Heal Thyself (Part 3): How I cured my Painful Knees using my mind….

…meaning, I cured my severe knee pain by thinking the issue through, and changing my exercises.

My joint pain remedy over the past 5 years, that being eggshell membrane tablets, seemed to stop working.

Completely stopping leg exercises for 2 months in the gym didn't work….nothing was working.

Is this the end game? Do I need to shop for a cane? Am I finally the "Old Guy" I been trying to avoid?
I could barely squat on the toilet and was finding it torture to even walk up and down stairs.

Naw, naw…I ain't going out like this. I never had any major knee pain, but this came along all of a sudden. I'm exercising more intensely. I feel great overall. Something else must be going on.

In no more that 24 hours after I meditated on what the heck is going on, asking for spiritual help, the answer came through a plain old email from another wellness website I follow.

I almost deleted it because the title sounded so stupid, but a voice in my head told me to read it. It's called "Dormant Butt Syndrome"

"Dormant Butt Syndrome", sounds crazy, but makes total sense……

….once I thought about it. Not very complex, but you gotta think it through, and plan a response to it.

Bottom line, sitting all day and/or doing mostly exercises and work that stress the knees joints, takes the load away from the bigger butt and hamstring muscles, and the load is transferred the knees.

The more I thought on it, most of my leg exercises stress my knees……

….like my fun but grueling walking dumbbell lunges, my  Smith Squats, and Leg Presses.

From what I learned, you can develop this condition just sitting in an office chair all day, or not exercising at all, because even then, the butt muscles get weak, and too much load is on the knees.

My new exercises focused on hitting the butt and back of legs……

….but note that seemed like it was best to do some exercises that hit the knees, such as leg extensions. It seemed like my body needed a little knee work for the front/back of legs to stay balanced.

A couple of my fav' butt/glute exercises are below. I suggest to Google "Glute Exercises" for more.

Note: It felt like for the first month or so, this solution was not working at all, it takes time and hard exercise to get those knees to heal up, so be patient, and don't get discouraged. Keep at it for a few months. We spend 20-30 years tearing up our knees, it takes more than 2 weeks for them to get back to where they should be.

(Below) there are many butt/hamstring exercises you can do at home, while watching TV …..

                                               (below right)  is a good exercise to use with the elastic exercise bands.


Within 3 months, my severely aching knee pain was totally gone……

….except for a little knee "creakiness" which I've always had. This whole thing is pretty important, because it is very common, and people are being advised to have surgery to address this issue.

For me, the solution was a true "meat and potatoes" miracle. Meaning, my health miracles don't come to me dramatically like a "burning bush" or Charlton Heston voice, but very simple flashes of light…..

Imagine all the "Medical Drama" avoided just by thinking this through…..

Many with the same condition said, in my research, said their doctors told them they need surgery, or addictive pain medication, or many got unnecessary and false diagnoses of arthritis….or whatever the medical industry can sell them, cause they're a "captive consumer" at that point.

But for many people, they are in a big bind, because their job and/or livelyhood puts continuous daily stress on those knees, with no solutions seemingly available, no financial means to take time off work to rest the knees, one of those things that just makes life miserable.

The main "Zen Thought" that came from all this….

….is the mind and body are an intricate, interconnected group of parts, working together for the entire living organism.

My mind lead me to the fact that my knee pain wasn't even caused by my knees, but a weakened part of the body (Glutes and back of legs), that are designed to take the load off the knees.

Have I ever tried to sell you anything on this site?

Have you ever even seen a "pop up" ad?    No……

….if anything, I'm trying to "sell" you on the holistic solutions to health that the "Spiritual Forces" give liberally, once we start tapping into the vast wealth of our own innate mental powers.

The mind is a powerful healing weapon….

I think my running count is up to 7 fairly serious things I cured myself from just by putting some thought into it, and I got divine insights, insights I'm blessed to get whenever I ask for them.

My greatest blessing…….

If the "Heavenly Powers" gave me the gift of perfect health to go out and present the information (and the freedom to be as creative as I wish about it all), then to me, that's the ultimate blessing……     🙂

~stay healthy~


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Hi Doug,

You are a true Avatar. Your demonstration of the power of spiritual connection and how it guides us to the appropriate action (in any situation) is very meaningful. I hope everyone notices your integrity in all of this and the result of real healing.

Our natural state is well-being and the simple (but not always easy) part of that is remembering it and then behaving like we believe it. A belief is nothing more than a thought that is played in the brain over and over, so if we invite and entertain the right thoughts, we can jumpstart the process of coming back to our natural state of health and set a beautiful example for others. Rock on!



Hey Bob-ster,

Always a warm hearted humbling comment, as you can sense I’m sure, it’s time to take my expression of health and wellness beyone the phiscal aspect of our being, and begin to merge it teh esoteric sstudies of the mind and spirit.

After all, one transcendentalist said they are all merely different aspects of the same thing……

~stay healthy~



Hey Doug

What is your opinion on knee braces – or braces (ankle, elbow) in general?

Are they more cons than pros?


Hi Kathrin,

I use those so called, much TV advertised “Copper Sleeve” knee braces when I work out, but I honestly can’t tell if they are doing any good. The TV commercials make them seem like a miracle product, but for me, it’s more of something cool looking to wear when you’re are sporting your gear at the health club trying to look like a basketball player. There seems to be a psychological positive effect with them on, like the knees feel more stable when I’m doing lunges and such. But,  I will continue to use them because the do seem to “hug” my knee joints when I’m doing leg exercises, it does feel like it helps keep the knee warm and wrapped up.

