The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 12): Incan Golden Berry

Maybe, Incan Golden Berries [Botanical name “Physalis peruviana”] have not got their proper “airtime” in the superfood world because of so many different and confusing names……

…….. i.e., Inca Berries, Incan Golden Berries, Cape Gooseberries, Barbados Gooseberries, Aztec Cherry, Peruvian Cherry, and simply “Goose Berries” and “Golden Berries”

I had seen Inca Berries in my local superfood store over a decade ago, but basically blew them off, until now…..

…as I learned more about their great nutritional profile, I’ve learned they might have great value for Prostate Health, thus, I’m now taking a serious look at bringing them consistently into my regiment.

Incan Golden Berries, The Quick, Nutrition Science bla-bla-bla……

Physalis peruviana, is a plant that is native to the Amazon regions of South America. It has been harnessed by indigenous tribes for centuries, rich in protein and vitamins, it has been used as both a valuable source of food ,and a traditional medicine.

An evaluation published in the Journal of Medicinal Food 2009 found that Incan berries have potential anti-diabetes and anti-hypertension properties, whilst another report published in Food Chemistry that same year, revealed that the ‘withanolides’ found in the Incan berry plant exhibit anticancer activity. [source]

Why so many different names?

…because although the Physalis peruviana plant is native to South America (specifically Peru), it was widely transplanted all over the world in the 1700’s and 1800’s.

Physalis peruviana became popular in many locales, such as South Africa (Hence the name “Cape Gooseberry” …. “Cape” for “Capetown”, South Africa ). Each locale developed it’s own name.  It never developed a worldwide name, such as “Mango”.

[below] Incan Golden Berries are most commonly found in dried form [photo source]

What’s up with the “Withanolides” nutrient in Incan Golden Berries?

Withanolides are a group of at least 300 naturally occurring steroids, primarily in genera of the Nightshade family, for example in the Tomatillo, Goji Berries, and Ashwaganga (a.k.a., “poision gooseberry” or “winter cherry”)…..

In my opinion, the health and healing properties of Withanolides warrant deeper investigation.

[below] Golden Berry Jam using Dried Golden Berries is you can’t find fresh (click photo below for recipe)

“Withanolide A” in Incan Goldenberries as a Prostate Cancer Fighter?

The research I have run across, which you have to work hard to find, since research on natural healing is often suppressed or lacking in the USA, is that Withanolide A, found in Incan Golden berries……

…….may have some level of Prostate Cancer fighting abilities, and benefit to overall Prostate Health. [check out this link, as one reference]

“Withanolide A” in Incan Goldenberries as a Breast Cancer fighter?

I found reliable research pertaining to Incan Goldenberries possibly fighting breast cancer also.
[Very Technical, Withanolide and Breast Cancer technical article here].

Unfourtunately, as I keep ranting, thanks to “Money Driven Medicine”, the USA is not set up for natural healing information to be widely available to the average consumer 🙁 . That type of info is not going to come to you, you have to proactively go after it.

Was Incan Goldenberries used historically to treat Prostate ailments?

I can tell you that I have run across that claim extensively on the web, but I like to know the source of the claims, because web articles tend to “cut and paste” health claims of unknown origin.

Thus, I’m still researching, with myself as my main audience of what I find and write, as part of my own wellness journey. I’ll keep the article updated.

My personal decision on consuming Incan Goldenberries?

For me, it’s a “no brainer” because there is much evidence bubbling up, that Incan Golden Berries are a natural healer, most importantly, a superfood that possibly [perhaps “probably”] aids in ongoing prostate health.

I’ll treat Incan Golden Berries as I do Pumpkin Seeds, in that it is a very common superfood, tastes great, and thus, to consistently consume it is no headache or hassle, and a bonus of possible important health benefits, most importantly, for Prostate Health.

I do trust my instincts……

….and I do think there is a lot more Health and Healing potential and capabilities to this superfood than is commonly known.

You have to remember, American society is driven by “Money Driven Medicine”, and thus, natural health and healing is not naturally implanted into our collective psyche. But, I won’t go on that rant.

I define Holistic Health as……

…having an army of natural “foot soldiers” of edible plants, (and other superfoods such as
Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, and Pasture Raised Eggs), to allow the body’s own natural immune system to naturally prevent and fight disease, as nature intended it.

Incan Golden Berries is definitely going to be on my team, joining my ever growing arsenal of powerful health and healing superfoods.

Incan Golden Berries are on AMAZON!!!

(…click any of the photos below to pick up a pack). I’m currently trying the TerraSoul, but don’t have a favorite brand, I normally try several before I settle on my fav’ brand(s)

UPDATE!!! 1/13/2018 Those Terrasoul berries are my fav’s…soooo plump and juicy and so additively good!!!



Remember, “Doubt is their Greatest Weapon”…..

… one author recently titled his book on how the Pharmaceutical Industry, Modern Medicine, and the Processed Food Industry will do ANYTHING in their power to convince us that these miracles of nature are a hoax or a scam.

Big Business is actually paying people to spread confusion on the web as these new Superfoods try to take root in the lucrative USA market to compete with their manufactured and processed foods and laboratory made medicines.

They are even coming after me and my blog now…..sigh :(

Good Incan Goldenberry reads……..

Incan Golden Berries – Pure Gold from South America

Good info on Golden Berries

The Unique Benefits of Golden Berries

Interesting info on the history of the Cape Gooseberry

9 Benefits of Golden Berries

Withaferin A suppresses the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in Ehrlich ascites tumor cells via Sp1 transcription factor

Withanolides-Induced Breast Cancer Cell Death Is Correlated with Their Ability to Inhibit Heat Protein 90 [very technial document]

Golden Berry benefits including Prostate Cancer Prevention

Golden Berry nutrient “Withanolides” and its relationship to fighting prostate cancer

~stay healthy~

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