My Top 30 Super Food “Power Rankings” (…numbers 21-30)

The more I got into this project, the more interesting it got!!!

Every health blogger should do this, so people can compare and which superfoods always seem to "bubble" to the top, but this task is hard……

Even in this "third tier", some of these guys "seem" like they could be in the Top 10. This list is like the beginning of one of those long distance 10,000 meter races…….

….where the Top 5 'Big Boys" are out in front, but the rest of the pack is following close behind.


#30 –  Olive Oil

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Depends on the person, some people [not me] do add it to smoothies

As with all the oils on my list, once you get past the illusion all fats are bad for you, olive oil has many health benefits, then you can really get to enjoying the "tried and true" superfood, olive oil. It is one of 114 year old Bernando Lapallo's 5 foods for a long healthy life. To really jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle, trash ALL oils you eat, especially vegetable oils like Crisco and Wesson and my hated arch enemy Toxic Poison Canola. I tell Family and friends, there are a few "novelty" good oils out there, but all you should ever eat and cook with is Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. Not easy though because even Whole Foods Market has replaced the Olive Oil at its food bar, soups station, etc., with Canola……..sigh 🙁  (chick photo for the benefits of Olive Oil)


#29 –  Gac (a.k.a., Fak Khaao)

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes

Gac is a South East Asian, funny looking fruit that is rare but available in the USA [click the Gac photo below where I list in my Gac article, the available ways to purchase in the USA]. Gac has, by far the highest source of the antioxidant Lycopene known to man (Tomato is the "Lycopene Champ" in the  Western Diet, but Gax has 50-70X more Lycopene than Tomato!). Why is this important? Science is now confirming that Lycopene Antioxidant power is one of the most powerful, natural fighters of Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Women and Prostate Cancer in men. You first have the have the mindset that Mother Nature has supplied us all nutrients needed in food, to avoid these deadly degenerative diseases that terrify us so much in the West. And, for those believers, you gotta check out Gac. So easy to get this heavy duty wellness health and healing agent into your smoothies (click photo for more info on Gac) .


#28 –  Culinary Argan Oil

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Depends on taste, I add a little to my smoothies often

This rare Morocan oil is mostly unheard of by most "Food Rich" but "Nutrition Poor" Americans, but it is gaining a lot of intention due to its high content of Gamma-Tocopherol (vitamin E), and this nutrient is now being shown to be a major player in preventing Breast Cancer in Women and Prostate Cancer in men. The good news about this oil, though it is not a cooking oil, but more of a "dipping" oil for bread, crab legs or whatever, it has such an incredible taste, that along will make you keep using it. It's like a roasted, aromatic, nutty kind of flavor, with a hint of peanut butter, at least to me. But, it is  the best oil I ever tasted, soooooo good drizzled over seafood!!!
Argan is on Amazon, though it is not cheap, but like I keep saying, both "Good Health" and "Bad Health" are expensive
here for my women's Gamma Tocopherol article, and , click here for men's article/info)  Click photo for more Argan Oil Info


#27 –  Apricot Seeds

Smoothie Friendly ? :    No

This superfood has a singular function, in that is has by far the highest know levels of B17 (called nitrilosides), known to man. This is most important because, though a VERY heated debate on the subject, cultures, races, tribes, and individuals who consume high levels of B17 in their diets get very little cancer (this is easily confirmed in Native American tribes before European contact). You might get no where researching this however, because the Pharmaceutical and Medical industries are in an all war with Holistic Nutrition, with the internet being the "battlefield" to convince us this is "Quackery". Big Pharma uses the cyanide scare to stop people from consuming them, as a cyanide molecule is present in Apricot seeds, but is only unbound when coming into contact with a cancer cell. You gotta get over the bitter taste though, over time my taste buds started to like the taste. I've been consuming 3-4 apricot seeds a day for 8 years, and never felt better. You can get bitter apricot seeds here       (click photo below for more info)


#26 –  Cinnamon

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes (that being the less common Ceylon Cinnamon, with a fairly neutral taste)

Cinnamon is a treasure trove of health and healing power, and is said to have exponential benefits when Cinnamon is combined with honey. It is one of 114 year old Bernando Lapallo's 5 foods for a long healthy life. To really get into health and healing benefits of cinnamon, you have to know the difference between common Cassia Cinnamon, and the more powerful, milder tasting Ceylon Cinnamon.         (click photo for benefits of cinnamon)


