Vegan Rashidat Owe talks Detox, Fitness, Nutrition, and how Yoga helped saved her life from drug and alcohol abuse

Welcome 2020!!

I “kinda” know my readers by now, and how they love to be inspired, so I wanted to put together a dose of motivation to start 2020…

…to help you take that first step to take your divine gift of health and wellness!!!

But, if you can bear with me, before I introduce Rashidat, I wanted to state my overall message for 2020, my opinion on nutrition and dieting….

Should take 5 minutes………Hear me out…….

First off, I’m not a vegan like Rashidat, nor would I ever be a vegan.

Why? my eating regiment evolved based on extensive self-education on what I need for my ongoing health.

My diet consists lots of veggies and fruits, many superfoods (mostly in
my daily smoothies), but also, quality meats, chicken, and seafood.

For me, the animal products I consume are EXTREMELY important when you consider,

African Americans are plagued by diseases like Breast and Prostate Cancer, and diabetes, because Blacks are often deficient in Vitamin D and many other important nutrients……

Animal products I consume extensively, for example, Wild Caught Salmon, are rich in Prostate Cancer fighting, and Heart Disease fighting, Vitamin D….

….another example in my diet, Oysters are rich in Zinc and other nutrients that fight Prostate Cancer in Men, Breast Cancer, and diabetes.

Just stating my opinion, which can be constructively debated, and that’s OK , but these EXTREMELY IMPORTANT nutrients (such as cancer fighting Vitamin D)…

…..are very difficult to obtain from plants only, and for health and literal survival, one “might” have to consider animal sources for certain nutrients.

The internet is a “Double-Edged Sword”….

You can get good information (if you’re lucky), or you can get totally led astray, often times you have no clue if the info is legit or not 🙁

I post articles on Vegans, Vegetarians, Raw Foodies and such cuz’ I don’t think there is one “way” or “method” or “path” to healthy diet and lifestyle…..

I like to give readers informed choices, to help find your “best path”. Trust, me the right nutritional path will “find you”. Promise 🙂

So, if you decide to become a Vegan like Rashidat Owe….


If going Vegan is for animal rights, the decision is easier. If for health, it gets a little tricky, because you may still not be getting vital nutrients.

But don’t blindly become a Vegan, or Keto, or anything else just because you saw a nice looking lady over 40 on the internet who is on a particular diet.

But, you wanna “look good”, right? No shame in that!! Who doesn’t?

So, let’s work on that. I “might” be of help (and I ain’t asking for your money, this is my passion 🙂 ).

What I can tell you, is I know that desire to “look good” can work to your advantage, if you respond to it holistically….

….no matter which dietary path you take.

OK, enough of my “Nutritional Rant”, let’s get into this amazing lady I ran across, Rashidat Owe, age 39 in 2020.

She’s kinda like my “home-girl”, both of us from two of the blue collar “factory towns” in south Suburbs of Chicago.

(I’m from Chicago Heights, Illinois, now in Seattle, she’s in South Suburban Chicago, in Dolton, IL)

Rashidat Owe has overcome obstacles (weight issues, drug and alcohol abuse, and more), that have created a path to her life’s mission.

She is an international yoga and meditation teacher, artistic holistic lifestyle influencer, public speaker and personal trainer.

Recently interviewed Rashidat and she shared how she overcame drug abuse and living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Interviewer: Talk a little about your weight loss journey.

Rashidat: My weight loss journey began in 2010 after my six-year relationship ended along with a drinking and drug relapse. I found myself super overweight and unhealthy. Like many, I started going to the gym without any real direction.

I remember like it was yesterday, I was on the stair-master at LA Fitness and saw a personal trainer with a body like I’ve never seen before. She was a bodybuilder. I hired her and she was the first not last, to introduce me to bodybuilding as a sport.

Rashidat: (on her weight loss journey…continued )

…..I dropped 60 pounds in nine months and did my first bodybuilding competition in 2011, drug free. I definitely built my ability to stay disciplined from being in a drug rehab center for 30 days.

When I make my mind up about what I want to do, i do it. Bodybuilding is what started my health and fitness journey. Keep in mind, I was a flesh eater back then. I didn’t stop eating meat and consuming animal products until around 2013. Now, I help others obtain their health goals, which keeps me motivated to stay on top of my game..

How did you get sober?

Rashidat: I’m celebrating my sobriety of four years strong. It’s definitely a lot easier now that I’ve been practicing yoga, meditation, detoxing and having a daily sadhana (spiritual practice) I checked myself into rehab in 2003 for drugs and alcohol abuse. I struggled for years trying to stop on my own.

I was definitely a functioning addict. I hated facing the reality. So, I rebelled and self-medicated with partying. It was my escape. Which lead me to spend a few hours in jail for self-destructive behaviors. I owe it all to my parents and yoga practice. After I was released from jail, I began practicing yoga five days a week which began my awakening.

Interviewer: You have been going viral all over the internet via Facebook and Instagram recently, what do you think has sparked that?

Rashidat: I’ve put in some years with developing my brand. I’ve gradually increased my value and reputation without forcing fame.

I’ve been seen on World Star Hip Hop for my holistic detox, YouTube videos with over four million views, plus I’ve worked with NFL player Akiem Hick with the Chicago Bears as his yoga teacher.

Rashidat: (on her internet popularity…continued )

…..I’ve owned up to my truth publicly and my mission is positive.

Plus, I genuinely love influencing and empowering others to live a healthy life and to truly love themselves.

Interviewer: What is it about yoga that has captivated so many people?

Rashidat: It’s captivating because we were taught it was only for Buddhist monks. Yoga, derived from the Sandskrit word “yuji” meaning yoke or union, yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. Just the definition alone will captivate anyone.

Rashidat (….on Yoga…..continued)

We are here to expand our human awareness, to learn, to explore, to grow. Humans want to end their suffering.

Yoga is scientifically proven to improve your quality of life, decrease stress, better sleep and it improves balance and flexibility. This is just to name a few benefits. Yoga makes everything beautiful.

Interviewer: Can you share what your daily diet consists of?

Rashidat: I have been a plant based-vegan for five years now. I keep my diet super simple. Unless I’m getting my meals delivered from a meal prep service, I use a lot of recipes out of my Transition to Vegan Meal Plan ebook as well.

Breakfast: Usually a protein smoothie bowl;
Lunch: Green juice and Nuts or large salad;
Dinner: Buddha bowl (recipe from my ebook);

I don’t snack much. Three big meals does it for me now. I drink a gallon of water a day.

Interviewer: What’s the easiest way to transition to a vegan lifestyle?

Rashidat: Great question. I bet if you take the time to actually learn what meat and dairy [do] to your health and our planet, you will have a higher chance of transitioning faster. The meat industry is destroying us.

Do not go into your transition cold turkey. I quit immediately after watching a video about killing animals. I went vegan for the animals and our Mother Earth. If you think you will be healthier by going vegan, you are sadly mistaken!

Rashidat (On transitioning to Vegan……continued)

…..Start cleaning up your flesh-eating diet first. Once that’s in order, begin with going pescatarian, then try your hand at being vegetarian for a while and then plant-based. Once you’ve explored your options and educated yourself, go vegan.

Another trick I share with my clients is begin switching 1-2 meals with a vegan option. If you need options I created a Transition to Vegan Meal Plan ebook with recipes, swapping items, shopping lists and more.



conncect with Rashidat Owe….

On Rashidat’s Facebook page
….or On her Instagram Page

…also at Rashidat’s “Detox Cafe”, in Dolton, Illinois
…and also on Rashidat’s YouTube page

…..Or, on Rashidat’s Website

~stay healthy~


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