The Perks of Implementing Yoga into Your New Year

….by guest writer Amanda Kaestner

"Not only is yoga excellent for flexibility, but it is also a great tool for longevity
and injury prevention, as it allows for internal body awareness."       -Kyle Shewfelt

A new year has started……

…….and many of us will make resolutions just to break them a few days or weeks down the line. However, you can transform 2015 and make it a wonderful year physically, emotionally and mentally by making yoga a part of your daily life.

And, the good news is anyone can do yoga!!!

It is all about relaxation……..

…….. flexibility, strength and toning your body, so that you can touch your toes if you want to or meditate if you should want to de-stress and relax your body and mind.

What more could you ask for in this fast-paced and competitive world? Leave your skeptical thoughts aside and focus for a while on all the benefits yoga can bring to your life this New Year.

Improved Flexibility

Yoga poses, or asanas, improve flexibility by helping stretch your muscles. As a result, you don’t feel so stiff and also can move in a more fluid manner. As you continue doing yoga, the connective tissues and muscles around your joints and bones tend to get loosened and your joints are put through their entire range of motion.

This is why yoga is often a positive pain management solution, mostly because it improves flexibility and also plays a major role in reducing aches and pains.

Better Strength and Muscle Tone

There are many different styles of yoga and some of them, such as power yoga, tend to be extremely physical. If you practice these styles, your muscle tone will improve. Even the less physical styles of yoga, like Hatha yoga, can improve muscle tone and strength.

If you are keen on building upper body strength, think of mastering yoga poses, like the plank pose or upward dog pose. On the other hand, standing yoga asanas are best for developing lower body strength and your abs. Just remember when yoga poses are performed correctly, most will strength your core.

Be Calmer and Less Stressed

You’ll hear a lot about yoga being the perfect antidote for this stressful and competitive world of ours. And, do you know what? It is the truth.

After doing certain yoga poses, you will feel more relaxed and less stressed. Yoga focuses on breathing that is known to help you calm your mind and also helps in alleviating stress.

Improved Posture

If you make yourself more flexible and stronger, you will find your posture improves automatically. As most yoga poses require you to stand or sit erect and help strengthen your core, you unconsciously begin sitting and standing erect, with your spine perfectly straight.

Furthermore, yoga helps to make you aware of yourself and body. So, the moment you notice you are slouching or slumping, you tend to correct your posture.

Great for Cardiovascular Health

If all the aforementioned perks did not raise your antennae and convince you to make yoga a part of your life this New Year, this one surely will!

There is scientific evidence to show yoga can help with elevated blood pressure and also is effective in slowing down the heart rate.

If you have cardiovascular disease…….

…….. have suffered a stroke or have high blood pressure, this slow heart rate is a boon. Researchers also believe yoga plays a role in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels in your blood.

This New Year, give your body and mind a new lease on life by making yoga an integral part of your life. This is the best New Year’s gift you can give yourself!!!

~stay healthy~


….about guest writer Amanda

Amanda Kaestner is a downtown resident of Phoenix. She’s an avid seeker of the latest innovations and research in healthcare and technology and has experience working in hospital and healthcare facilities

for questions, contact Amanda via Twitter at (@AmandaJaylene)


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