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Mississippi Masala

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"Racism, or as they say nowadays, 'Tradition', is passed down like recipes, and the trick is.... have to know what to eat, and what to leave on the plate, otherwise you'll be mad forever......"

--Denzel Washington

"....and you'll never eat"
Sharita Choudhury

My movie posts are now officially, "Only When I'm Inspired", cause Hollywood is giving me so little to work with, but this one fell out of me observing the madness all around me since the Trump Election. What's been bothering me is the only irritating thing in my mostly peaceful existence. It's not even racism, I call it "Cultural-ism".

"Mississippi Masala" is a forgotten gem from the early 1990's, overlooked by Hollywood's mainstream audience for obvious reasons. Well, obvious if you see the true Hollywood game, which is, they're not in the business of presenting images of Strong Black Men "en masse" (I think you can figure out the rest of the game from there).

....but, if you can't stomach strong, positive, Black Imagery, then you probably won't last 3 minutes on my "cyber-spot" anyway, and most of those people have by now, clicked over to the Trump websites. Whatever.....I have no problem with the Trump people controlling the show, but I'm just curious, "why you all still mad at everybody"?

Anyhoo, now that I've kicked those self-conscious, penis envy dudes off my site, this was a very good romance movie, one of my personal classics. Though it has a low budget, Indie "look and feel", often times, that "Indie" feel makes for an awesome, memorable, "should have won an Oscar" movie, if the dialogue is powerful enough.

I was invited to watch it when I was contracting in Portland, Oregon, by a stunning Indian chick named Priyanka {thinking of her with a pleasant "sigh" while typing}. I found it so strange that she was so self conscious about being too "dark", even though she was lighter than me), some experiences give me a hell of a lot of perspective.

Though I had already seen the movie, I told her I never heard of it, it was her movie choice, who am I to spoil her "power move"? We only had pizza and wine, I was still unrefined in my "Dinner and a Movie" dating. We had a FUN night, and a few more "fun nights" after that, if you know what I'm saying ... it was "Hot and Spicy" :)
{smiling while typing}............


"Mixed Masala", "Hot and Spicy" Dinner Inspirations


Mississippi Fried Catfish (fry in Coconut Oil Only!!!), click photo for recipe                                                            Chicken Korma (click photo for recipe)


Seyal Murgh (Sindhi Chicken Masala)     (click photo for recipe)                                                                                                             "Gumbo-laya" (I think I'll do this one for the Super Bowl) click photo for recipe  


Shrimp Gumbo with Andouille Sausage Recipe (for my "twice a year" sausage treat)                     
......WATCH YOUR OILS!!!! I use Coconut OIL ONLY!!! Not Authentic, but healthier.....                                         Mississippi Shrimp and Grits (AVOID GMO CORN AT ALL COSTS!!!) click photo for recipe


Crock Pot Chicken Tikki Masala    (click photo for recipe)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Below: The "Beach Scene", one of my top 5 romance movie scenes in movie history.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Walking on the beach with a pretty girl is "my thing". It always seems to, "calm me down" :)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ........dedicated to Priyanka, whevever you are :)



Go here for the full Mississippi Masala Love Scene

AMERICANS!!!    WTF happened to you all? (or perhaps maybe 70% of you)? At the risk of destroying the mood of a perfectly good romantic movie with a History Lecture, I need to remind people that after the American Revolution, we just didn't become a country, it took a decade of peaceful negotiation of 13 totally disjointed colonies, almost like 13 separate nations, with separate cultures and interests, to come up with a document all 13 would sign ...........our present Constitution.

Powerful Northern States like Massachusetts and New York had to cede certain powers and control to states like Virginia, there was no guarantee it would all work, but they recognized the strength in joining into something bigger than self. Today, so many people obsessively passionate about the flag, but only care about their one "Star" or "stripe" in the flag, with no sense of "One Nation".

Though I was probably the descendant of some of the slaves owned by those men that signed that Constitution, I saw this thing from the right angle when I was only 10 years can't be that hard {rant over}

~stay healthy~

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