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Video Scenes from the movie, "Creed"

"Every punch I've ever thrown has been on my own.....I'm ready"
--Michael B. Jordan

""If you look hard enough, you can see your whole life from up here"
--Sylvester Stallone

I have to talk about "race" a little bit in this "Dinner and a Movie" review, or it won't work.....

But, not worries, I'm not down with the recent mindset in the USA, thanks to Trump, to spew out whatever you want, no consideration for civility, no consideration for people's sensibilities, no cosideration for anything. Always scratching my head at why people are so impressed with that kind of obnoxiousness. Just seems "weak" to me.....

But, I digress.....

First of all, I literally HATED all the Rocky Movies. Unrealistic, non-believable, unrelateable to my experience. But, as I always try to tell Black people about mainstream Hollywood movies, Black People simply are not the target audience. The Rocky movies were basically feeding the masses the illusion of "The Great White Hope"

(as the young kids say on Twitter, "SMH")

I don't use the term "Boycott" anymore, but I simply don't waste my time, and more importantly, funnel my hard earned dollars, towards mainstrem Hollywood movies to finance an industry who produces a product I often dislike. That industry simply doesn't, and never has, presented a product that represent's my minds eye.

Luckily, my hate-hate relationship with Hollywood is not so hard core that, as in the case with "Creed", I'll on occasion stop and watch something, just for cuiriousity sake, or because I can't reach the remote, at least until I can't stomach the "Make America Great Again", re-live the past, mainstream propoganda anymore, and I turn it off.

However, while watching "Creed", it felt different, a special and different flavor. I just had it on while working on my computer, only paying partital attention to it, more listening than looking, but concluded, with no evidence except my instincts, I mumbled to myself, "....a Black Dude directed this movie".

Researching the movie after watching that one time, then purchasing next day on Comcast and watching thoroughly 2 more times the same weekend, it seems my instincts were right. Directed by African American Director Ryan Coogler, the same brotha' that directed the recent billion dollar Blockbuster, "Black Panther".

Coogler masterfully blends these two intertwined stories, one of Creed, Apollo Creed's illegit son, and Rocky Balboa, where both sides of the story are interesting and draw you in. I actually thought Stallone mastered this older Sports-coach type of "Angelo Dundee teaches Muhammad Ali" kind of wisdom, I really dug the realness of that role.

Apparently, white audiences appreciated is well, as Stallone's role was labeled by the mainstream as "critically acclaimed" and "Oscar worthy" .

So far as Michael B. Jordan as Creed, the "Heir Apparent" to Will Smith, as I call him, he just killed his role. Great romance storyline between him and Biancca, played by Tessa Tomphson. Only mentioning the romance storyline, because in Hollywood movies, it's hard to find "Black Romance" without the crazy "Ghetto-Fabulous" chaos.

Sometimes, I just want to see a standard romance on screen with Black people, and they nailed it (loved the scene in her apartment, classy, funny, and sexy).....

No disrespect to my white friends and readers, which strangely, in spite of all my fiercely "Pro Black" visuals and commentary on my site, they make up and estimated 60-70% of my readership (still trying to figure that out), some scenes in this movie, only a Black director could have "got it right", or at least got me to appreciate it......

My fav' was the "Run to Rocky" scene where Ryan Coogler does a "Hip-Hop" remake/tribute to the infamous Rocky Balboa jog. Note how in that Coogler's version (lower right video below) he seamlessly merges Hip-Hop music with Classical, and culminates with a powerful Orchestra creshendo. Even the subtleties of the Philly Steak scene at Max's eluded true "Soul and Flava' ". That dude working the grill at Max's actually had my mouth salivating for a Philly Cheesesteak, so I though I'd try to make one.....


The GAIA Health Blog's, Healthy Version of a....

