen. But it wasn't meant to be. Oh well, another excuse for me to plan a trip to Rio De Janerio.

Being such a big fan of the colorful spectacle that is the Olympics, I can still do a little "Wanderlusting" cyber-style, and participate in the 2012 games over in the old country.

Another opportunity to slip in some "Healthy Food Fun". We healthy eaters enjoy what we eat as much junk food eaters. British Style Fish 'N Chips fried in coconut oil makes this one a breeze!!!



British Style Fish 'N Chips

(Fried In Heart Healthy Coconut Oil)


A tourist's education. Fish 'N Chips 101 for Yanks  ----------->

Recipe (For video at lower right)

Fresh Cod Filets (or fresh fish or choice make sure it's from a source with sustainable fishing practices. My favorite is Chilean Sea bass, but it's hard to find in from a accredited sustainable source, my Whole Foods has it occasionally)

Coconut Oil (I don't recommend any of the conventional oils such as Wesson, Crisco, and AVOID CANOLA OIL AT ALL COSTS, IT IS POISON!!!!!!)

Peas (although I can't get into the Mushy Peas thing for myself, that must be a British thing, just listing it for thoroughness of recipe)

Grass FedButter
Beer (I use Henieken)
Plain Flour

Bread Flour
English Mustard

White Wine Vinegar
ghertkins (picked cucumbers, or just use pickles)

Pink Himalayan Salt (AVOID TABLE SALT!!)

Coarse ground black pepper
Organic potatoes


If I were and alien from another planet getting beamed down to Earth for the first time, and the first thing on Earth I observed was the Olympics, I would probably send a message back to the "Mothership", something along the lines of:

"These people from that shining blue planet are an amazing display of harmony and unity. A medley of diverse cultures, races, creeds, and religions all coming together to participate in the celebration of life through sports, a testament to their admirable and enviable respect and appreciation of all of their planet's inhabitants. They are a shining light for all of the universe to observe and learn from."

Uh......I don't think I need to write anything else, you see where I'm going with that.

B.T.W. My first name, "Douglas" when the letters are rearranged, spell out "USA GOLD" !!!    ~stay healthy~


"Sail Forth. Steer for the deep waters only. Reckless O soul, exploring. I with thee and thou with me. For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared go. And we will risk the ship, ourselves, and all." --Walt Whitman


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