#25 –  Mangosteen

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes

Another one of those unknown superfoods that baffles me why we have never heard about it. Mangosteen contains Xanthones, powerful antioxidants that tout over 200 known benefits. Originating in Southeast Asia. You can get it in powder or a HIGHLY recommended liquid from Genesis Today, highly recommended because their liquid is not just the juice, but the pulp, meat, skin, giving the full spectrum of nutrients for amazing health benefits of this superfood
(click photo below for more Mangosteen info)


#24 –  Acai

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes

Native to Brazil, and Northern South America, Acai is one of the few great, previously unknown, superfoods that did take root very well in the USA market, so I probably need to say the least about it, except for "PPP" (Purple Pigment Power!!!) is always a very good thing! 
(click photo below for very good info on Acai, with great recipes!!!)


#23 –  Sea Buckthorn

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes

Getting back to Superfoods where it's a shame "Food Rich" but "Nutrition Poor" Americans never heard of it, Sea Buckthorn is a truly amazing, orange colored grape shape fruit, that could probably be a top ten, but so many of these top 30 can be as well.  It's benefits are beginning to be backed up by extensive research, and that a "good thang". You can get the powder on Amazon though also a HIGHLY recommended liquid from Genesis Today, because as with their Mangosteen, their whole food, Sea Buckthorn Juice/Liquid is not just the juice, but the pulp, meat, skin, and seed oil, giving the full spectrum of nutrients. It has an interesting taste that can be drank stand-alone, or added to smoothies (click photo for more Sea Buckthorn information)


#22 –  Ginger

Smoothie Friendly ? :    In Small Quantities

Ginger should no doubt be a top ten superfood, the only reason I don't have it that high is I'm not crazy about the taste of it in salads or whatever, its hard for me to get it in consistently, I try to shake a ginger-turmeric-cinnamon powder mixture into my smoothies and tea daily though. But this superfood has a ancient reputation for health and healing, even modern progressive science is now claiming Ginger is 10,000 times more effective than Chemo Drugs in cancer patients. (click photo below for more Ginger info)


#21 –  Guyabano (a.k.a., Soursop)

Smoothie Friendly ? :   Yes

The "Web-War" over this superfood, Between the Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry, and Holistic Healing Community is so intense, that this superfood is almost impossible to research over the web, due so much pro and con information. The reason for the huge fight, Soursop is being showing in studies to LITERALLY KILL CANCER CELLS!!! One thing is obvious in my research, is that the Pharmaceutical/Medical industries are OBSESSED with keeping information on this superfood from the American public. They are even putting rumors on Web that Soursop causes Parkinson Disease, even though the fruit is widely cultivated in Central/South America, and anyone, if they wanted, can read on the web countless Caribbean people commenting that they eat it all the time, like we eat Apples and oranges. But Big Pharma has Americans scared  to touch it, one of first known modern examples of the phenomena called "Fake News".
One reliable place you can
get it in the USA is at this link., also, sometimes on Amazon   (Click for more info on Soursop)


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Top 30 Superfood "Power Rankings"
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~stay healthy~


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Nice article. You are wrong about olive oil not being smoothie-friendly though: you just need a EVOO that is very light in taste, or better yet a light-taste OO… It is a perfect way to add a bit of creaminess when you take out heavier fats like yoghurt or coconut cream/milk.


Hi David,

You know what, I had actually decided to change that to “maybe, depending on taste”. I’ve actually added it to smoothies before, maybe I’m baised against it because I love Culinary Argan Oil, which is amazing in Smoothies.

But, this must be a sign to go in and make the change.

Doug at GAIA Health Blog


Nice one Doug! In response I guess I will have to find and try some Culinary Argan oil soon!


Hi David,

Aw man you gotta try it, I might suggest, if you like seafood, is to try simple crab legs or shrimp, and just a saucer of argan oil and some Pink Himalayan Salt ground on top then just dip  and enjoy.

Doug at GAIA health blog


I have experience of using B17 for cancer. I have to say it’s very powerful stuff. Have to start on low doses. They used to sell the B17 tablets on Amazon, with hundreds of positive feedback. Unfortunately, they stopped the listing and all the review wiped.

Glad to see coconut oil is on the list; I take one tablespoon mixed into my coffee every morning. Keeps the fat burn with the MCT oil.

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