But now that my knees are much better, when these fall apart or start to wear, I’m not sure if I’ll buy another pair, though the more I think about it, I’ll probably keep using them on leg days at the gym, but not at home and when sleeping, like they say on the Commercials that whatever this “Copper effect” is will help heal your knees. I personally don’t they heal your knee pain. The only thing I found that healed my knee pain was what I just wrote about in this article.

Good luck!!!

Doug at Gaia Health Blog



Thank you Doug!

Although I’ve never commented on your blog, I have been reading it for quite some time.

This morning as I was sitting quietly in my comfy chair with an ice pack on my knee, infrared light on my foot, TENS unit on my lower back and soft meditation music playing. It came to me that there was another way to get through this recent hip/knee/foot problem. The solution had something to do with mindfulness, meditation and putting it “out there” in the Universe to find a solution.

Later on I got on my computer to forward an old family photo to family members. I sent the photo via Facebook Messenger. When I pulled up one of the family member’s conversations I realize the last item I forwarded anything to him was in November of 2016 and it was your article on knee pain. Go figure!

I want to thank you for your wonderful blog. I’m a firm believer in asking and then keeping my eyes and mind open for the answer because the answer will always come. This time you played a part in my answer.

Keep up the good work!


Hi Felicia,

I’m responding in 2 places, my comments section, and your  email.

Thanks for your comments, and you’re right, that knee article is true to how I get a lot of messages that come to me about health and wellness, pertaining to “eating this” or “stop eating that”, or of course the knee issue. I think its some divine gift that I understand very little of, I just think the spiritual forces have gave me that gift, and gave me the freedom, to present the information in any way that I choose. Maybe the spirits don’t think I need so many “buffed babes” on my site in my “Body Slideshows”, but who knows LOL!!!!

That knee article is true to what it is because I totally knocked out that knee pain, and back to my grueling leg exercises, like my walking dumbbell knee lunges like a “new man”. The thing is, I have to keep working those glutes and hamstrings VERY hard, or that knee pain will start to come back. One thing to note, is that when you do those glute exercises, it make take 2-3 months for those knees to start to feel better, initially it seems like it is not working, but you have to keep working them hard. It takes us 20-30 years to tear up our knees, we can’t expect them to heal up in 2 weeks.

Anyway, checked out your site “Dose of Health”, love what you are doing over there. I added a link to your site on my sidebar (just scroll down the right hand side of any page, your is the last logo from the bottom, sorry I has to edit your logo to make it fit) Just something I do for people who write me personally and are appreciating what I am doing, and if they have a website I like. I still like to read what other people are doing, and not be so lost in my own website all the time.

I love that you got my boy Ron Finley “The Gangster Gardener”, on your page, I did an article on him a while back, you probably ran across it. If not, just click on his picture its on my sidebar of links, just scroll down any page, you’ll see his photo on the right hand side of any of my pages.

But yeah, you do have to pay attention to the spiritual aspects of messages and insights to health and healing, I think there is a lot more to it than we think. If I was given the gift of health just commanded to have fun writing about it and expressing it via a website, then to me, that’s the greatest gift!!!

Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

~stay healthy~

Doug at GAIA Health Blog



Thanks for your response and the link to my site. I also placed a link to yours. I can’t believe I didn’t link to your site earlier as I consider myself a regular reader.

I’m willing to take the journey towards better knee and back health, no matter how long it takes. As you mentioned, I didn’t get this way overnight so I don’t expect to resolve the issue overnight. I also realize it’s a lifestyle change. I’ve made many lifestyle changes over the years and I believe each one took me to a better place. Incorporating a routine to improve my knee/back health is a no-brainer. Natural remedies take time and I’m okay with that.

As far as the “buffed babes” and “Body Slideshows,” keep it up. I find them to be inspiring and motivating. I especially appreciate your section on the beautiful and fit “mature” women. It just goes to show that we don’t have to live down to the stereotype that everything goes down hill after 40 or even 50!


Hi Felicia,

Yeah, I always tell people there are spiritual forces working to connect us to live healthier lives……..

Yeah it does take some work to get those knees back in order, but worth it. If you’re already in the gym its not so bad, you just have adjust your routine, though butt and hamstring exercises are pretty intense, but to “gym rats” like me, that only equates to “fun and challenging”. If you are not a gym rat, its a lifestyle change and it takes more than a little casual exercise.

So far as the “buffed babes”, I’d keep cranking them out no matter what anyone thinks, but I’ve got perhaps 100 “thumbs up” from women and maybe one complaint (two if you count my mother, rest her soul) over the past 4 years. For women, from what they tell me, they are perhaps the easiest way to inspire and motivate women to hit the gym, eat right, or otherwise consider lifestyle changes, much easier than any of my “egghead science”, nutrition science articles. That’s how the slideshows came about in the first place, because I’m such an “egghead” at the core, I originally thought I’d be boring people to death with my health science articles.

And so far as the 50 and over women, hey I didn’t see that coming!!! They were not part of the website the first year or two, I put one out (I think the Theresa Raw T Jordan and Gervel Sampson article), and they exploded to my most popular articles. They are actually fun to write those articles now……

…and so far as stereotypes of women over 50, if I had a change to marry any “buffed babe” on my site, slideshows included, no matter what the age, it would have to be 50 year old Stephanie Person or 54 year old Carla Kemp (just in case they are reading LOL!!!!)

Any way keep up the good work, I’ll be reading some of your stuff, but there is so little time, I have to find those spare hours every month or so just to sit down and see what people are doing. That’s one reason I put my fav links on my page, so I don’t forget how to locate my fav’ sites to read.

Doug at GAIA Health Blog


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