Recognizing Depression, and Ways to Overcome It

My blogging buddy, Amanda Kaestner, the guest writer who wrote the well received article,
"Ways to Help Boost Fertility" , is gonna follow up for us on a subject that became discussed more frequently in recent weeks, after the suicide of one of my favorite actors, Robin Williams.

So, cutting short, I'm gonna step out of the way, and let my girl Amanda say what she has to say on this serious subject matter, the following text is Amanda's, word for word……..

One of the most difficult things……

……to bring up to others and to be able to genuinely recognize about ourselves may be the struggle of depression. When someone who was ordinarily happy or content suddenly takes a turn in mood, it may be depression taking its toll. But how does one recognize depression?

What should someone do about depression in themselves? How can one bring up depression to another?

What is Depression?

Depression isn't just something someone associates with a bad day or some bad news which turns your view asunder. Depression is a "…mood disorder which affects the way you feel about life in general."

Healthline put together the hard numbers and created this helpful infographic on depression.

Symptoms of Depression

So, how does one recognize the symptoms of depression? What is the distinction between just having a rough patch and actually suffering from depression?

Everyday Health offers symptoms of depression in yourself or others may be things like unexplained persistent fatigue, insomnia, weight gain or loss, sleeping too much, memory problems, social withdrawal, and burning out at work or with home duties.

These all sound like common problems……..

……..many people have but in the depressed individual, these symptoms are markedly more dramatic, severe, and persistent.

And, the number one age group

……where depression is most prevalent lies with ages 45-64.

As senior healthcare nurses state, recognizing depression in seniors is imperative as they face changes that come later in life that can have detrimental effects on their mentality such as retirement, death of loved ones, medical problems, and more.

Overcoming Depression

Majority of those with clinical depression symptoms aren’t receiving the treatment needed to overcome it.

When depression hits, a whole host of things come into play—biology, disease, genetics, age, medications, trauma, stressful events, and even gender can the diagnosis.

In fact, women are twice as likely…….

…….as men to suffer from depression. But an individual knowing they are not at fault may be one of the first steps to overcoming depression. For those in dire need though, they should make haste to get help.

Getting diagnosed is the first step to recovery

Speaking with a therapist, counselor, an individual in human resources at work, or a counselor at school can be a huge first step in overcoming depression.

After that it may be a mixture of talk therapy, change in diet, exercise habits, and different medications to help someone acquire a happy or content state of mind once again.

Depression happens to many people…..

… a variety of stages and times in their lives. Taking care of depression, begins with recognizing it and asking for or accepting the help of others. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of as an estimated 121 million people worldwide suffer from the disease.

So open up and talk to someone today so you can get back to healthier, happy living once more.

~stay healthy~


….about guest writer Amanda

Amanda Kaestner is a downtown resident of Phoenix. She’s an avid seeker of the latest innovations and research in healthcare and technology and has experience working in hospital and healthcare facilities

for questions, contact Amanda via Twitter at (@AmandaJaylene)


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