Men’s Health: Nutrients for Male Vitality and Well Being (Part 6)

Former NBA Basketballer, now actor Rick Fox is going on age 47 in 2015, and when a "Cool Cat" is pushing 50, he is definitely what I called an "Old School Playa' " .

So I thought a "Slick Rick" photo shoot might give that "Distinguished Gentleman's" backdrop for this next batch of "Male Vitality" Superfoods.

Nutrients for Male Vitality (Part 6)


1)   Garlic
2)   Ginger
3)   Fenugreek

 I "Accidentally" got my morning erections back……..

…when I was VERY blessed to heal myself naturally from a brief but scary prostate ailment that I suspect was an inflamed prostate, in which I think but am not sure, was brought about by a bad reaction to the exotic herb, Tongkat

A month after starting to consume all the healing superfoods I could find on my own website, I remember being home for Christmas vacation for 9 days, and woke up with throbbing erections for 9 straight days. I list the superfoods that got me there in detail in my article, "Heal Thyself (Part 1)". And I wrote a very candid, uncensored article on erections, Viagra, and all the rest, in my
"The Devil in a Blue Dress" article.

I was convinced of the power of Mother Nature, and have been researching and adding more Male Vitality Superfoods to my regiment since that scary incident a couple of years ago…….



UPDATE: I originally had Cayenne in this article

A former doctor who had Cayenne in her capsules said they might cause irritation and rectal bleeding in some people. With that info, I don't think I'll be adding Cayenne to my regiment on a regular basis, even though Cayenne is a whole food.

So, I deleted Cayenne from this article all together cause I like to write about stuff I'm actualliny using, or going to try. I'm a little too paranoid about jumping into anything new until I know what I'm doing.


(Below) Rick Fox "Handling His Business" on "Dancing with the Starts".

Garlic contains allicin…

…..which builds heat in the body and has been proven to increase testosterone. It's useful for sexual stamina, and body builders use it for muscle growth. Garlic supposedly enhances the nervous system’s ability to react to nitric oxide, an essential step in the erection process (of a penis and/or a clitoris).


In a 2002 study, the effects of Ginger….

……..was researched on rats at the College of Medicine at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. Over an eight-day period, the rats were given ginger-infused droplets of water in order to test their testosterone levels. The rats experienced an increase in the weight of the testes, testosterone levels, and testosterone cholesterol levels. The experiment results may be explained by an increase in secretion of testosterone, the male sex hormone, which variegating testosterone levels significantly control male sex drive

Though modern science is piecing together all the info and data on the positive effects of the superfood Ginger, including as an aphrodisiac, but modern science will merely show us what has already been known throughout history.

The history of Ginger as an Aphrodisiac……

……dates as far back as 500 B.C. in writings from the Chinese philosopher Confucius. Through this extensive history, the spice has been attributed with having positive physical affects on the sexual relationship. Aviceena, an Arab physician credited ginger with “increasing lustful yearnings.”

Even Greek and Roman medical philosophers Discorides and Pliny in the first century A.D. agreed with the active aphrodisiac powers of the spice, concluding that it had a stimulating affect on the male sex organ. It is even mentioned in the Koran (circa 650 A.D.), the sacred writings of Islam.

Ginger, a.k.a., "Love Potion Number 9"…..

French legend has it that Madame du Barry, who was an official royal mistress to King Louis XV from 1769 until his death in 1774, served ginger to all her lovers, including ‘the beloved’ king. In the Melanesian Islands of the South Pacific ginger is employed “to gain the affection of a woman.”

The belief in ginger as an aphrodisiac was so strong that its myth traveled the world, eventually coming to encourage Portuguese slave owners to cultivate the spice in West Africa. There, the Portuguese would feed the spice to their slaves in the hope that the slave population would thrive, which in turn would increase their profits.

Ginger is mentioned in part seven of the Kama Sutras. This chapter maintains that success in love can be improved by “aphrodisiacs, herbs, and spells.”


Fenugreek, the Mediterranean herb found in many Indian dishes and supplements that has a long historic track record for many ailments including, improving men’s sexual and prostate health.

I haven't tried Fenugreek yet…

….I might not get around to it until 2016, and I don't like to try too many new things at once because it's too hard to monitor the effects of any individual superfood if I take in too many. But my research so far tells me I definitely wanna take a look at it, to add the the never ending arsenal that Mother Nature provides for male vitality.

Fenugreek and "Male Enhancement"  Studies:

1) A clinical study published in 2011 evaluated a formulation containing a fenugreek extract and minerals. This double-blind, placebo-controlled study involved 60 healthy males without ED who were between the ages of 25 and 52. There was a significant increase in sexual arousal and orgasm in the fenugreek group. The study also found that fenugreek also has a positive effect on muscle strength and energy. Researchers concluded that the formulation has a significant positive effect on the physiological aspects of libido, and that it may help maintain normal testosterone levels. (Steels)

2) In a study conducted for a manufacturer of fenugreek supplements, 60 healthy men were randomly assigned to take either a placebo or 300 mg of fenugreek twice a day for eight weeks. When the study ended, the men who took fenugreek showed a significant increase in their testosterone levels when compared with the placebo group. (Gencor Nutrients 2008)

3) A second study for the same manufacturer compared a combination supplement that consisted of fenugreek, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6 with a placebo. The supplement was randomly assigned to 27 males who were 25 to 50 years old. Another 27 men received a placebo. None of the men had erectile dysfunction and all were in good health and in stable relationships. At the midpoint and end of the six-week trial, the men in the treated group reported higher scores on questions concerning their libido, sexual function, and sexual performance than did men in the placebo group. (Gencor Nutrients 2009) source of fenugreek studies info

You can't keep "trashing" your body and expecting these plants to help……

Meaning, you can't keep drinking and smoking excessively, eating poor processed food and expecting to pop a cayenne pepper capsule an expect to get instant erections.

My humble opinion is one has to have a personal "Revolution" of one's personal health and wellness, and these gifts from nature will have a better body to perform within. I know for sure it works, though I think it might be hard for the mind to perceive this stuff really works in a much more healthy, holistic way that Viagra or Cialis.

It's not about the concept of "popping a pill"  for instants results as the absurd Viagra commercials are trying to hardwire us to do,  but naturally replenishing the body with nutrients, and restoring the body's natural energies and youthful functions.

~stay healthy~


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