Philly Cheesesteak "Jawn"

What is a "Jawn"???  Basically, it's Philly slang for a noun, or a "thing". Basically, anything you make reference to in a conversation can be a "Jawn"


GAIA Health Blog's Healthy....
Philly Cheesesteak "Jawn"

...I doubt if this recipe is 100% authentic, in Philly they like to argue about authentic, just like we did back in Chicago about Chicago Deep Dish Pizza ingredients, but all recipes "morph" into other ingredients, different cuts of meat, different types of cheese, etc., that are preferred by the eater. I never Over-Think it. Taste, and more importantly, health, over authenticity, but that's just me !!!!

Pound of GRASS FED  Sirloin, or other quality Steak
(I'm more concerned about my personal fav' cuts than being "Philly Authentic" here)

(Health Tips: I avoid Commercial Beef like the Plague!!! Whole Foods will always have some Grass Fed Beef, and in Seattle, where I am, I can order Grass Fed Beef delivered to my door from several sites as To find Grass Fed in your locale at Read more on why Grass Fed meat is better for you)

Grass Fed quality Cheese (they still argue which cheese is authentic)
(Health Tip: As with Beef, I avoid Commercial Dairy like the Plague!! Whole Foods always has a couple of brands of Grass Fed Cheese. It actually tastes much better than conventional Cheese)

1-2 Organic Onions, Sliced Into Rings (or Diced)

2 Organic Green Bell Peppers, Cut Into Strips

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Coarse Ground Black Pepper

Pink Himalayan Salt
(Health Tip: Avoid common conventional Salt, read about
benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt)

Hoagie Buns
(Health Tip: Since I eat so few grains, I just concede the point on the bread since this is an occasional treat, though I will avoid breads with Cottonseed, Safflower, Canola, or other "strange" oils.
Quality bread ingredients example here)

Optional Ingredients:
I make my own healthy BBQ Sauce   
Preferred Meat seasonings
Grass Fed Butter (to toast Hoagie Bun, though I heard butter violates the "Philly Sacrilage" of authentic)
Preferred Additional Toppings such as organic hot peppers

Healthy French Fries Recipe here

I always pop a couple of Papaya Enzyme Capsules
during of after eating to help digest meat

Directions:  See video below for step by step instructions





"The Fire" - The Roots (feat. John Legend)
...from the "Creed" Soundtrack (Soooo, love this cut,
I'll have to do a cover in
my Blog's Music Section)


"Creed" Trivia

The 2 round fight scene in Philly with Leo Sporino, director Ryan Coogler claims it  was a real fight, shot as one continuous shot with a hand-cam, no camera tricks, no editing. (lower left video above)

Sylvester Stallone revealed actors boxing in Rocky films all have an "initiation" of taking a real punch during filming of the movie. Michael B. Jordan eagerly agreed to take a real punch for the "Rocky Fraternity", though Stallone, a practical jokester, never told Michael "when" it would happen.
a clip of the real punch was shown on Jimmy Fallon's talk show.

As pertains to real "Rocky Initiation" punch that Michael B Jordan took (shown in the previous link), the actor who gave the punch, and played the role of 'Pretty' Ricky Conlon, is played by real life Liverpool boxer Tony 'The Bomber' Bellew;. 

Boxer Tony 'The Bomber' Bellew supposedly told Michael B. Jordan that "real" punch was only 30% of the force he would use on a truly real punch.

Michael B. Jordan gained twenty four pounds of muscle by working out two to three times a day, six days a week, adhered to a strict diet for almost a year  in preparation for his role.

Sylvester Stallone's real life son died of a heart attract at age 36 when the movie was in pre-production. Director Ryan Coogler, convinced Stallone, who was on the verge of emotional breakdown, to use the film as a testament to the value of father-son relationships

Sylvester Stallone said he went back and forth on Boycotting the Oscars, since both Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler passed on the awards show. Stallone said he would do whatever Coogler asked him to do, and Cooger told Stallone to "go to the Oscars and represent the movie".


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