Men’s Health: Nutrients for Male Vitality and Well Being (Part 5)

This latest batch of nutrients and foods for Male Vitality is the first batch I have not extensively tried yet, but I do want to bring them into my regiment, because every superfood consistently taken in helps with overall male vitality.

After that scary prostate ailment from which I healed myself only with the nutritionally based superfoods I am listing in this series of Men's Health articles, my ongoing research is turning up a few more promising ones, such as this batch.

And Denzel is gonna help me break up all this scientific "mumbo jumbo" into a digestible article…..



Saffron is [arguably] the most prized, coveted, expensive, revered herb throughout all of history, and it to some degree continues with that reputation today. All that historical raving over this amazing plant could not possibly be for naught.

Its word of mouth reputation over the centuries for many health and healing capabilities, including enhancing sexual libido, and having aphrodisiac qualities, has never been scientifically proven….until recently.

Canadian researcher, Massimo Marcone, a professor in Guelph’s Department of Food Science, and master’s student John Melnyk, have confirmed what the ancients knew with regards to food and sexual health.

In their scientific research on natural aphrodisiacs, as Saffron came in second place in their analysis of all plants and herbs claimed to increase sexual libido.

Saffron even gets a "shout out" in the Bible……

…… the book, the Song of Solomon (chapter 4:14), that infamous book about the "steamy" romance between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

Also, Queen Cleopatra, had a reputation for highly charged sexual energy (we all know how she screwed Mark Anthony's head up, no pun intended), she was known to entertain many male "suitors", and she supposedly swore by Saffron, though I'm not sure if she gave to her male companions, or consumed it herself.


Rosehip is the fruit of rose plant, and is widely consumed in many ways, such as in herbal tea, jam, jelly, soup, beverages, marmalade, bread, pies, and you can easily get rosehip into your daily regiment via Rosehip powder on Amazon for smoothies.

What makes rosehip something worth looking into for males over 40, is the extremely high content of the "Prostate Friendly" antioxidant Lycopene, coming is a fairly distant but respectable second to the Lycopene champion, the exotic fruit Gac that I endlessly rave about in this blog.

The Antioxidant Lycopene is gaining much recognition…….

…… an EXTREMELY potent prostate cancer fighter, and a nutrient for overall prostate health. Studies also so that when Lycopene rich foods are combined with green tea, the heath and healing effects are exponential as opposed to when one or the other is consumed.

There are endless links on the web on this issue, so I don't want to waste space posting a bunch, and I am trying to "gently coax" readers to take 30 minutes out of their lives and start looking into these issues for themselves. Our lives and health depend on it………


I think many of us may have heard the word Ginseng associated with aphrodisiac.

And that same study mentioned above at the University of Guelph, in Ontario Canada, that named Saffron the "runner up" in all "supposed" aphrodisiacs, name Ginseng as the hands down winner.

Ginseng is somewhat of a "confusing" plant…..

….because there are so many different varieties, each with different benefits.

There is American, Korean, Siberia, and others, and to make it even more confusing many other herbs are called ginseng, like Eleuthero, or Siberian ginseng, but all they do not contain the active ingredient of ginsenosides.

I have to do my homework with Ginseng……..

…….. because there are so many bogus products out there, due diligence is required. I will keep readers posted, and I how anyone with experiences worth sharing writes in to let us know.

Natural healers are blessing and a curse, in the so many scrupulous companies know that many of us will grab anything off the shelf that contains catch phrases like "Ginseng".

No magic bullets ……….

…In that we can't spend our whole lives trashing out bodies, smoking, drinking excessively and eating with no sense of nutritional value, and then expect to add a little Ginseng or Rosehip to a cup of tea, and expect some sort of immediate change.

In my humble opinion……

……what is required is a personal "Revolution" of using all the science and knowledge at our disposal to take back our youthful vitality and wellness……………

Age 53, and I still have my youthful vitality…….

……the "hopefully not TMI" example of that is how I wake up erect every morning, thanks totally to whole food based nutrition. I remember at age 49, I was on that "slippery slope" of losing that vitality. I get deeper into that in my "Why I don't need Viagra" Article.

…..but it was trial, error, intense research, a little luck, brief but serious illness, and a whole lot of divine blessing that got me here, just want to share as much of this info as possible, free of charge, mother nature's gifts are free!!!

Good Luck!!!!

~stay healthy~


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It cracked me up that you had pictures of Denzel throughout your article. I found this all very interesting and it's inspiring that you were able to learn and heal through your own research. 


Hey Curtis,

You know how it is….just a photo shoot of a cool “older cat” to keep the reader interested and make it a good web browse. It as much about presenting the information properly on social media as it is the information itself.

~stay helthy~


Couldn't agree more Doug!  Have a wonderful day!


Brother Curtis-

Your blog resource is very helpful and imformative; I am reserching about starting my own bloging resource site as well with an emphasis on: "Boys to Men" creation role for our society, and men's health is a big fulcrum of the blog (mind, body , and spirit). Thanks for the jump start. 

Please lets connect-


Hey Al, Breezy,

My Name is Doug Wallace BTW,

Thanks for the comments, yeah,  a blog is a cool place to present positive information, and a vehiche your personality (my blog is saturated with all my favorite songs from the past).

Check out , which is one of the better tools to get your own website going without a lot of coding.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good Luck!!!

Doug at Gaia HEalth Blog



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