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I think any recipe can be converted to healthy, by swapping out the bad ingredients.

Here are my suggestion of how to swap out bad ingredients for good.

1. Replace Sugar with Birch Tree Xylitol. Great natural substitute with same look and feel as sugar
2. Replace all cooking oils (especially Canola) with Organic Coconut Oil
3. Replace eggs with quality pasture raised eggs
4. Replace dairy products with grass fed dairy such as
Natural By Nature.
5. Use organic spices.
6. Use
Pink Himalayan Salt
or Celtic Sea Salt instead of table Salt.
7. Use Pasture Raised Chicken and Turkey.
8. Use grass fed beef instead of conventional beef.
9. Use Wild Caught Seafood as opposed to farm raised.
10. Use organic fruits and veggies as opposed to conventional.
11. Avoid all GMO crops, especially the Big Boys: Corn, Soy, Canola

...............I will add to this list as things come to mind, but you see my point,  ENJOY EATING!!!!!!!

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